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Would be nice if your script will have a back link checker integrated. That’s the coolest hing about a topsite script.

That can be added in a future update.

Also it would be nice if you can add search engine friendly URLs feature for all submitted site pages.

This can also be changed in a future update.

i almost forgot about these type of sites and looking at this gives me a good idea for one.

Is it possible to manipulate the votes manually?

No, there is no way to change the votes manually, unless you do it through phpMyAdmin or something.

can you control how many times a person can vote? Is there an option for that?

No there isn’t a way to change how often a person can vote. People are only allowed to vote once per day.

Were you looking for something different?

well i would be using it for marketing purposes. That’s why it would be nice if i could edit the votes, but i could always just outsource ppl to click on them.

Haven’t decided if i wanted to use it yet, but it is designed nicer than any other script i’ve seen

Considering buying this… can you set it up to require subscription to allow banner ads? Ill buy it then.

That is something I can possibly add in the future.

Sound really good. My question is, is this written using OOP or procedural PHP ?

I try to stay away from OOP because of my non-existent ability to read it.

Thanks very much! :)

It is OOP , but the code is fairly simple though, so what better way to learn!

hi i have bought your script till yet verry cool but how can i chance the font color in the site see url what i mean its now gray

but cant find it in the css


Which font are you talking about exactly?

Did you find it? I only see blue font.

Nice job on this script. I’ve had plenty of experience with others that are out there but this was a breeze to set up. See it at


I will be watching for updates.

thanks, Jeff

I need help….This is a great script, I’ve been very happy with it until now. I can’t log in as admin any more. I’ve tried password recovery and even changed the password in the sql file. However, it says the password is wrong when I try to log in. Any help would be great.

Thank you David

How do you install this to a sub directory?

hey, are you considering adding a premium option for users ? so they pay to have a bigger and highlighted banner ?

Would be nice if your script will have a back link checker integrated. That’s the coolest hing about a topsite script.

hi, great script, i have just bought it. It’s possible only admin can submit site? (sorry for my english)

this script working incorrect with other laguages. how can i fix it?

I am not sure I understand what you mean. Can you send me a message from my profile with a link to your site and a description of the problem?


I’ve been using this script for a while without issues. But the script was hacked recently and all my users lost their data for links and banners. It’s just not secure.

I am sorry to hear that, this is the first time I have heard of anyone having this issue. Please send me a message from my profile and hopefully we can get it figured out.


I cant see the banners on the Admin homepage where it shows newest site also same thing under the profile for the website just a blank image?

Hi, Demo site not working. Please, let me know when be back again. Thanks

no have category :’(

hello still working i want buy..please send demo is not working..want see it online