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MySql Error. Impossible to import DB.

Please contact me via contact form, and we will figure it out :-)

@ paul00

Long have you been waiting to purchase.

When will the new features?

Hello, I think this is a solid version. I don’t think I will add new features soon.

Any response on my inquiry?

Scratch that, I figured it out.

Hi, nice looking app. I’m having issues connecting to the database. I’m using a shared host. the details are correct. Any ideas?

sorry scrap that. I was being an idiot. it works :)

Great script! Hello, is it possible to have details for each todo task? Sort of like a detail panel that slides in when you click on a task.

Hi, unfortunately not.

nice promise, bad demonstration.


Why? Can you explain me ?

Your Script is not the same as the Demo. My Version when you add Tasks – they do not show up until you reload the page. Your Demo has them show up as soon as you type them. This is not good – why?

Can you show me a online version ? Its easier to track down the problem. And the script is the same, the application works without refresh.

ATTENTION ALL : I revoke my previous comment about this script not working – it was due to the environment of Crazy Domains I was with (bad host by the way). On a standard web host/shared host, script works flawlessly. A+++ Well done Paul00

Works well, but this code is horrible, it improves and updates al, working with css this complicated, many security flaw and well amateur code. Javascript classless, dropped everything, take better care of your code.

I receive these errors after properly configuring everything… I can’t get it to work please help!

Notice: Undefined index: user_appv2 in X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php on line 6

Notice: Undefined index: doLogin in X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php on line 12

and if I attempt to log-in I receive the warnings…

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php:6) in X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php on line 39

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php:6) in X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php on line 39

Warning: session_regenerate_id(): Cannot regenerate session id – headers already sent in X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php on line 40

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php:6) in X:\XAMPP_\htdocs\app\login.php on line 59 Login to the App

Any help would be super appreciated. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hello, sorry for the long delay I was on holiday. I answered to your email.

Hi, I am interested in this app, but have question about features. Would it be possible to make it so when you check task off, it will still appear, only with a check mark next to it, then maybe have X mark next to that to make it disappear when desired?

I think this is a feature many would like, as I like to see my items checked off, then delete them all at the end of day. I would gladly buy two licenses if these features could be added. Also sometimes I will have to uncheck task to redo something too. I would gladly buy with these features.

Also, is user log in optional? I would rather have it so user don’t have to log in at all. Can this be styles with CSS?

Hi, nice app but I need cross items when I check tham of. Now it is removed but right old fashion way is line-through that items. Remove must be optional feature after line-through. Is this possible in future update? Thanks

Can I set this up so its a SAAS type of service where other people/companies will be using the software rather then myself

Hello my i have a demo please,will it work in this ?

Couldn’t make connection.