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Buongiorno Giulio, innanzitutto complimenti per il plugin “top social stories”. Ti scrivo il presente commento perché ho un piccolo (nemmeno tanto) problema con il plugin che dopo poche ore di utilizzo (meno di 24) manda “in blocco” il sito su cui è installato. Il sito in questione ha circa 41000 articoli, può essere questo il motivo?

Tra i parametri del plugin, Alzate il tempo di delay delle chiamate Ajax, portatelo a 180 secondi. Il problema é nel numero di connessioni, probabilmente con 41k articoli avete un sacco di traffico. Così facendo dovrebbe migliorare.

Buonasera Giulio, in realtà avevo già fatto questo test, portando il delay a 5 minuti (300 secondi) ma il risultato non cambiava (il sito genera effettivamente un sacco di traffico).

Ma quanti utenti avete al giorno?


I have purchased and installed your plugin at the staging area for my website, a news portal that aggregates articles from different sources with canonical links. I purchased it, because I need a more powerful substitute for Social Metrics Tracker that I have been using until now. My database has about 35 000 posts.

My issue is that the plugin doesn’t deliver. “Sorry, can’t find nothing in the selected period” is all I get. No numbers what so ever! Any idea what the problem is?

Best regards,

Henrik Sundbom

As I can see, it’s collecting data, so it’s working. But I can’t see where is the widget that shows no posts. Can you send me privately a temporary admin user to check the problem?

You’ve got PM! I don’t use the widget jet, I only look at the data backend. You can compare with the numbers from Social Metrics Tracker (I’m updating right now, but you still see a big difference). Thanks again!

I’ve answered you via email, now it’s working. You didn’t configure it for your custom post types. It needs some time to collect data.

To enter today’s panel Top Social Stories Plugin, I found this: “Today we can not find any activity in your posts on social networks” Is there a problem with the API? Thanks

Probably there is a problem with facebook api. I’ve already prepared a fix and I Will upload it on monday, now I’m on holiday.

You can try to disable facebook for now if it doesn’t count likes.

I just updated plugin, but widget is still not displaying. Is there anything special I would need to do? Thanks!

Hi pswebpros and thank you for purchase. It requires some time to get data from social networks. If you send me privately a temporary admin account I can make a check to verify if everything is ok.

Message sent


Can i made it NOT save history, just want to update latest Share Number on Widget.

I want to reduct database usage.

Thank you

Thank you _

Good work for new feature bro, GREAT!! :D

thank you!

Hi! I’m trying to configure Facebook App to get data from Facebook, but when I click on ‘config’ on the Top Stories setting page, I’m getting a message “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” even though I’m an admin. Please let me know how to solve this. Thanks.

can you see any php error? You are the first user experiencing this problem.

no error whatsoever, just a text showing “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” Is there a way to contact you privately to share more?

Send me privately a temporary admin account at

On the widget Top Stories, the link is query url (such as this will be not good when you get high traffic.

You shoud use the permalink that web already set in the permalink setting (such as because the caching system will get more harder to handle the query url

I already change code by myself when free version but i forget about it already, hope this help for other users too.

Thank you

Do you plan to change the sidebar widget slug soon?

Do you plan to change the sidebar widget slug soon?

Yes. I hope this week.

Hi Gino – plugin looks interesting but not getting data after about 5 hours (about 5 000 visitors). I also don’t see the screen options for the Likes column in the All Posts screen. There are no extra columns.

I wouldn’t be able to do that – I can send logs, screenshots, anything else you need. I can tell that I inserted the Facebook ID & Secret and that we get hundreds of likes every day..there should be data there.

Can you send me an ftp account?

I nerd also the address of the site


I’m interested to to buy the plugin. I need to display a list of posts (sorted by social shares, of course). Each post is a description of school with some custome fields such as Manager, location, expertise in addition to the feature image and the title. Do you support that?


Yossi Dagan P.S. I went over the comments and it looks you are giving a great service to your users and customers.

Sorry for my late reply! Bad period. The widget doesn’t extract custom fields, it works with custom post types, but shows only title, featured image and share counters.


Your plugin works very well. Thanks. I would like to give a suggestion that will also help me a lot. Currently you save the counters along side with the entities. For each counter you save a custom field. For example you have facebook_shares. I sort the category according to custom field. If you could, when you update the counters on the custom fields also to save the sum of the shares on another custom field, like total_shares it will be great. Thanks. Yossi

Hi Yossi and thank you for your suggestion. I mark it to add to my to do list on the plugin.

Ciao Giulio, ho appena acquistato il plugin ma mi da un errore: “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘q’ in …wp-content/plugins/top-stories/top-stories.php on line 309” che credo non faccia funzionare il tutto. Infatti dopo averlo installato, dopo aver configurato il plugin ed aver inserito i dati per Facebook App non spunta ancora nulla.

Ciao @lmacaluso e grazie per aver preso Top Stories! Verifico l’errore, anche se sulla mia installazione al momento non mi esce. Se mi dai un accesso temporaneo come admin al tuo sito verifico personalmente (puoi inviarmi i dati a

L’errore che stai vedendo, comunque, non preclude il funziomento e penso che il software stia recuperando i dati. Se mi dai l’indirizzo verifico meglio.

I think i got new bug.

I was change my url from HTTP to HTTPS but i still using og:url = http (for reason not to lose all social counter from the pass)

I think the social counter was get the wrong count it should counting from http://1234 instead of https://1234 (from og:url)

if possible, please give new update about this issus. Thank you :)

You can check it on (right widget)

Hi Jiraz, I’ve had a similiar issue on a web site which has switched from http to https. Since you’ve modified the og:url parameter Facebook should keep adding counter to the old address. So it should already work properly.

I signed up for OpenShareCount and associated my Twitter account with my Website URL. Just not sure its working? Also, can’t seem to figure out how to exactly set you the Facebook API?

Please send me temporary admin account so I can check if your installation is working fine.

Not working, can I can some help?

Hi usuals2009, I see it’s working fine on my sites, so I think you have not configured it properly or you have to wait some traffic to let the plugin fetch the data from the social netwoks. Send me privately a temporary admin account and I will take a look at it.

Guys any word on this matter? I have submitted username and password already.

Hey i wanna buy this plugin, But can i use it to display top 10 popular posts on my website like this :

Yes. You can make a normal page and use the shortcode to insert the top 10 in your site. here is an example:

Hey, Ok thanks for the info, i have 2 last questions ..does each song on the top 10 has a featured image and does the charts change automatic

you wrote “song” but you mean “post”, or “song” is a post type of your site. Yes. you can include the featured image and yes the charts update automatically

Hey! I’m interested to buy this plugin as it seams to be just what I need. If I understand well, it can display list of top posts based on total share count from Facebook (facebook like + share + comments). My client wants to display 2 Top lists on one page. First one would be based on total facebook share count for last 7 days and second one for last 24h. I was wondering is this possible to be done with this plugin. Thanks!

Hi @ValekaThemes, yes, you can configure how many shortcodes you want and place them in a page.

Thanks, but I’m wondering is there any way to put list of popular posts for 24h and for 7 days. Can I set period for counting shares?

Is the item still available? Functional…


Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.


Yes, it’s working. It seems a problem of your site.

Hello, Does your plugin still working? and is it possible to . analityse hastag social media, example twitter hastag ..? and location