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@kg4izp – – Last update was on May 12, 2015. Don’t think anyone is going to take this project over. I have decided to move on to GiveWP. Even though it’s expensive… it’s better to be updated and supported, especially when dealing with people’s information.

Hello, Actually we want to buy this plugin but is developer supporting this plugin?

Please Help! I use this plugin for several sites and have come across an issue. One of my forms has multiple custom fields. It appears that the form info saves for most of the transactions but there are several that have gone through on Paypal but the form info is not saved on the Total Donations dashboard. I am using Paypal Pro / PDT for payments and have Recurring Payments set up. Is the form information lost when a user uses their Paypal account for transactions?

Any help is appreciated!

Pre purchase: is it possible to add fee for each donations?

I purchased the plugin last year, but now cannot access any of the documentation. I haven’t renewed the license as I’m not confident support is being provided.

e.g. this page not found:

This is what is now becoming all too common on Envato. There is no policing of Files on behalf of Envato, ensuring the files themselves are up to date and are being supported. If ANYONE from Envato is reading this, Please place a form on each file page, that allows your loyal customers to submit to you to check on files that have been abandoned or no longer being supported. Or pay me to toll every file on the entire network and I will submit my findings.

Hi, the plugin creates receipts for donations? Thanks so much!

BUG** Using stripe, the customers card is charged twice automatically. Please Fix!!

Pre-sale question. Is this plugin compatible with wordpress 4.7.5 multisite?

Pre-Purchase question. Can you use custom fields instead of the person’s name or honoree name?

Knock Knock…I’m waiting for receipts for donations? Your plugin create receipts for donations? Thanks so much!


Do you provide french translated po file or will I have to fill it, if I purchase your plugin ?


If you’re getting Page Not Found when trying to go to links in the Total Donations Knowledgebase, I discovered that you now have to add kbe_ before the word knowledgebase in the URL. For example: gets you page not found, but will get you the info you want. Hope this is helpful to someone!

are you going to do update for that’s plugins to work with the new wordpress (4.8) ?


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Adding kbe_ does not make the knowledgebase come up and I have no clue how to even create a form or add a shortcode to put a form on a page. Should have read the support page for wasting money on this plugin.

Is Total Donations PHP 7 compatible?