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Can I use Total Donations for political fundraising? Is it FEC compliant?

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) requires that all political campaigns at the Federal level collect supplemental donor data including the donor’s employer and occupation. Total Donations already sends these fields to PayPal but does not force the user to enter them in by default. To change this, follow these steps.

To follow FEC guidlines:

In additional to first name and last name, you need to collect employer and occupation information. First name and last name are already mandatory fields by default in Total Donations. To make “employer” and “occupation” mandatory fields, go to the “Is this a matching gift?” group and click the radio button on the right side of the panel labeled Mandatory. After this, uncheck the toggle. You can then change the group’s name to something else or if you prefer, you can move the “Employer’s Name” and “Occupation” fields to the “Donor Information” group. You can then safely remove the unneeded group.

After a donor makes a donation, these fields will show up as information in your PayPal reports in addition to being stored within the reports of Total Donations.

How does deleting a Campaign work?

Deleted Campaigns are removed from the list of available campaigns, but are not removed from the reports. If you’d like to expand an existing campaign without losing any of the progress on your progress bar, use the Rename the Campaign function. Renamed Campaigns are changed globally including in the database and reports.

How do I delete records from the Offline/Online tables?

Deleted records by highlighting the record(s) you wish to delete then push the remove button at the bottom of panel. Take care when using this option because deleted records can not be restored.

What if I don’t want the progress bar on the site?

Set the campaign target to zero. This will hide the donation bar on the form but your donors will still be able to pick that campaign as an donation option inside the donation form.

How do I add new fields or rearrange the old ones on the form?

You can drag and drop fields and groups as well as add new ones to the form from the form options page. The form has been split into groups and fields. You may drag whole groups or individual fields in any order you need. You can add single checkboxes or textboxes. Entire groups may only be deleted once all of the fields inside a group have been removed. Duplicate labels on both groups and fields are not allowed.

Can I export the donations to an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes, you can. You can choose to export a single filtered spreadsheet with your custom queries or all the donations you’ve received so far. Exporting all donations received so far might take a while depending on the size of your database. Exports are done with the CSV format.

What happens after someone donations?

After a donor has completed donating, they will be redirected to your website where they will see the thank you page you have set up in settings. They will also get a thank you letter from Total Donations and depending if they made this donation in someone else’s name or not, an email will be sent to the honoree informing them that a donation has been made in their honor. The progress bar for the campaign they donated to will also be updated.

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