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WHAT THE … amazing Wordpress tool!.

I cant believe it…

This product should be worth at least $12.

Of course super 5 stars.

All Wordpress users must be have it.

Thanks fo this advanced and original product.

Hi, thanks for purchasing and the stars. :) Hope you enjoy it.

Will you create a version suitable for non-WordPress sites?

Hi there, in PHP , CSS or other CMS ?

php and javascript/css would be my wish; I don’t use any cms currently.

Hi, i think CodeCanyon would reject them because that too simple for selling on CodeCayon. Or maybe you want me to do custom for you only?


very nice plugin! I would need to show the dynamic sidebar on only two different pages. Would be nice if we could define the page/post ids in the backend of your plugin. Is this possible?

Thanks. ;)

Hi there. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, this plugin handle sidebar for each post/page/post-type. But, we will add that feature on next release for custom selected post id(s).


Thanks for your positive & fast answer! ;)

You’re welcome. Don’t forget the 5 stars :)

Done! ;)

Thanks :)

Yeah! The most usefull plugin on codecanyon! 5 stars! Perfect for Languages/PostTypes!! Would be nice a WPML compatibility (I can make it compatible by some tricks… but I can´t select the custom types in other languages… but it is not a problem… score:9,9points :) Really thanks!!!!

Is possible to set different sidebar for posts in different categories? For example: posts in news category have sidebar on the top of the content and posts in sport category have sidebar on the bottom?

Hi there, right now it only can set different post only, not categories or taxonomies. But it will be there in next releases.

Ok Thanks a lot! I buy it and wait for next release with the category option!

Yes, thanks. :)

This Plugin is Selected as Top Plugin for WordPress.

Thanks :)

It will work as long as your theme use the WP standards.

Is it possible to select a certain sidebar for every single page? I currently have a review-based site with a review theme. The review theme let’s you have different sidebars for every review category, however I have informational pages for every review category that don’t go along with the neccesity of rating a page/article in the certain review category. Therefore, I want to create those informational pages as regular single pages and then assign a specific sidebar to them, so it shows the sidebar that belongs to the review type (notebooks, tablets, etc..)

Hope you understood what I mean.

Hi there, yes, you can assign the specific sidebar in every single post, page, or even custom post.

Hoping for a fast reply….. somewhat urgent…. thx.

I’m not a techy, so apologies if my question is silly or mis-worded.

What I’m looking to do is create a left sidebar, no padding, 160px wide, 20px right margin, and can run down part or a full page (will usually be full page). The top of the sidebar would be 0 margin and left 0 margin.

I’m going for a snug fit. Here’s an imperfect example of what I’m working towards – http://em3.biz/test-toggle-2/

Once the sidebar is created I’ll mainly use it for a drop down menu. The biggest need is to keep all right positioned content from rising up and down as the left sidebar menu expands and collapses.


Thx, Mary C.

Actually you can do this for a single page only with your defined sizes. You can add them in the content, or append it to the body.

The preview “fixed left and right sidebars” are not working in IE8. I need it to work before purchasing. Can you confirm if this can work as standalone js/jquery plugin outside of WP?

Also, I disagree with your response to “rpwhiting49” stated above: “Hi, i think CodeCanyon would reject them because that too simple for selling on CodeCayon. Or maybe you want me to do custom for you only?”

I would very much appreciate it (and others of, course) if a js/jquery version was created, which will approved by Envato/Codecanyon and boost your sales as well.

Thanks in advance!

What are some of the differences and similarities between your plugin and the custom sidebars plugin?: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-sidebars/ And are there features in the custom sidebar plugin that perhaps should be added to your plugin?

As both plugins seem similar to each other.


Will try it add some features to it. Thank you.

Hi, I’ve purchased your plugin, and have some questions please. I’ve tried to replace origal sidebar and didn’t make it. I would like to put customized sidebar for each page and each post, but can not because the customized sidebar comes next to the origal one. Is it possible to do it or not? Thank you for your help

Did you mean create sidebar for specific post type?

Hi, sorry I didn’t receave reply by mail. Yes that’s correct. I would like for example make same sidebar for 5 pages and a sidebar for eache categorie, in this way each single post from each category has a specific sidabar replacing the default one.

But this plugin only add sidebar in your content area, not replacing the theme sidebar. Did you want to add the sidebar in the content?

i just bought your plugin and the toggle is not working properly is there any extra script i need to add ?

maybe i need a clearer definition of how to make it work… i want to make like an small accordion FAQ section in the sidebar of my products page


here is the page


No problem.


does this allow me to add a sidebar to a page on a wordpress site where a sidebar is not currently available?


cheers for coming back to me…just sent you the link through your profile.

Thank you so much for your help, and thanks for an excellent plugin.

You’re welcome, don’t forget to tweet and the 5 stars rating :)

Before purchase it, I want to ask you some question about “Fixed Left Position Sidebar”

1. Can use it to place advertisement? 2. Can custome the widget width size? 3. Can make it always showing on sidebar and visitors can hide it when do not want…

That all…Hope you can answer is ASAP :)

Ok…I got it on the post/page screen….But how to setup at Setting >>> Dynamic Sidebar… Here I get some problem to setup…

What the RELATIONSHIP Setting >>> Dynamic Sidebar AND post/page editing screen?

Setting >>> Dynamic Sidebar is the place you can create a sidebar. After creating the custom sidebar and attach a widget to it, you can select it from the edit post screen.

Hi, a presales question.

I have a website which provides information of listed companies in the stock exchange. We post articles, announcements related to these companies on a daily basis.

We have a page for each company, stock price and stock chart.

All the post will be tagged properly with the relevant symbol as the tag.

I would like to show on the sidebar the following based on post tag. This information should be displayed on the top, irrespective of the sidebar, and show the other widgets that have been set in the sidebar after displaying this information.

A link to the company page A link to the chart A table showing the stock price information from a mysql table in the same host, but under a different database. Other points.

In some cases there may be more than one tag, so then it should loop, and display one below each other.

In some cases the tags mentioned may not have a company page, and then it should skip this and continue to display the other widgets which have been set in the respective sidebar.

This is only applicable for posts, and not other types like pages, products etc…

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Hi sanjeevanj. I think this plugin can’t handle your need. Thank You.