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Very simple design which makes it awesome!

:D Thanks! We appreciate that.

very nice job !

Thank you! :)

Ohhhhhh $moooooth! Any WP version in the works GambitTech?!

Yep. We’re almost done with it~ :superbashfulcute:

Hey hi. I love it and want it. But the navigation-arrows must be in left and right field in middle, like all other lightboxes. Thats easier for mobileusers. Want buy it for a shop. But need this option. Can you make it possible? Many thanx, great FAST lightbox

Hello there, and thank you for the appreciation.

As for the mobile users, we believe that there should be a ‘separated’ behavior for desktop and smaller screens such as tablets and mobile phones.

It will be for the better if we set an option to either open the image to a new tab (with the option to enable/disable it) instead. This way, it will be simple, straightforward and less awkward from getting cramped with the lightbox in a smaller screen.

ability to group images to a gallery? else if you have 3 different blocks of images they will all be tied to the one gallery

This is how Torchbox works: All the image and image gallery you insert in one page can be viewed in the lightbox. If you have more than 1 image in your page, the lightbox will have a navigation button so you can browse the other images.

ya reason i ask, is im implementing it in wordpress, and each gallery has its own id, usally a post id, so if i have 3 posts on the main page it would cycle all through 3 of those posts, and 2 of those posts wont belong to the 1 gallery, for the single post it would be fine though

Cool! And just to let you know, we are also working for WP version of this plugin. :)

Hey hi. The script show big-image if all done. Animations,loading etc.
That need a little time and is right for loading the big-image “FIRST TIME”.
But not for second, third …. view.
click on gallery and view all images. After that close your lightbox and reopen it. All images must follow the same steps like first view. Show low image, fade the title and than show the real image. But you dont need to show low image. this need alot of time. I tested some and is slower than other lightboxes. Hope for an fix before i buy. Thanx.

This is a good idea. We’ll see if we can get rid of this animation on succeeding lightbox openings for previously loaded images :)

Is there an update comming or was this the last?

There is, but we cannot name an exact date yet since we are also working on other plugins.

Hello, I really like the look of your plugin and was wondering whether it could be used in a custom way. That is for the lightbox to display a different image from the one you click on?

This is possible. However, the results may not be as desirable as how it was meant for high res images. This can be done by adding a data-hires="http://yourimageURL.jpg" in your image shortcode.


Have installed but when clicking on image no response.

Hey dessibob! Is the problem still happening? Can you tell us how we can reproduce this issue?

Also, if possible, we recommend you to file a ticket to our Support Site so we can help you better. Here is a link to our Support Site: :)

All sorted, was not referring to the min file as noted in documentation.

That’s cool! If you have any other question or concern, please let us know.

Can it embed youtube video links?

Hi there! Sorry, but the Torchbox plugin is for images only. :)