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Any Idea of it does work with the API from amazon?

I haven’t used any Amazon API so I wouldn’t know, sorry.

Hi, I could be doing something wrong, but I finally got toSQL working for my XML files, and found out that it gives warning when my XML data equals 1 SQL record. Then it does not generate the SQL statement.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/t/b/d/tbda2639/html/

Could you help? Thanks,

any examples for json to mysql import?

sample json files? Demo?


Please help me fix this error: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ARRAY, expecting T_STRING in D: \ AppServ \ www \ test \ tosql \ on line 40”
At the same time I have to enter a username, password, database in place, to be able to access mySQL

the only reply is to someone who didnt purchase …

this script doesnt work and there is no support.

There are bugs in this code. No Support from publisher but as far as I can see there a 2 fixes which need to be applied. Firstly in the include on line 40 and line 63 the following reference is made const Array = 3; Using Array is unfortunate as array is part of php. Change this constant to something else, such as a_Array on both 40 &63

The second flaw is in the calling of the class. The examples call the wrong class The correct class is ToSQL and not SQLTricks which is listed in 2 places on line 32 and should be ammended.

I ADD NO WARRANTY AND AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE AUTHOR. Just wanted to help those who purchase this script without reading the comments first (Like I Did)

Hi would this product be able to import large and complex json to mysql like this

if so does it require complex configuration to enable

I am looking to import of articles/images provided via JSON feed into Joomla websites as K2 Items (Joomla Extension – Will this work for my case?