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Could you share features video demo..

Video demo is already there . You can press Video preview and it will open a video . I can send you apk in few hours .

Thank you

any thing for me ?

Hi, im very interested in your app, just a presale question, i learned titanium is no longer available, if i want to deploy an app using appcelerator there is a monthly fee if i want to publish the app in app stores, wich obviously i will.

so can you please tell me what is the deal with this??

in github theres a titanium version, is it possible to use that?

best regards

Hello , Titanium studio which is enhanced version of titanium is available for free . you can run this app on the same . Also we have tested this app on iOS and Android and found build to be very stable . Also this is packed with php based CMS where all this content can be easily manageable .

My skype and other details are there in readme files you can let me know if you face any problems

Good day is this app supported in the latest version of Appcelerator and its newest SDK??? If not is there a path to upgrade the app to the latest version so that is compatible for 3.5.1 Ti sdk

we were able to update easily .

Awesome work, great job!

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