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Hi, I would like to change the language of the email notification when a user make a donation. Where can I do that please ? “You have just received a donation. Here is the information about that donation: “

I assume Binti is no more? I haven’t seen him post in a while, I thank you Astried for replying, but I would say there will be no more updated since your contract has expired.

Yes, it seems so. No updates for months and no support, all requests to Binti and Calmar Webmedia remain unanswered. ... and the TD is not running because nothing is recorded. I think, an official statement from the software owner would now be appropriate.

I issued a ticket around 3 weeks ago and yet to have a response. Guessing support is gone. Anyone else had issue with redirecting to Thank You page. Have used the shotcode which as all recoginsed, however the server ajax response keeps responding with 0 so the redirect never runs. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Can you add GoCardless to this to setup monthly donations??

GoCardless is a Direct Debit

hi there,

1. I’m having an issue while testing “Stripe” , it says, “Your card’s expiration year is invalid.” I have used the year in advance, such as 01/2019 .

2. Is it possible to have recurring “custom” donations with stripe? As far as I could see, we have to create “pre” defined plans in stripe and the link to the plugin.


I noticed via the console that the month and year are being send in blank to stripe. see below

card[address_city] Gold Coast card[address_country] Australia card[address_line1] xxxxx card[address_state] card[address_zip]4220 card[cvc] 123 card[exp_month] card[exp_year] card[name] Name card[number] 4242424242424242 guid EMPTY key pk_test_3DXM5xxxxxxx008ciRh0 muid EMPTY payment_user_agent stripe.js/a4799b6 time_on_page 195138

Are you planning to release a new version of this plugin to work with the latest version for WordPress?

Is it possible to integrate with MyMail Newsletter Plugin. It’s the #1 mailing list plugin here on envate(codecanyon)


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I posted a question in their support forum last week and have received no reply. It does look like this product is not being supported anymore.


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I think the author has left, I have a few quotes and tickets that are not being entertained. What’s the use of this months of support.

Hi, is it plugin have method bank transfer ?