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Nice particle system on background, and cool skins!

Hey! app failed to launch error: bridging header ’/Users/VladimiVinnik/??????????/Universal Game App/GPSwift2/GPSwift2/BridgingFrameworks.h’ does not exist

Please Help??

You need to add it to your target’s build settings:

In Xcode, if you go into the build settings for your target, and scroll all the way down you’ll find a “Swift Compiler – Code Generation” section.

Set “Objective-C Bridging Header” and add BridgingFrameworks.h to it


please help me how can i set the first exhaust position.y to player.height + x

Thank you.

But you can set new position like CGPointMake((player?.position.x) – (player?.size.height)! / 2)

Or something else

Nice, thank you!

Hello can you help me fix error when i open project in xcode 7? I waiting for your response. My email it.hoangtrung@gmail.com or skype hoangtrung247. Thanks!

Hi could you send me a file where the Bridging Framework.h problem is fixed?

Contact me on mail: eivindvan@gmail.com

See readMe file

What´s new with the update?

I fully rewrite game to swift 3, and add setting scene, add tutorial button.

And I add preload system for textures in game, it’s increase game performance.

The game just crashes then this message comes up: playerContact(firstBody.node as! PlayerNode, secondNode: secondBody.node as! SKSpriteNode) . How can i fix this?


The game looks great! There is any update?


This game now fully rewritten in Swift 3 and have great documentation.