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I’m also having the problem with firefox. That and there is no pause button. Please advise asap, as I have a client waiting… Thanks!

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Hi, Just a couple of questions

1) Can this work inside the theme php files?

2) Can this work in widgets in the home page?

3) Can it load songs from external sources (links)? for example a grooveshar playlist?


1) Can this work inside the theme php files? Yes.

2) Can this work in widgets in the home page? Yes.

3) Can it load songs from external sources (links)? for example a grooveshar playlist? Songs load directly from URLs in OGG and MP3 format.

Added a playlist of 1 mp3, no playlist shows in the audio player widget at all. Even though I have selected it via the widgets options.

I’m using Firefox 16.0.2 on the OSX Lion.

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Is there a download button so my users can also download as well as play the audio?

No, there is not.

Hi! can this plugin be used to play audio throughout the site, so that the music won’t restart when users go to a different page? Thanks!

Yes, if your site never reloads when navigating.

Hi, great plugin, but I am having an issue with some error code being displayed (in IE only) at the bottom of the page. “SoundManager 2 loaded (OK)—(Flash): Enabling polling, 50 ms interval… etc” How do I hide or fix this?

Thanks, Tom

hey there your plugin is really awesome, but when I try to install it, it won’t, showing me this lines of error code instead:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare my_scripts_method() (previously declared in /mnt/web1/a2/94/1234567/htdocs/*/includes/12345678_theme_functions.php:388) in /mnt/web1/a2/94/123456789/htdocs/12345678/plugins/Total-Control-Player-Plugin/total-control-html5-audio-player-plugin.php on line 666

Maybe you can help? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

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hey there, me again – is it a bug or am I just too stupid? I have a playlist with 23 songs which are sorted how I want them (in the admin menu), but they are completely different sorted in the player? Like, song 1 is song 1 in the admin menu playlist but in the player it is song 22 of 23… Or did I just miss out on an option I forgot to switch on / off?

thank you very much!


I like this plugin for Wordpress and I purchased the other non-WP version for CSS websites, but I can’t get it to work in a WP site at this moment. I’ve tried just about everything I can.

I get nothing, see nothing…..hear nothing.


William, i-Media Source :(

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The drag and drop rearrange capability does not work on this item. Is there a way to rearrange it.

Can you please help me in solving this issue? The drag to rearrange feature does not work. Also the player does not work on Firefox.

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I’d like to purchase this, but can the audio player be inserted into a post/page instead of just a sidebar widget?

If so how?

Actually I like your “G2 Cloud Music Player” even better, can it be inserted into a post/page?


I just bought the Total Control HTML5 Audio Player for Wordpress and when i install the Zip file i get the following Message.

“Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-2630564-total-control-html5-audio-player-for-wordpress.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /customers/7/6/9/ukpowermoves.com/httpd.www/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 558 The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

I kindly need assistance please.

Please contact me directly.

how do i contact you, i don’t have your email

Every time i install the app, it gets reinstalled with the same error or bug.

I just want too do a clean uninstall. I would like a clean reinstall with no left over traces of files

The uninstall option does not appear in Total Controls Player Plugins (only deactivate is visible)

I would prefer my money back, i’ve been sending you emails and no replies

I contacted Codecayon and they said “i can get a refund from the developer” and you said i need to contact Codecayon.

I just want a professional honest service thats all.

There’s a conflict between Total Control and Social Sharing Toolkit. It began after the WordPress upgrade from 3.4 to 3.5. The bug affects the backend (Dashboard) to prevent playlist creation and editing.

To create and edit playlists, disable Social Sharing Toolkit.

Also, did you disable the IE debug mode in the player Javascript?

Sent an email about 7 days ago, no response so far…

It doesn’t let me add a playlist? nothing happends when I click on the buttons.

Does this work on wordpress 3.5.

How do I contact you derectly?

In admin, clicking on the New Playlist Button (+) doesn’t do anything. I’m not able to create a playlist. I’ve de-activated all other plugins to see if that would help. Still can’t click the + button.

I’m using WordPress 3.5 and PageLines Framework.