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Can I get – User guide?

Hi, a detailed user guide in included in the item after purchase

how do you remove the template area at the top of site? dont want users seeing that when on site

hi, we’ll answer to you later today via your email. thank you

i have problem when try add top listing in website

“QUERY: INSERT INTO `top_listing` (`id`,`name`,`active`,`rank`,`value_feature1`,`value_feature2`,`value_feature3`,`value_feature4`,`value_feature5`,`value_feature6`,`value_feature7`,`value_feature8`,`value_feature9`,`value_feature10`,`description`,`link`,`seo_title`,`seo_description`) VALUES (’’, ‘top’, ‘1’, ‘1’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘test’, ‘', ‘test’, ‘test’) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `id`=’’, `name`=’top’, `active`=’1’, `rank`=’1’, `value_feature1`=’test’, `value_feature2`=’test’, `value_feature3`=’test’, `value_feature4`=’test’, `value_feature5`=’test’, `value_feature6`=’test’, `value_feature7`=’test’, `value_feature8`=’test’, `value_feature9`=’test’, `value_feature10`=’test’, `description`=’test’, `link`=’', `seo_title`=’test’, `seo_description`=’test’ ERROR: Field ‘price_display’ doesn’t have a default value”

Hi Sorry about this error. Please send us an email via this contact form, we’ll fix your issue today Regards

hello, when you upgrade this script to responsive for mobile ? i wanna bnuy it thanks


Can i use this also for bitcoin exchange purpose? Can i integrate api codes as well?

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you can compare what you want. And you can integrate any kind of API you want. You just need to know a bit about php ;)

Hello. Ive just downloaded the script and installed without problem, but when going to log in it bounces me back to login box. Does not appear a “wrong user warning” so, seems user and password provided along installation works fine, it just dont log into admin area. Have tried with different admin names, with different passwords and even using a default I have for recovery directly into ddbb… but, no. PHP is 5.3.3 Thank you in advance.

Hi… have not received an answer about this and dont know why it appears here as sent it to support. Anyway, please, need to get ir working. Thank you.

sorry about the delay, for urgent & better support, can you contact us via this contact form (bottom right)
Looks like the username/password provided during the install are not the same than what you are using for login. We can fix that quickly, just shoot us a message via the contact form
thank you

As Ive answered at the refund ticket, I was interested in the script if you can provide support, I was NOT asking for support using the comment feed, but appeared here… may you READ what I typed at the refund ticket ?.

But, as you didnt want to provide support, you processed refund on your own, closing the ticket and you made me to wait a couple of days more… by the way, refund didnt appeared yet.

Im sorry to say, but really bad, do not like to lose my time. My trouble was asked for other users before, maybe you can consider about fixing it or including it in a troubleshoot section.

And to be completely clear, you refunded me after I asked you to provide support. No need for more feed back.

Hello. In which file do i modify the database?


For faster support, contact us via this contact form (bottom right)
Thank you

Thanks. Between the notification i received about your reply states that i asked for a refund. This is my first purchase from you and i’ve never asked for that. Managed to install the database.

Hi, sorry, our mistakes, we have edited our message here :) please, contact us via the form, it’ll be easier for us to share informations.
thank you

Hello. Send me a script for installation in the encoding UTF-8.

please contact the support by email via this form (bottom right).
Thank you

How to make the comments added to the coding UTF8?

$insert=DB::insert(‘comments’, array( ‘name’ => $name, ‘email’ => $email, ‘rating’ => $rating, ‘comment’ => $comment, ‘id_post’ => $id_post));

please contact the support by email via this form (bottom right).
Thank you

Hi, I am interested in this script, but just need to ask a couple of questions:

1. I want to load the site with products from an api/rss and keep it updated, is this possible?

2. Is it possible to set the site so that users can only leave a review if they login?

3. Is it possible to sort the site, for example by price, by vendor etc?

4. If you got thousand of products then can the script handle pagination, for example 20 products per page?

for a better support, can you contact us directly by the contact form HERE (bottom right)
Thank you

Hello is this tamplete responsive for mobile !! i tried to login to admin section in demo but the username and pass are wrong !! can you help me with that plz, i want to buy it

La plupart des templates sont responsives (réalisé avec bootstrap)
Pour l’accés à l’admin, après un test effectué à l’instant, cela marche. Pouvez-vous SVP essayer à nouveau : Admin Login : user : admin, password : admin

is there any video to install this script !! i can’t understand the guide because a lot of technical things i dont understand

Hi, we sent you an email few days ago. If you still have a question, please answer directly via email. Thank you

Hi, i need plugin for wordpress like this

Hi, The wordpress plugin will be ready very very soon. Please let you email here to receive a notifcation when the plugin is available : here

Please use this form

hey, i have purchased the script and i don’t how to install it in my host

I did not ask you to install it for me I asked you how to install it (and this is my right) and every time I message you tell me to look into the guide documentation (Which I did not understand anything on it)

And it says “ERROR: Unable to connect to MySQL server! Error: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO”

We are here to help, but via email, and not via a thread. Start to contact us via this form here. Otherwise, please, contact the codecanyon team to ask a refund

Hi, Any news about the wordpress version? I subscribed to your list but i didn’t receive any info. Thanks.

Hi, very very soon…stay tuned