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I’m trying to set up recurring payment options. But when I click “Save” it just spins and says “saving” but never saves.

Hi There,
Pre purchase question. I went to Admin page in your example site, but can’t find the option to switch off entirely / completely personal information.
Is it possible at all?
I don’t really need personal details, just
1. Enter amount
2. Choose PayPal or Stripe & Pay
3. Done! The End
In all your examples, after I click field appears with Name, email, etc stuff. I don’t need it. Can I disable it?

halo binti, bagaimana saya setting supaya email mendapatkan no invoice…ty

I have added a number of tickets to the support system n calmar site but never get a response. here is my latest:


we can’t figure out is the fact that the language for the outgoing emails, to donors, submitters, admin, etc. all have odd characters in them.  

here is an example of the test email that goes out for honorees:

Dear Jane Doe,

This letter is to let you know that we have received = a donation in your honor for $100 on March 16 2017 by John Doe.

For = more than 35 years, the Great Swamp Watershed Association has been working = hand in hand with communities and businesses to preserve our local streams = and protect water quality. Through our unique advocacy, education and stre= am monitoring programs, we serve as the watchdog for the Great Swamp Waters= hed and Passaic River – protecting water and the environment. Sinc= e its inception, the Great Swamp Watershed Association has helped to preser= ve hundreds of acres as undeveloped areas – a tremendous task made = possible by the commitment and generosity of our members and benefactors.

You can see all the equal signs in the text. 

We looked into the code and cannot find anything wrong with the code. Where can we get this fixed?

Anybody? Plugin Developer??

Is this developer out-of-business?

Its possible add the bitcoin payment?

Hello is possible change text color in Circle Progress Bar? I have gray and I need black

Thank you


I can’t find the page with shortcodes. It says “page not found”. Does anyone have a list of shortcodes I can use, mainly the circle progress bar and lists of donors??

Perhaps this plugin won’t work in the near future since the developer seems to be MIA?

Trying to make the circle bar work with the shortcode – the knowledgebase pages that explain this info is missing. Have tried this: [totaldonations_circle_bar campaign=”Name of campaign”] and it finally works. Took forever to get this working since the info is missing on the attributes required. What are the required attributes?

Ok, in case anyone needs any help with the shortcode attributes for the widgets, go to this cached link:

Is there no documentation available for this anymore? All the links in the help tab of the app on my wordpress installation are broken, the knowledge base links are empty and I’ve entered the license into the website that is supposed to host support now and it doesn’t do anything…

Within the plugin settings, in the form settings I have set the currency as CAD. I am using both paypal and stripe. For Paypal the currency is fine but for stripe the currency is always USD. There are List of Stripe Plans. One is showing Canadian dollar payment but Stripe is always taking USD. Please anybody help me how to set it up for CAD.


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I need to migrate the data from the plugin from an old site to a newly developed site. I noticed there is not an export option in the plugin. Does anyone know how to export the data from MySQL? Thanks!