Discussion on ToDo List - Android Studio Project

Discussion on ToDo List - Android Studio Project

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Can this app be uploaded on play store and is the any programming skills required?

how much will it cost me to do all those things?

Please contact me at email:

Price: 50-199$

i think there is no ads. Could you add admob sdk for free?


When can we expect the update to be released?

Best regards

I’m not going to do that in the near future because I have better projects now. This app is complete because everything works. If I ever have time, I’ll definitely add some features to it.I don’t know what I should add to this app because it’s just a simple todolist.

You wrote to me just above that you will add new functions, even wrote which ones. That’s why I’m interested.

I’m just wondering if you have any plans to add functionality. For example, add the ability to specify tags to a task. Add the ability to create subtasks to the task. Add the ability to create a reminder to an individual task. And so on. You have a good product and I am satisfied with the purchase, but I would like to know your plans for the application.»
I will add reminder to an individual task and also I will add checklist


Why are you writing that Admob is not in the application? I found an ad tag in the code (

// Sample AdMob app ID: ca-app-pub-39402560999425443347511713 MobileAds.initialize(getActivity(), “ca-app-pub-83370237630452375314632945”);

Hey, thanks for answers! Do not think that I am very boring, you have a good application. 1. Did I understand correctly that if I insert my Google Analytics ID there, it won’t work? 2. Are you going to make corrections soon? Remove unnecessary unused code, add new functionality?

Best regards

It shouldn’t work when you put your google analytics ID in there but you can try if you want :). Meanwhile, it will try to remove the residual code as soon as possible. I update my apps regularly . If I will change something in app and I will contact you

Okay, apart from cleaning up some extra code, I’m really looking forward to these updates: Mikodes: “I will add reminder to an individual task and also I will add checklist” ;-)


Can we expect a product update soon?

And tell me please, is it difficult to disable the splash screen when starting the application? Or how to show it only on the first launch.

You will need to remove and then overwrite the Manifesto. If you want I can do it for you here:

or contact me via email

Thanks, got it!


How much will the extended version with Admob blocks and minor design changes cost? (Loading screen, icons, some colors and more…).

Please contact me at email : . Write all what do you want changes it

Well, if something happens, I’ll write to you. Already purchased an extended license.

Okay, thanks

can it be synced with google services?

No , It is only simple ToDo List

Does this app have admob ads support/

will you provide source code of android studio

Yes , of course. This project is on Android Studio

please sent details of admob version at

Sorry but now I don’t have version with admob

I’m searching for like this app

That can add the calendar widget to android home screen

Or task list widget to home screen

Let me know if your app can do that

sorry but app not include calendar widget and task list widget. It is only simple ToDo List

I just want to know did you use android studio to build this app and tic tac toe game??

Yes of course. I programming apps in Android Studio (Java) : check this :

ok thank you

Hi! Is it possible to create the app with predefined values ​​(list, to-do items) and upload to the app store? 2. It is possible that these elements are fixed: the list cannot be deleted.

Thx for answer

Yes of course , I can create the app. Send me message on email: . Send me:1. your ideas(works app) or design. 2. Deadline

i dont see any option to add time , while add task

but what for to add time? when only the date is enough. Time would be useless. If you want add time so send me message on email:

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thank so much :D

No, But I have version with Admob. If you want there version, send me message on email:


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