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This could be useful. Good luck with sales!

thanks wrwipeout

did you see the new iOS 7 ?

Yes. This could be used as part of the application where by an app needs a torch from in-app.

Yeah iOS 7 already includes this now, which will be out soon. But the source can be used in different ways, e.g. another camera app.

Yes. iOS 7 includes now. There are lot of Torchlight apps in app store also. The aim of this app is to let developers to use this tool to integrate with their apps.

hello it is possible to change the background? thanks

Yes. You can easily add an uiimageview in the backgound of uiview using storyboard and attach an custom image to uiimageview.

can you provide the project without any adds,pop-ups

Do contact me from my profile page with your enquiries.

Just bought the code and it works great.

Just wondering why does the compass shows ”...” I.e. Instead of 250, when move slightly it shows “25…” . Can this be fixed or turn into nearest full numbers or using other approach? Thanks.

Thanks for purchasing the code and your valuable feedback. The uilabel font size was slightly bigger than uilable frame and we get this truncated label. To avoid it, head over to storyboard and select the “angle” uilabel in compass scene. Change it’s font size from 40.0 to 30.0. You can see full text.

Thanks a lot, this solves the problem.

Apple rejected due to the following reason:

Apps that duplicate Apps already in the App Store may be rejected, particularly if there are many of them, such as fart, burp, flashlight, and Kama Sutra Apps

Is there anyway to publish the app and accepted by Apple? Anyway, thanks a lot for this great app source code.

why don’t you make this as part of an app instead of standalone?