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When i use several domains how to setup which will be main to generate the mail when user opens a site?

I’ve checked your video on YouTube but didn’t find this options. Also I’ve checked config file .env and there is also string TM_DOMAINS=”domain1, domain 2” has no sense for order.

So if i installed using and later added the second domain, how can i setup to use it as main when the website opens /maibox/ first as setting.

It seems I can’t choose the main domain for random generator. Will you add this option to update?


You can use the form here – to submit your feature request.

If it’s feasible, we will implement it in future versions of TMail.

Can you an option to not remove mails from a server even if user delete them on the site?

I think you can also add an option to move mails to archive folder if admin presses wipe.

I know, maybe it slows the script but I need to keep mails.

As a suggest you also can add an option to load only mails for last few days and show them to users. After X days for users that mails are deleted, but they are still on server.

It’s not a problem to keep mails on the server coz I use business account. But I need more flexibility to show them to users.


You can use the form here – to submit your feature request.

If it’s feasible, we will implement it in future versions of TMail.

​Hi Harshit ,

It has been a while my site is not working , I updated the site around 5-6 months ago ever since I have been seeing “Oops…Something went wrong”

I tried changing time zone but it did not work . Eventually I decided to delete all files and reinstall but I am still facing the same issue . Now I can not even log in admin panel it shows page expired error .

I would appreciate if you could help in this regards .

I know that my Support time has expired but I am really not able to afford to renew the support service .

I would appreciate if you could have a look in to this . I can provide you FTP access if you want .

This site is hosted on hostinger



This seems like a tedious issue, unfortunately we cannot resolve this without having a active support contract. Our support crew are on Paid contract and are not working for us for free. Since, we have to pay them, you will need to have a active support contract to get help from them.

The above mentioned issue was created after updating the script , I believe it is not possible for buyers to pay customer support every time the update is available . I am trying to reinstall the script on my site and seeing this error after entering the license code , Could you please check what is going on ?

file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 415 Unsupported Media Type


We do have customers that are renewing the support contracts every year to make sure they have someone to ask for help. Also, there are other customers who have someone else who takes care of such technical issues, in that case, they sometimes don’t renew their support contract.

I do understand that not everyone would like to renew the support contract and we completely respect their decision to do so. But on the flip side, they won’t be getting our support.

If you want to discuss this further, you can get in touch with Envato Customer Care to understand how this thing works.

Hello, I am trying to verify the adsense account with my page and its asking to paste the verification code between <head> and </head> tags. do you know on which page I would do that?

Thank you for the great website


Can you please create a Support Ticket on our Portal here –


Hi I need to move my temp mail thingy with you. Last time I think you set it up I was wondering do i need to have two separate domains? or can i do it all on one?

I’m sorry, I don’t follow. Can you please expand on what exactly you want to know?

A little while ago i bought your script I got you to setitup and you did so with two doamins and I am about to move and change the domain do i need to have the two domains? if so can you point me in the instructions to setup for same? thanx

No, you atleast need 1 domain to setup with TMail. Adding multiple domains are optional. If you’re looking for installation help, check out this article –

​Hi, I would like to ask few presale questions.

1. Do you have the demo account for admin? 2. Can I install TMail on VPS servers like linode or DO? And if not, what are the other recommended hosting providers except bigrock? I’ve already had a bad experience with them. Thank you.

1. As of now we don’t have a Demo for Admin.
2. Yes you can. However, I do recommend getting it installed by a professional (unless you’re already one). We don’t recommend BigRock for hosting, we do recommend them just for business email solution.

I already set it up on my hosting, the email it’s appear on the catch email, but it’s not appear on the Tmail


Can you please create a ticket at

​good night I want to buy TMail but I have some possible questions to clarify?

already has api available

wanted to know has something ready for api like these examples

Checking your mailbox Fetching single message

have api for that available in the latest version? I wanted to buy more I would like an api test to be possible​​


You can check out the API Doc here –

In case if you want to test this out, please send a email via the contact form in our profile –

Hi, will you be adding more feature to this tmail, like plagiarism checker and article rewriter tool and a tool to create avator to the script in the future, so that this can be the most powerful script on codecanyon


Those features are not really related to TMail in anyway. We want to keep TMail as clean as possible.

However, your suggestions are welcome and we can build a different script which can do that :)

Hi, I am very interested in your script. But the only problem is the configuration of the email. Before buying I saw your video tutorial and saw that the option you make to configure your cpanel does not have on my hostgator cpanel. So, I haven’t bought it yet. I wonder if I buy. You can do or teach me how to setup email correctly. My cpanel is from hostgator.


First of all, it’s very good that you do necessary research before buying a something. Most of users don’t do that and end up at really bad situation which make us as well us themselves miserable. So, I just want to appreciate that :)

Now, coming to your question, you’re right, hostgator don’t provide catch-all functionality which is a important requirement of TMail.

However, if you want to stick with Hostgator for your hosting, you can opt for other business email service provider to get the email account to use with TMail. So, you can use Hostgator for hosting and other services as IMAP server.

Which email service would you recommend me for using Tmail?


You can check Bigrock and Namecheap, we have tested both, works fine with TMail.

Hi Harshitpeer, Your preview is not working please look into it. Thanks

Thanks, will check this out.

Hi, just a small question. Can we have the API result in JSON for e-mail generation please ?


We’re working on a revamped version which will have a better API support and yes, it will be JSON based.

Yeah ! Thanks

i haven’t changed anything, but my site error: “Something went wrong”. i have download new script and reinstall but it’s error. Developer wants to pay costly support fee per year to get his service.

If you want our services, you have to pay for it. I’m not sure why you’re expecting free services from us.

Is there a feature not to delete emails? That is, anyone can access the email with the same user and the messages are present and have not been deleted


Yes, you can do that. You can simply set 999 months to delete in the Admin Panel.

Wow, those are nice features I have another question, can I only activate more than one domain or one

You can have one domain OR multiples, there is no limit set :)

Update is avaible but the update does not start. Wait on fetching files.


Can you send details via the contact form available on Profile page?


httpdocs Purchased

Thank you for solve my problem.

Most welcome :)


servawy Purchased

Hello I install script but give me error

Oops… Something went wrong

and I ask my host provider and he tell me this message

As I have checked, all of the mentioned PHP extensions are enabled, including the ones required for TMail.

What can I do now ??


It looks like issue with your IMAP account. You will find logs for it in /storage/logs/laravel-(DATE).log

You can check that file and see if you can figure out any issues.

Alternatively, you can renew your support and get in touch with Support Crew here –

gnfb1234 Purchased

Has anyone asked or suggested the ability to either send email from the app or reply to email received from the app? Basically a send and receive ability within the app

Very few. However, we’re considering to put a optional reply feature for incoming email.

May I know what is wrong with ur script, just purchased today ! I’ve tried in 2 different host but appeared the same error !

ErrorException (E_WARNING) file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0


Nothing wrong with script. As the error message explains, you have to set allow_url_fopen to TRUE in hosting/server settings.

If you’re still facing issue, you can get in touch via Support Portal here –


muabui Purchased


All emails I can receive, except emails from facebook. Error messages from the log:

​​production.ERROR: imap_fetchheader(): Bad message number {exception] (Webklex\\IMAP\\Exceptions\\GetMessagesFailedException(code: 0): imap_fetchheader(): Bad message number at public_html/vendor/webklex/laravel-imap/src/IMAP/Query/Query.php:223) [stacktrace]

Thank you for your help. Best regards!


This looks like a support request which is only available with a active support contract. I request you to renew your support and create a ticket at so that our team can look into this.

Thank You for your understanding :)


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