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Nice job, good luck! :)

Thank you! :)

Feels great! :-)

I miss keyboard navigation though for browsing through the images instead of clicking the arrow in the top right corner. Could you add this?

Thanks, Bernhard

Noted your suggestion. I’ll forward this to our developers and see we can do. :)

Keyboard navigation is now listed in the Torchbox description, but I can’t get it to work in your live preview site. Is this a “coming soon” feature? Thanks, Phil

Apparently, this feature is already up in our plugin. Its just that we haven’t updated the Demo Site yet. I’ll let our developers know about it, and will inform you again once we updated the Demo Site.

Thanks, looking forward to that. BTW, the only thing holding me back right now: I don’t think that opening a high-res image in mobile devices is a good decision. In fact, I think it’s a complety awful idea, and you should definitely add an option to use lightbox on mobile devices as well. Oh, and Envato’s ridiculous new 6-month-support idea makes me wish you’d sell the plugin somewhere else.

We have Torchbox automatically disabled for mobile devices for the very same reason. In mobile devices, the images will only link to the high res image.

requesting refund due to unsolicited changing of terms AFTER sales author not responsible that is understood but a scam is a scam and i am not down for it

Hi, do you mean the 6 month support thing? That is an Envato-wide policy change. Best we can do is to continue to provide support for our products.

Hello GambitTech,

Can you change the look and feel of the text displayed in the lightbox?

You can change the color of your lightbox, the text font (via CSS), the captions and more. The Captions can be changed through Media Library.

If you feel like giving our plugin a try, you can check our Live Preview and click on Launch Demo. This will direct you in a Sandbox Backend of our demo site. :)


Quick question … I need a lightbox plugin that I can use shortcode to surround content in my post templates rather than manually create each lightbox. Then somehow the surrounded content opens in a lightbox.

Does your plugin allow something like this:

[lightbox] [post_title] [featured_image] [gravity-form] [/lightbox]


Hi there,

The Torchbox Lightbox isn’t based from shortcodes.
Our plugin once activated, the lightbox will work on every image in your site unless you specify an exclusion list. :)

cool plugin

Thank you! :)

Can you please update Torchbox? I really like your plugin but it is not compatible with some of the Envato themes since the new WP update…

We pretty much do updates whenever we get any reports. Regarding your compatibility issue, can you tell us more about this problem? What are the themes you have tried with the Torchbox? What kind of behavior it produces? How can we reproduce this problem? We also advice you to file a ticket in our Support Site, this way we can help you better.

Hi. Does this lightbox work with featured images?

Yes, this should work as long as it is in your page. :)

Enlarge the picture, how to enlarge 100%?

Hello panfanglin! The image should be uploaded as “high res” before inserting. Upon inserting the image (regardless the size) in the page, the Torchbox will provide a Lightbox which will show the high res version of the image.

Picture is very fuzzy, if zoom out? Or 1: 1 zoom?

Here are some things that you need to look out for:
1) Picture tends to look fuzzy while it is still loading. There will be a spinning circle at the middle to show that the image is still loading.

2) Make sure that the image you are uploading are in high res and best quality as possible.

If any of these doesn’t work or isn’t applicable, we advice you to file a Support Ticket. Make sure to provide us the necessary details such as your site address and browser (version) you are using. :)

Hello, can I have a refund, please?Really does not suit us

Item refunds are facilitated by Envato Market. As such, we follow the same policy as specified in their refund page. Please visit the link for details: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460?_ga=1.217858512.736957093.1411977725

Hey just tried your demo on iPhone 5s using IOS10 and it appears not to work and images appear not to be responsive.

Is this addon mobile compatible and responsive?

Cheers! :)

Hello badduckz! It is mentioned in our Item Details that Torchbox isn’t enabled in mobile. This is due to fact that the normal open behavior is better as you can zoom the image in and out. Mobile screens are pretty small, and with the lightbox will just zoom to the full image size.

Thanks for getting back to me Gambit-Alyssa, I understand now :)

You’re welcome and have a good day! :)

Hello, when i test your demo i realized there is no icon coming up, showing the images are able to click, to enlarge. Even the mouse is not behaving, like it uses to, when an image is clickable. Any idea?

We’re really sorry about the delay. :( Is the problem still happening in your site? And normally, the Torchbox should work well and override any links towards gallery images. Could there be an another plugin involved with this?

In cases like this, we advise our users to file a ticket in the Support Site. This is to ensure that we can respond in a timely manner (we still try our best in the comments, but tickets will also notify us better what’s up ahead). Please do also provide us a Sample Page and a Login so we don’t have to disrupt your live site when we check the problem. We reply to support tickets within the business day. :)

Hey, it has been the jetpack plugin, it turned its own gallery on. I just disabled it, works now. thanks anyway!

Interesting. We’re adding that to our FAQ, thanks for letting us know!