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I am using a responsive design with an infinite jquery scroll which loads more tracks from the database to play. The newly loaded items do not appear to be registering with the player. Is there any way to tell the player to update it’s check for new elements in the DOM?

Hi, need to a help please.

My CMS site uses the jQuery v1.5.2. Some of my addons does not work with v1.8.1 so can’t update jquery. and Toogles does not work with v1.5.2.

so I add two libraries into the head tags.

<script src="/togglesHUD.1.0.5/jquery-1.5.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="/togglesHUD.1.0.5/jquery-1.8.1.min.js"></script>

and I wrote the following code to use v1.8.1 just with Toogles.

    <script type="text/javascript"> 
    if (jq181 == null) {
        var jq181 = jQuery;

but what do I do now to run Toogles?

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OK, I fixed it.

Hi, just purchased your plugin and unfortunately im getting this error:

“jPlayer 2.1.4 : id=’crbui-touchaudio-player-507’ : Error!

jPlayer’s Flash fallback is not configured correctly, or a command was issued before the jPlayer Ready event. Details: c._getMovie(...).fl_setAudio_mp3 is not a function Check your swfPath option and that Jplayer.swf is there. Context: crbui/touchaudio/fallback.swf”

Can you please help?

Thank you

Hi, i have purchased the player,

A question is there a way i can pass other artists details to the top player. such as the image, details of the artists playing now. I see you have only the title of the song. please do let me know at the earliest.

i havent heard back from you

Hi, Is there a late bind function? Or a way to render the button after page initialization Because my control is added to the page after initialization, therefore the button doesn’t render.

Hello, I have been trying to contact you for a while, i need to know if i can pass other elements to the top player such as a image, link to artist page etc.

i know you have data-src=”audio/more/apack1/cloudlessdays.mp3” is there to make more data

data-img=”” data-link=”“

and these details will appear next to the top player?

why dont you answer the questions??

I have been for weeks trying to get in contact iwth you please contact me!!

Hi, Is there any life link to this product? I would like to test it rather than watching the video. Thanks,


Hi if i want to use Shoutcast how do i embed it in the player?\ or .pls

can you help me out please

Hello, I am using Twitter Bootstrap for my layout.

And bootstrap uses Jquery v1.10.1 and my Audio Toogles just works with Jquery 1.8.1.

What can I do?

Anyone could help?

A few questions:

1. Can we stream mp3 files as radio or this is an XML player? 2. Are the mp3 files protected? 3. Are you available to customize the player to our needs?

Thank you…

so why was Touch Audio Toggles pulled from the marketplace and no longer available to purchasers when this is by all looks the exact same product with a little alteration
fully pathetic
would not purchase a single item from this ” developer ” for the risk he will pull it from under you and then sell it again with some small pitiful alteration to show he made it SLIGHTLY different

How can I play continously? I need to make a sound loop over and over. Thank you very much!

Any way to get this working with jquery 1.11.3? I’m using bootstrap.

hello, o want to purchase this player and i would like to know if it works with an icecast stream. thank you

Hello, have a non stop player while navigate through the pages? Thanks