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It’s now compatible with WPML? i see the last post about this it’s about 6 month ago

Hello, does your plugin accept recurring donations via Authnet or only through Stripe and Paypal?


I am not able to update my giving levels. I have 50, 100, 250, and 500 listed in the form options. But the form itself will not update from the standard 25, 50, 75, and 100.

How do I fix this?

Best, Matthew

Was the Plugin abandoned? No more support and uodate answers?

Hi, I want to now the price if i want Armenian bank gateway for your plugin my email is Thanks


In french, we use sometimes the ’ character between two words. “A l’ordre de” means “Payable to”.

My problem is, the plugin displays “à l\’ordre de” (with a slash).

Is there a way to remove the ”\” before the ’ ?


Is the plugin support multi member? I have to create website, 1 website can be use for multiple member , each member is a team noneprofile, they would like to have there own donation account in within 1 website only.

One paypal account for each campaign. Is it possible with your plugin? Commissioning by transaction?

demo link don´t work. Can you verify? stopped working. Strip still works.I get an error” we encountered and error while processing your payment”. I will be happy to pay for support.

I would buy this plugin if it was updated more and was compatible with most recent version of WordPress. People hold off on buying this until the author can provide updates!

Hi, I have a question. Is there an option/feature where the donor can cover the processing fee?

Pre-sale question. I understand the donor gets redirected to a thank you page and also receives a thank you email. For the Admin, they too get an email notifiying them that a donation is made; however, can this be set up so that the Admin gets all of Donor information without having to access WordPress? For example, I am collecting the Name, Address, Phone, Email, Donation Amount, etc., can all of this information be sent via email to the Admin without them logging in?


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Hi crashette,

This is (was) a cool plugin, but with no support and no update.

Some functions doesn’t working. For example, the dashboard is supposed to displays the amount of donations, but it doesn’t work for me. And some user below says that Authorize doesn’t work. Etc.

Maybe you should consider an alternative plugin (i.e. : Give).


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Just bought this theme and have a few issues under form settings under Multi-Campaign Form Settings.

1. I am unable to delete groups after making them inactive or delete any added information as the delete button is inactive.

2. How do I totally remove the following fields and groups as I have followed your instructions of making it inactive and delete or delete group…

- Is this in honor of someone?

- Is this a matching gift?

I have also tried by hiding the information but it still shows in the frontend.

Please help my website is:



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Please can you answer my question?

Is there an easier way to add values (instead of one by one) to select field dropdown? Client wants to add lots of fields.


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Please can you answer my question?