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Admob is integrated or not ?

No, admob is not integrated unfortunately. But you can do it by yourself, it is very easy.

Amazing Work



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@mohitpopat No admob, you must integrate it yourself… Not so hard, i have done it and successfully submitted to the app store

all code is swift 3? also supports localization? if not what the easiest way to do it instead of changing all text manually

Yes, the code is swift 3, unfortunately application doesn’t support the localization. And I’m afraid the changing all text manually is the easiest way, but there are not to much text to change. I might add the localization for the future update.

if i buy this source code, can you give me tutorial how to add admob to this source coe?

sory i dont understand about code because i am not ptogramer, i l ready read and watch tutorial but i am very confused, can you help me to add admob code to source code? thanks

I will add adMobs in next update.

Hi, Can I add list of preset items for a checklist using a Plist?

Hi, unfortunately you can’t add items through Plist