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I’m wondering is this plugin compatible with Nelio External Featured Image plugin and is it responsive?

Thank you

Unfortunately no, this plugin works with native post thumbnails, i think this plugin uses a kind of custom post to save image URL. So i imagine this could not be possible.


Can I use this plugin to show the most shared posts from other sites then my own?

Also, can I show this as my main content and not as a widget?

unfortunately no, this plugin were designed to scrape content only where plugin is running or installed.

I can see you mentioned category top posts implementation although I cant see any demo of it on the demo site. Is it possible to have it working with custom taxonomies as well? We are managing authors through a custom taxonomy and wanted to show popular authors.

Can you expand upon how this is doing what it does? I bought the plugin but it’s only showing random high-share count posts. Doesn’t seem to be filtering for recency or anything. So, we have thousands of articles going back several years and this just shows any post with high social #s. Please advise.

Also – I just tried the setting to show “recent” posts and rather than that working, it actually shows the oldests posts on our site in reverse order.

Just installed this plugin. How long does it take for this plugin to detect all existing shared link on social networks? Besides, it seems this plugin uses image width as the reference for every background image. It gives a problem when a post has a long title, making the image background to not fulfill the background (there is a blank margin between background image and the lower limit of title box). It is critically better if the plugin forces the image to fulfill both horizontally and vertically (by keeping image ratio) to ensure that the background image covers all title box area.

Counter per post is updated for all social networks after every post view. So depending on the amount of traffic on your website this could take a couple of weeks.

For the issue you mention you can activate “Fix Background Image for widget container” feature on widget configuration panel https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jsa5xsiocrjbkp/Captura_de_pantalla_020316_121001_PM.jpg?dl=0 this will force image width to feed sidebar container.

I want to buy a plug-in but there are issues

displays in the widget by: like facebook; vk.com (based on the Easy Social Metrics plug-in), date, comments, views, categories, tags ?

I would like ignore an specific category ?

when will update the plugin?

Im working on a update that add the next features:

+ Exclude post categories, + Take background images from custom post type + Display content by periods of time like most popular on last week, month, year. + Add the possibilito to control font size and style

I hope to upload it in about two weeks.

Do you mean to adapt this widget to work with the social network you mention (vk.com) ?

yes-yes, very to adapt this widget vk.com

You can demo plugin? my email andrij411@gmail.com waiting for your reply to the message above !

please check your inbox ;)


1) You can get answers http://joxi.ru/BA0M8gwsBX4oMr

2) You can get answers http://joxi.ru/12MBbXkI4QLx4A

With all respect, Andrew.

Uhmm i dont know the social network you mention and unfurtunately this version does not support the site you mention on question 2. Sorry

1) https://vk.com is the most popular social network in countries of ex soviet union (Russia, Ukraine, Belurus and others), it is in top 10 world largest social networks. http://www.statista.com/statistics/272014/global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users/

Can you integrate/connect it in to your plugin?

2) When will you upgrade your plugin (you promised to do this)

3) How can I talk with you more effectively/faster, for example during the day (I want to buy your plugin but I cant recieve your messages/answers as fast as I need)?

Plugin were update today but i need a little bit of time to adapt it to vk.com. Do you know if this social network has a kind of documentation like facebook?

Contact me throw mail dagtok (at) gmail.com or skype: dagtok

I installed this plugin a few weeks ago and it isn’t pulling in any social data at all – just showing random posts. See the installation at http://hometoheather.com

Please help, it’s on the home page so it needs to function properly.

Hi, does plugin still activated? Can i check whats going on ?

WOW! Amazing!

I have installed the plugin but I really do not understand what settings are needed to hook it to twitter and facebook, perhaps it will take some times to do it? in case, how much in avarage? Up to now, It displays articles with 0 visits