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Is there any way to block other users, via role/capabilities, so other users can’t edit/modify/delete another user’s poll? So that they can only create/edit their OWN polls?

Hi bengiordano,

Thank you for using TotalPoll Pro!

Please provide me with a use case on this. Which roles are you having right now and which role is currently capable of deleting others polls?

I prefer we discuss this with examples via our support center.

Best regards,

When will version 4 be released?

Hi andreyquadros,

You may download TotalPoll Beta 4 from the contribution page. The final release can take few more months.

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I set the vote (in a widget) so that the results are displayed automatically after a certain quota. After voting, there is the message: “Thanks, soon the results …” but also the “continue” button and the next time the member comes to the site -> the message has disappeared

How to remove the “continue” button and always have the message displayed: “Thanks, soon the results …” until you reach the quota to display the result?

I’m ready to test totalPoll 4 if you want!

Good day

Hi HDCms,

Very sorry for the late reply.

If you are using “after voting” screen, then yes, it will not appear again. You may use the “Hide results” option under “Results” tab and add your content there and it will be displayed for the people who already voted even after refreshing the page.

You may contribute by testing TotalPoll 4 Beta by downloading it from this page. Please do let us know your thoughts about it :)

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Hello, Thanks for the support, it works :-) For the test, I inserted my license but I still have not received anything Regards

Hi HDCms,

Kindly contact the sales department with your license key in order to assist you with this :)

Best regards,

Image resizing is not possible in Explorer.

ie. chrome.

p.s I already emailed you. But I have not received your reply.

Hi interk,

Thank you for using TotalPoll Pro!

Unfortunately, we didn’t receive your email. Did you use our support center to get in touch with us? Please do send it once again.

Also let us know if you are using image choice or HTML choice to display the image.

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Hi i have a pre-sales question: i need to put online a poll in a exhibition and i will use a page of my wordpress site i need that guests can votes and after vote is submitted redirect to the same page of the poll to start it again ( i will have the same Ip) is it possible?

ok thank you, i’m studying on your site the features here, can you tell me on your doc where is the page that can redirect after the poll?

Hi gnappo74,

Unfortunately this part was not documented because it’s part of the screens mechanism.

It’s very simply to accomplish though. You just have to enable Screens > After vote and insert the following script:

<script type="text/javascript">window.location.href="THE REDIRECTION URL HERE";</script>

Best regards,

ahh ok thx you

Limitation date isn’t working. I have enabled the date limitation and set the start/end date but when clicking on save the date input is being cleared and not saved. I tried many date ranges but nothing is working. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi espinelrodrigo,

Thank you for using TotalPoll Pro!

Kindly open a new ticket with more information about your website and we will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,

Hello how to create surveys users account how to limit them the functionality (prohibition of zeroing, the ban on the video) Which plug personal account supports your service?

Hi Vyasheslav,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll!

I’m sorry I didn’t get your question. Could you please provide more information on what you need?

Best regards,

Hello, is that possible to view all the poll/voting options on frontpage likes

Hello nuswanto,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll Pro!

Unfortunately, front-end poll creation is not available yet.

Best regards,

Hi, The results are hidden when my client answers the questionnaire. How to make all results visible on a page by adding the result shortcode? Best Regards !

Hello hypnose95,

Thank you for letting us know. We are very sorry for our late replies, we are suffering from excessive number of support requests within this period because one of the team members was inactive.

I can assure to you that all delay issues with support are now fixed and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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I still have no answer.

Best Regards,

Hi there,

We are sorry again. One of the technical support agents should be handling your ticket now.

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Hello I request a refund and i don’t have any answer, the reason was because i made the mistake buying this code, i trying to buy and audio and i mistake buying this. i wont this plugin hope you understand thanks, my request refund was ready the same day that i bought this one

thaks and do you know how long take for reflex my refund at my account because is not showing thnaks

Hi there,

Hmmm, not really sure, kindly get in touch with envato to get more details on this.

Best regards,

I contact with evento and they told me that you need to aprove on your dashboard the refund to evanto put back to my credit, they told me thtat evanto es waiting for your approve my refund that you dint not approved yet. please can you check .

Please can I use this plugin for an award website where people can vote. The awards has 33 categories and each category will have 3 nominees. ? If this is possible please let me know so I can purchase

Hello, Good morning , Please I asked 10 Hours ago, No reply up till now

Hello dandellscreations,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll Pro!

We’re sorry for any delays, please allow 2-3 days for our response.

You can do this by creating a poll for each category and using shortcode to integrate all of them within a single page.

I hope it’s clear to you.

