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1. what is the work of api key please me full guide 2. what is the cron job work please full guide me

1. API is for Developers who want to use TMail functionality to create custom apps.

2. Cron functionality is used to delete mails from your mailbox. Check this out on how to setup –

Hello! After installation i got an Error 500. What did i do wrong?

Oh I see, can you please create a ticket at so I can help you out?

how to show post from blog to tmail website i try to but not showing and i read article but not understand so please tell me how to show completely details

Okay, can you please create a ticket at so I can help you out?

What is Cron Password in the administration option and how is it configured?

I have removed from the folder all languages leaving only English and Spanish but even so I do not appear Spanish and continue to appear the other languages from where I normalize this?

Did you change the credentials in that code which you added to .env file?

Regarding removal of language, do you want to remove the language selector from the website? Which means the end user will not be able to change the language?

Of course I changed the data for the corresponding to my smtp and with the selector theme is correct I do not want to show that selector should only be seen in Spanish. here I leave you the .env file if you want to review.


This is getting little confusing for me now. Also, I can’t ask for sensitive information here in public.

Can you come on the portal? I had added a chat which does not require to renew the support.


You can send me a mail to my email ID. I’m sure you must have it.

Hi, do you have an option to disable the home page? We just want a login and register page and we make our own landing page. Thanks!


There is no registration functionality in the application as of now. What you want is basically a closed system with TMail, is that correct?

It would be better if you contact over email so that you can share some more information about your idea and we can see how we can incorporate that with TMail. Here is my email id you can send a mail to –

I want to know if i buy your script i can use old theme ? i prefere old one this why i don’t want anything just the section with arrow i want a full page of service not on left

Yeah, that is something not available with the new version but I had added this to the feature requirement list and will see if that is something which can be incorporated in the future.

​Hi, i did not updated after v4.3. now how to install 5.3 as a new install ? its my site URL

You just install the new version of TMail as a fresh install and use the same IMAP credentials and domain settings as you were using before. A

My server is based on Nginx, So the installation didn’t work. After Switching to Nginx proxy in front of APACHE installation Worked Perfectly. Thanks For Your Quick Reply!

get 500 internal error and all is installed and allow_url_fopen is on


Will need some more details. Can you please create a ticket on Support Portal? –

Also, checkout the article available on the portal regarding this. Usually users find their solution by just reading that article :)


API work not good. Web Application work good. When i send some email to the email i had created by API, the email still there, but API always get response : {length} After that i have go to the web page, create the same email address, then refresh page, and i can see an email i have been sent. After that, back to the API, now API can fetch email good. Dont understand why i had to open web page to receive email.

Thanks, your issue is now resolved, right?

Problems Solved. Thanks you verry much

Super! Happy to help :)

Please see PRIVATE TICKET #2192792

Yeah, I guess we’re already conversing in the ticket.

I am getting the Error 500 error post installation, also have the ticket 2198135 opened for the same with all the required details. Can you respond back asap.


I had responded to your ticket. Also, I would suggest keeping a 48hrs window before following up :)

How can I add a new language file? Which files do I have to change or add to the selection menu?

You can check this article on the portal –

Also, we should suggest you use support portal for any such support questions.

Hello Harshit, Do you do freelancing jobs? thanks hoping to read from you shortly on this.


Yes I do. Please connect at

After I updated to the latest version, I now get a 404 error when I have the “Select a Home Page” option set to “App”. It works fine if I set this to another page, but won’t work if I set it to “App”. Any ideas what could be causing this?


Please apply the most recent update (just released) that contains a patch for this issue.

Back to working smoothly! Awesome work and thanks a bunch!!

No problem, happy to help :)

I installed the new version on subfolder, but when i access it to initiate the install, I get database error as per this screenshot

Please help?


TMail will not work in sub folder, you can either install this in sub domain OR on a proper domain.