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It may sound odd, but is there away to turn off registration for others? I’d like to use this just for me and not have a register link showing?

Everything still working?

I didn’t see this item was not supported before making a purchase. Everything seems to work fine until I go to delete to do items. I can edit them, but as soon as I try to delete an item I get this response.

An error has occurred. Please refresh your session. This could, for example, be due to having been logged-out on a different page.

Is there a solution to this problem, and could it be in my permissions?

Also, I find that although it is a one page design, the ads do not work unless the page is refreshed, at least on desktop.


Ok, I missed it the first time, but here is the solution. According to the Author find the following file:

Please try the following: 1.Open “app/webroot/js/todomonkey/application.js” 2.Search for type: “DELETE” and replace with type: “POST” 3.Refresh a few times (CTRL + F5) and try again

Now this does not give you where to look, but if everything remains the same, look for line 317, 437, and also 518 and then change the word DELETE with the word POST.

As mentioned, after hitting CTRL + F5 several times and clearing the browser cache, the tasks and the todo lists can now be deleted.

As far as the ads not showing, this is in IE11, but chrome, and mobile browsers seem to show the ads right away.

As long as it keeps functioning, it is a nice little script for keeping to do lists organized at home or abroad via mobile.

Hopefully the Author resumes support down the road.

Hi doljr,

Thanks for purchasing.

Unfortunately, this happens when a server is “misconfigured”. By that I mean security features such as mod_security being configured to blacklist perfectly legitimate HTTP request methods such as PUT/HEAD/OPTIONS/DELETE.

As you have already seen, this can be fixed by changing the DELETE HTTP verb to POST.

Anyhow, glad to hear you’ve already been able to fix it – I’ll consider updating the item with this change since others may use the same mod_security rules; so they won’t run into the same issue.


I have had this installed and it works great, but want to move it to a different account under a folder. What would I need to change in the script to tell it to look under a folder for the app/webroot? Script does not work as is under a folder. Can you please help?

Can this be installed on a Windows 2012 R2 Server running IIS?


There is a concern for time zone to Paris.

His shows me one hour late.

How to fix this?

thank you in advance. Fabien

Hello, I purchased this application thinking it would be easy to install as you stated, and for some reason, it is not that easy to install or because I am a newbie at this I find it really hard to install. I read your directions, but I am not on go daddy hosting, I use host gator. I was wondering if there is any way I can get some help please. I have been at this for the last three days trying to install your app. The error I get is a 404 error code or the server not found. I have contacted host gator and made sure the permissions on all files and folders were correct then I still get the error 404. Maybe I am missing something, but please help!!! Please!! My email is: orefunmii@gmail.com or you can send an email to jamie.nichols1@gmail.com either one would be great. I just really want help with this.

What is required to install TodoMonkey is knowledge of how to create a MySQL database as well as upload files via an FTP server. Seeing that is causing trouble, it looks like something may be amiss, or there is a misconfiguration. Did you follow the instructions inside the “app/config/rewrite-core.php” file?

I have checked the file and now it is working. Thanks so much. I was so worried, that I had lost money on something that would not work for us. This is great! Keep it up. Can we brand the app as our own or does it have to keep your logo and everything ?

I figured it out this is awesome… I hope one day you will support it again. I hope the note app is just as good.

Hello , Pre sales Q , Where I can put the website title and meta description and keywords ?

Gah! I ‘just’ bought this.. installed this.. and getting “An error has occurred. Please refresh your session. This could, for example, be due to having been logged-out on a different page.”

This is IMMEDIATELY after logging into the site as admin for the very first time! I changed the ‘WRITE’ to ‘POST’ in app/webroot/js/todomonkey/application.js as seen in an earlier suggestion, and forced cleared the cache, but it does nothing. Anybody have a thought please?

Hi there and thanks for purchasing. Can you send me a PM with the URL to your installation and the user details to log-in so I can see the error (please change the password to something temporary until I had a look)? Furthermore, it would be good to have an FTP account for the installation directory so I can chase-down what’s happening.

Thank you. Left details via envato messaging on your profile page.

Is this still supported? Last update was in 2014…

Hi, i need a french translation, where can i found it and if there’s no one how can i create it?

Hi, how can i order the tasks by date or by done or not yet?

Hi, I have too many problems with your script. How can i have my money back?

Feel free to submit a refund request stating what those problems are and we can get it sorted out.

i upload the file (installer directory) on a subdirecotry to my domain, but from my browser i view a black page.

Can you send email alerts of tasks completed?

if this gets updated i will buy it


crobin Purchased

Great little script, I wish you did not abandon it. Add some more futures like a regressive countdown for Task. Just to see when the task should be done and what task are already late.


crobin Purchased

Email alerts would be perfect too, and to share todo lists with others on the system.

Hello, Changing language in settings is broken. When i change to german its still in displays in english. Same for custom Language…

Hi there. Please bear in mind that there is another language setting on each user’s profile page – this setting overrides the default that you set in the admin area. You can see it in action here.

Can I create a checklist template that I can share to others. For instance. I create a checklist and I want to send the pre populated checklist to someone and the checklist is added to their account?


Check out the application, fantastic but I would have appreciated it comes with option of buying the mobile – Android, iOS, Windows …

Pre Sale Question: I would also like to know if a preset checklist can be loaded. Is this software still being supported?