Best regards,

HI Team! I have few Presale questions whether these things are possible or not

1. Multiple voting option for images. 2. Submission of Email, Name and Company before voting. 3.Restriction of users by email id/ipaddress.

I didnt find an option on where to insert the email collection form and all

Hi Peacefulminds,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll Pro1

1. Yes. It’s possible to allow voting to multiple options. 2. Yes. You may add them as custom fields. 3. Yes. Possible using IP limitation and unique validation for email custom field.

Best regards,

Hello! I purchase TotalPoll Pro recently and have some questions about this plugin. It has been 3 days since we have heard from you and recently sent another question yesterday. Have anyone receive our support tickets and how soon can we hear a response from you? Thanks!

Hi pcmdigital,

We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Kindly check your email inbox.

Best regards,

I am trying to run a makeover contest on my website…I would to collect submissions from people…Photo and text that I can later decide a top 5 nominees…Not sure if this helps with this part, but if not can you offer suggestions?

Now, for the second part, I see that people can vote for the favorite fruit in the demo…In my case each fruit would be a person with a back story/image…Can each entry have its own page for details?

Hi aangulo,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll Pro!

According to your explanation, I would suggest you take a look at our other plugin TotalContest Pro.

It was made for collecting submissions from users and it should be more suitable for your case.

Best regards,

Hi, I started to use your plugin after a long time. This is the error I got on chartsome:

And in rainbow there is no votes and percentages: (The options have been checked)

It’s strange, you respond others, not mine?!

I’m still waiting for your response after 7 days! I also emailed you to give me the latest versions of premium templates.

I am trying to change under Design -> General -> Other—>Choices per row to 3 and save it it keeps automatically changing to 1. It worked fine till yesterday but since today it is not!

The issue keeps coming again and again now! irrespective of how many alternatives I find :(

Hi ConsultDA,

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

That’s weird. Try to disable all other plugins and see if the problem occurs again or not. If it still occurs, kindly just provide us with a temporary access to your wp-admin on our support center and we will be happy to assist.

Best regards,

I have raised support ticket with all the details. please look into this at the earliest! Its urgent

Hi!!! I wonder if this plugin allows you to do a poll with many questions on the same page?

Hi Eden,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll Pro!

We’re very sorry for the late reply.

Yes, you can create multiple polls (each poll with a single question) and integrate all of them within a single page using shortcode.

Best regards,

When I chose ‘Image’,

I want to use the short code of survey result first rank ‘label’ and ‘image’.

ex. “The first rank of this Survey(‘Survey Title’) is xxx(ex. ‘Survey item 3 label / Survey item 3 image’).”

1. What is the short code of survey result first rank ‘label’? 2. What is the short code of survey result first rank ‘image’?


  • ‘option A’: Settings > Results > Hide results > End date(checked!)

I want to know the if conditional statement of ‘option A’. When limit date(‘Limit by date’ && ‘End date’ of Hide results) is reached, I want to show this.

is this possible?

I want to use this style.

(Sample) if (option A) { “The first rank of this Survey(‘Survey Title’) is xxx(ex. ‘Survey item 3 label / Survey item 3 image’).” }

Hello interk,

Thank you for contacting us. We’re very sorry for the late reply.

I’m very sorry, I couldn’t understand your question. Could you please provide us with more details on our support center?

Best regards,

Hi! Is it possible to create a poll from the front end? Thanks!

Hi mbladasare,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll and we are very sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately, front-end poll creation is not available yet. It is already in our todo list though.

Best regards,

I have pre-purchase question
1) Is it possible to add bulk poll using csv or any other option ?
2) What new feature in your new Total Poll Pro 4 update!?
3) Can I add post excerpt to poll ? means I want to add some content on single poll page. I dont want to create post, I directly want to use poll to display to user.
4) Is there any way to create poll from frontend side ?

Thanks & Bregards
Mukti Foundation.


I think you are giving reply to only those people who purchased your plugin !!!!!

Thanks & Regards
Mukti Foundation

Hello presidentmuktitrust,

Thank you for your interest in TotalPoll Pro. We are very sorry for our late replies, we are suffering from excessive number of support requests within this period because one of the team members was inactive.

1. You can add bulk choices in case your choices are textual only, in case of media choices, you will have to add them manually.

2. Lot’s of improvements like multiple questions functionality, live preview, more options, choices, security… etc. We will provide a detailed list of features once the final release is live.

3. Yes. you may add excerpt to your poll, and you can let users vote via the poll permalink (you don’t have to create another post and integrate the poll into it).

4. Unfortunately, this feature is not available yet. However, we will probably release an extension to do this in the future.

Best regards,