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Good day once again.

I have another request.

For the “Most Commented”, there needs to be a way to set it to the most commented from today, this week, month, etc… It’s simply taking the most commented post from my blog from its inception, and that is simply useless to 99% of people.

Working on that, please give me about a week to acomplish this ;).

Te consulto… este plugin es solo para lo mas leido de cada categoria? o puedo usarlo para mostrar las ultmas noticias de cada categoria?

compre el plugin, esta muy bueno, te felicito, queria saber si se puede sacar el tema de los colores de fondo y que muestre solo la imagen en su color natural

Al hacer esto provocarias que el texto de cada post sea dificil de leer debido a que se mezclaria. La razon de que tenga transparencia y un color de fondo es para hacer la letra del texto mas legible. Si aun deseas que obtengamos este efecto puedes mandarme tu email junto con la url de tu sitio? Te enviaria una hoja de estilos nueva con la opcion para que logres esto ;)

La dirección web es www.elsantotomesino.com.ar

Why here is version 2.0, when I downloaded and updated, in my wp-admin version 3.1? And 3.1 is error.

This is not auto resize image thumb at center in widget.

Uhmmm can you rewrite your complete idea here, What are you trying to do ? Are you trying to center background image ?

Hi, I just purchased Top Stories plugin. But when I install it, there’s a bug in how it is displaying the items. If I chose 6 stories to display, the very 1st item is not showing up (there’s an empty space below the heading) and then 5 stories are displayed properly. Could you please help me with a fix so that I can show all 6 items properly.

Please see in the sidebar for example. http://www.cluburb.com/food-drink

Thanks, Praveen.

Hi, I also sent you an email but did not receive your response yet. Please help fix this issue asap.

In most of the cases there are CSS rules that are messing with your current style. We need to add a custom exception to fix this issue. Do you still having the problem ? I visited your site and seems that is working ok

My featured videos are appearing in the Top Stories Widget instead of the image, is there a way to prevent the video from showing and just the image?

Does your videos belongs to a certain category ??? With latest version of top stories you can select advanced filters and exclude this categorie ;)

hello, presale question, is there a code that the plugin count how many views the posts have?... or where gets the plugin the views for the widget?


Are you trying to retrive view count on every post ? where you want to display it ?

your plugin shows most post per click? where does it count that? is there a othe rplguin which i need for the count ode rits in yout plugin ? would the clicks shown in every single post?

Question 1:Is there anyway to pick a different image for the widget post besides taking the image from the “featured image” spot?

Question 2: is there anyway to pick which part of the picture is visible on the widget? EG: it looks like it only takes the top of the “featured image” image, i would much rather it take the center of the image.

ANSWER1 :: Actually its only possible via code, plugin neeeds to be modified

ANSWER2 :: As background image is not restricted on dimensions when is uploaded, there could be difficult to detect the middle of every image.

In other site, as any post could be showed on sidebar there would be hard to be editing every post on our blogs. I think is a little bit of waste to invest on developing this feature.

Okay well can you think of any other way i can change which part of the image shows up on this widget?

if i can change the image that is shown by editing the code i’d do that. because then i can crop an image the way i want it, and use it. but would that be difficult for someone without coding experience to do?

How do I bold the text? see on your widget “recent stories” i want it to match my other widget titles. In order to do that i would need to bold “recent stories”. or change the font, but i dont know how to look at all the fonts at once. no way im clicking each one and refreshing the page lol. if you no a font off hand that will match better please tell me.

Also is there a way to center the text to better match my other widgets?

pic http://i.imgur.com/Ud8M4G4.png

hello, i got problem, i use sahifa theme and put the widget in sidebar on www.janina-johnson.tv. i set color, but the color wont shown,,, if i put the widget in the footer, the color gardient works,, but not on the right, can you tell me, why? my purchase code is 8fd1c390-b874-49cf-bf34-eb2fbd0a6c56. best regards


I keep getting some strange error, even though there is nothing wrong with the settings for my widget. It only happens when I chose “Popular Post”. As you can see “Latest posts” is working just fine. Please assist.

