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can you please add admob interstitials support as well?.

Yes, I’ll answer your email right now!

Sent email about the interstitials as well

I already answered you back!

Pre sale question: Can votes be limited per user? So say someone votes in a category, he/she will be restricted to not vote for next 24hours or prevent person from voting again?


voting is limited to one vote per user per top ten meaning once a user has voted in a top ten he can not vote again in that top ten (but he can vote in another one once).

Sent email about the interstitials as well

I didn’t receive a email, can you send me it again to roger.serrat@yowlu.com ?

Good luck with sale, for next app please create trivia or quiz use Parse.com as backend. :grin:

Thank you, maybe one of our next apps will be one of this type.

Do you offer an Android app as well?

Not for the moment.

How are these top ten lists created? Are users able to send in a suggestion or add an item to a top ten list or do we manually add items to a list at Parse?

This top ten lists are created by the owner in parse.com. Right now users are not able to suggest or add an item, they can vote to influence the order of the elements.

Sweet, going to buy it next week :) Thanks for your fast reply.

there is a demo?

Sorry but there is no available demo.

android version ?

Not for the moment.

Before to buy I want to ask: - How can I create categories or lists for voting? and the rating will change from the number of votes for anybody? Thank you

All data is stored in parse ( categories and top ten list). So you can create any category or top ten list you want. Also, the rating is based on the votes of the users. A user only can vote one time in each Top Ten list.

By the way, yesterday Parse release a note that said that in one year the service will shut down. As It is a recent announcement, we are still looking for another alternative or a solution. I hope that in a few days, we can change it.

Thanks for the reply! It is unfortunate that they are planning to close(( But please tell me, would it be possible to find an alternative during this time? Thank you!

We are working on it!

Hi, i send an email but i couldn’t answer. i need some changes about this template. please respond.

This template connect parse.com for get json data. How can i use my own server. i dont want to use parse.com and i want to create json data dynamically.

parse.com An Important Announcement.

Parse’s hosted services will be fully retired on January 28, 2017. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help so many of you build great mobile apps. Read more on this announcement and what this means for your app here. Thank you for using Parse.


I already answered your email.

We are aware of the Parse situation and we are looking for a new service to replace it. To you use it on your own server, as Parse has released an open source migration tool, you can check this out: https://github.com/ParsePlatform/parse-server

i will buy this once you migrate away from parse.com. Let us know when you do that.Great app btw !

We are on the process of doing it (to CloudKit). We’ll keep you informed about it!

I’d like to know when you’ll migrate to Cloudkit and if you can help us with interstitials as well. Great app but Parse is closing so we need a solution…

We have this still pending and I hope we’ll do it soon. We can help you with interstitials then.


Is it possible to get the Cloudkit update soon… ?


I’m sorry because I know we still have not done so. I’ll try to do asap but we’ve a busy month.

Hi, is it possible for users to be able to vote on the same list every ‘x’ days? Do users have to sign in to vote? Also are you planning to add interstitials? thanks!

I need this for android :)

Hi, can i get email for interstitials also? thank you rssyow

do users register before they vote? how does voting work?

How can i make it when a new item is posted the user who has previously voted can vote again?