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heloo why event featured removed in new version ? how i can place clicked banner in video player ?

thanks Tean , I have filed a refund on the purchase total video player, because I had mistakenly bought. and after you give me the refund will make a purchase html5 video gallery with live playlist. thanks

We have approved your refund.

Hello, I purchased this video player and I think it’s great! I have a question though, are there some configurations on on apache we have to do, in order to work for it properly? Because my problem is, that currently skipping to the middle or end of the video is not working for me (mp4). Do you have an idea on how to solve this, because in the demos, it is working.


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.

hi i want change sort button on timline : main menu : 1-volume 2-full screen 3-quality 4-submenu Submenu : 1-subtitle 2-Download 3-video info 4- share

how i can change?


Player html markup is located inside main plugin file, so any edits to markup need to happen there + css if required.

Hello, I am considering purchasing your product I would like clarification on a few things though. Does your player attach itself to youtube links and/or hosted videos WITHIN the post, or must you create the players individually outside of the post in another dashboard option? Is it done by use of shortcode or another method? Lastly, would a player with my logo built into the playback bar be possible as a custom project?


Note that this is jquery plugin, but we also have wordpress version in our portfolio.

You must create players in custom admin area and add the shortcode into post/page where youvwant player to appear.

If you need your logo positioned differently, this could be possible as custom project.

Hello, this is a prebuying question. Does it include a chapter selectioning function or i’ll had to make it ? I would like to select different chapter in a video and access it by a menu. And the possibility to skip next or go back to a chapter.

thanks !

Hi and thanks for your interest!

By chapter do you mean like linking to specific time in video?

There is no chapter selectioning function included, however seeking to different positions in video is possible using api methods, seekTo (number) in this case.

how when open a player page,run auto play and auto fullscreen ?


1. For autoplay, use this option in settings:

autoPlay:true,/* true/false (defaults to false on mobile)*/

2. Entering fullscreen without user interaction (mouse / key press) is not possible.

Hello TEan.

I bought your total video player and I am wondering if this can be used for some local videos but to be player in random.

Thank you. Alexandros


Yes, it can play self hosted videos and Youtube.

Random play is not possible in this player because of playlist specific design. Videos play in order they are supplied in settings from top to bottom.

what if I have for example 10 videos there and each day to play one of them?

Unfortunately this is not possible without code modification.

I have a problem on mobile I saw a zoom when i play a video in android

I need to know if this happens in unmodified demo and which one.

I modifed index_background.html

What kind of zoom do you mean and does this problem appear here?


Is not possible to install the plugin. I have buy now the plugin.

the error is:

Scompattamento del pacchetto… Installazione plugin… Il pacchetto non può essere installato. Non sono stati trovati plugin validi. Installazione del plugin non riuscita. Ritorna alla pagina dei Plugin


This is because its a jquery plugin, and you are trying to use it in wordpress.

I need the wordpress pluging. My purchase code is:


Yes, sure. I would like to have this wordpress plugin.

I would like to have the refound and then I buy the wordpress plugin or directly the wordpress plugin. Thanks

We can make an exception, purchase the wordpress plugin, then contact us here http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact and we can issue this refund.


Is it possible to open in lightbox?

Thank you


It has coded ability to be opened n a popup window, but not in a lightbox.

My CDN supports byte range requests (for skipping back and forth in videos) -> Does this player support this?

I mean its possible to seek through video using player seekbar.

This is what I mean, what technology is used when this seekbar is used? pseudo streaming? Or byte range requests? Please be more specific.

Please renew your item support so we can continue provide support.

Hey, I would like to buy total video player but i have some questions. My first question is that can I change location of the subtitle? I mean is it possible to show on top, or with different color or different font/font size?


Subtitle location cannot be changed. Font style can be modified. We do have some other players that for which subtitle can be modified more extensively like this for example:


Good afternoon, I am a perspective buyer with a couple of questions. The first is whether you support playing content from Amazon S3 and the second is whether the player can be customized for an online video course where the students cannot skip ahead but go back and rewatch content they have already seen. Thanks in advance!


Yes, player support playing content from Amazon S3. Any vidoe link that plays when opened in a browser url will play in a player.

For the second question, you could disable the seekbar with some jquery so its not possible to seek through the video. What kind of further customization you had in mind?

How can put a captions button like on demo?


Captions come in vtt format and you can set them up easily when you install the plugin.


Hi, I brought this plugin, and I couldn’t use on wordpress. And I read your comment section, so I heard this plugin is jquery plugin… Can I get “wordpress plugin” version…?


We dont have wordpress version for this plugin but maybe we can recommned this multimedia player for wordpress:


Thanks, this one is better. What should I do my previous purchase, can I refund?