This is the error that displays instead of the widget on my sidebar: “Upss there are no posts that meet specified criteria, please verify widget configuration and ensure that…”

Have a look here: http://edmonton.talks.news.

Hi, I would like to know If you could provide me with the previous version of this plugin. I updated it recently, but I rather stay with the old version, because the “Popular Posts” feature, even though set as “Most popular posts this week” is showing the most popular posts of all time, and not the posts published in this week, as before.

Other thing: the current version of this plugins brings dozens of pre-built’s font, which is great!, however, I would like to use another font and seems like I can’t change this on css file.

Your plugin is the reason for my website is high access causing the mentioned error. I deleted this plugin, and my website was wworking again. If you have no new update to fix this problem, I will leave a 1 star review. Thank you

Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can’t contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host’s database server is down.

Are you sure you have the correct username and password? Are you sure that you have typed the correct hostname? Are you sure that the database server is running? If you’re unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your host. If you still need help you can always visit the WordPress Support Forums.


I just installed your plugin on my site but the featured image doesn’t want to appear as the background of each posts and this is the main reasons for why I purchased your plugin.

My site is: http://www.topvpncanada.com If you refresh.. you can see the image appearing like 1 second but it’s disappearing immediately.

Thanks for your help.

Hi ! The problem is related with your current CSS style

Please send me a mail to dagtok (@) gmail com to send you back a fix for this issue. ;)

Hi Dagtok,

I sent you an email 3 days ago.. still no answer.. maybe you received it in spam folder? BTW I would appreciate if you could contact me asap because I would like to fix this issue quickly. Thank you !

Still no news? I really need your help to fix this issue.. thanks !


4kfilme Purchased

Installed the updated version and i was pretty shocked. As someone already said, the most commented widget is now useless. You cant set a time filter (week, month, year, xx days), and on most popular you can only use day, week, month year. why did you kill the time filter (set the amount of days you want)... i see there is not much going on right here so i will look for another plugin.

Hi, I sent you 4 emails about the issue with the background and I still not received any response.. 2 weeks now.. Please reply to me.. I just want to make your plugin to work.. the featured background image is not shown as it should!

Bad support, very very bad.


I just buyed and installed the plugin. The the featured image doesn’t want to appear on the PC – it works just on the smartohone. But that was the reason for why I purchased your plugin.

My site is http://phototravellers.de – if you refresh, you can see the problem.

Thanks for your help.

I’d like to point out that the widget doesn’t do the top stories of the day/week since I’m having articles from over a year ago appear. It also isn’t excluding certain categories like I would have liked.

Buenos dias,

Tenemos el modulo instalado en una de nuestras webs, y una de las consultas SQL que genera esta ocupando el 100% del MySQL. Se ha verificado que es por error de este modulo.

La consulta es la siguiente:

SELECT DATE post_date, wp_posts.id, wp_posts.post_title, wp_posts.post_status, wp_posts.guid, COUNT AS view_count FROM wp_posts INNER JOIN wp_term_relationships rel ON wp_posts.ID = rel.object_id INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy ttax ON rel.term_taxonomy_id = ttax.term_taxonomy_id INNER JOIN wp_terms terms ON ttax.term_id = terms.term_id LEFT JOIN wp_plugin_kbl_tsww_most_popular_posts ON wp_plugin_kbl_tsww_most_popular_posts.post_id = wp_posts.id WHERE wp_posts.post_status = “publish” AND DATE = ‘2017-03-17’ #MOST POPULAR FOR TODAY AND taxonomy = “category” GROUP BY wp_plugin_kbl_tsww_most_popular_posts.post_id ORDER BY view_count DESC, post_date DESC LIMIT 10

Podeis indicarnos como corregir el error.


Podrias agregar indices a la tabla “wp_plugin_kbl_tsww_most_popular_posts” sobre la columna “post_id”

en que cambia la llamada a la base de datos añadiendo el indice?

Presale Question: Maybe my question sounds stupid, but I already buyed a “Popular Post Widget” from another author that promised it will display the posts of the last 30 days. In the end it doesn’t work, because the plugin show only the posts from the current month and on every 1st of a new month the “Popular Post Widget” was empty.

Do your plugin really, really show the most clicked post of the LAST 30 DAYS?