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Nice app – greetz from Kavala :)


have a source code?

source code not included

Is there a way we can adjust the timing to make it go fast or slow or remove certain steps manually? Also, just to confirm, this app includes a auto loop button as well.

for now it has no studio to edit macros, so it just plays it in real-time speed that you save it. And right, if you check replay, it will loop the macro.

I … Love … You! :)

This tiny app has saved me a TON of stress. I do a ridiculous amount of repetitive work and purchase or build automation tools when able but for perfect mouse/keyboard capture this is my new favorite toy!

I agree with other comments … a “studio” to edit would be (if intuitive—not something often found in macro programs) a super blast of whipped cream and a big ole cherry on top. I’d even be happy to purchase a new product based upon this one with more user variable options. But … out of the box … it has made my day/week/month. I buy a TON of stuff from CodeCanyon but a good deal of it turns out to be crap or completely non-functional (unless you’re using the “live preview” which seems to almost always work flawlessly but not so much when you get it home and unwrap it. ;) ) but to simply extract this and have it run as promised … yay!

If you’re into building anything else in the “time saving/repetition limiting” arena feel free to let me know about it, I’ll be there, credits in hand and first in line. :)

PS Seems to work perfectly fine on Windows 8—better than most of my designed for Win8 apps to be frank. Great job!

I’m glad to hear such comment :) This program is my one of the most time saver programs. I will try to improve it in a spare time and add a studio. Thanks again for this very constructive comment.

Is it working ?