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Very addictive game! I like it :)

Thanks a lot! :-)

Nice one ;) GLWS

Thanks! :-)

Hi, very clever game.

1. Is it possible to eliminate the slect skins option and have just one skin preselected.

2. In the timed game is it possible to change the time limits

3. How hard is it to insert Admob into the game / screens.


Hi. Thank you.

1. Yes, the skin selection is only a part of the demo. In the release version you can change the skin from within a config file called user.json.

2. It is possible but it is not very straightforward – code needs to be changed in some places. If this is an important feature to you I can export these values to a config file for easier editing.

3. No idea as I have no experience with Admob.


Is it possible to add more levels and sounds?



Hi, no, not really, sorry.

I will pay extra for that. Also it will be great if you (we) can add more board size. Thanks..

Hi. Please mail me and we will discuss it.

Great game ( 5 Stars ) and even better support! Thank you.


Thank you!

da pra instalar dentro do meu site wordpress?

Heyi. I’m not sure but you could try embedding it in the iframe with a WP iframe plugin.

e se n der como é instalado isso? quero comprar mas tenho duvidas.

You can try linking the <iframe> to my demo site and see if it works, and then decide to purchase or not.

(Sorry, having a little trouble understanding you.)

ok onde esta o link do iframe pra eu poder fazer o teste.

help-me envia o iframe

Hello. You may try it like this:

<iframe src=”http://pulzed.com/demo/tonality/purple.html” width=”320” height=”480”></iframe>

And you will most likely need this: http://wordpress.org/plugins/iframe/ Or this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-iframe/

Good luck!

perfeito, gostei muito, antes de comprar como faço pra instalar? na hostgator na nuvem ou em um subdomínio?

Hi, yes you can use a subdomain, a subfolder or any other address.

Is it possible to replace the sounds with my own sounds?


Hello. Yes, this is possible. The game uses a combination of ogg and aac files for sound so you will need to export your custom sounds to both of these formats.

Thank you. That sounds good

Is it possible to change the cards (front and back)?

Would like to add some kind of logo to the cards and some image at the back.


Sorry, but this is not possible. I can make a custom version that would support these features for you if you wish but it will come with a price.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi, How can i get in touch with you ? as i need to customize things on this game ASAP.

Hello – thanks for the purchase and sorry for the delay. :) You can get in touch with me via the contact form on my profile (lower right).

Cool, thanks i will send you email now ;-)

i sent email to you hope you can get back to me