Discussion on TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System

Discussion on TMail - Multi Domain Temporary Email System

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Masterseo Purchased

Hello I just uploaded the files but there are no files named installer or .env.example as you show in your installation video

thehp Author


.env.example is a hidden file. You may have to enable show hidden files in your file manager to view it.

What do you see when you visit the website?

For faster help, create a ticket at with your cPanel or FTP login.


klifa89dz Purchased

HELLO I HAVE PROBLEME : IMAP Broken ERREUR Not able to connect to Mail Server any solution

thehp Author


Please create a ticket at with your cPanel or FTP login. We will need to check the backend configuration and logs to figure out what is causing this.

pre-sales question

what is the extended license? can I get full source code that doesnt requires license?


Please see my responses below.

| what is the extended license?

Check out the article by Envato here –

| can I get full source code that doesnt requires license?

No. Any license type will still require a license key.

please tell me how can i use Tmail Lock

Any Video of Tmail Lock security

I want to make Signup page on my website


TMail Lock is a password protection for your site in case you want to lock the site with one single password. You just have to set password in the Admin Panel to enable that.

Sign up functionality is not added in TMail.

When you have a submenu on Tmail, you will see it blink.

We can solve this problem using x-cloak

The documentation for this can be found here:

Thank you for sharing this. We will look into it.

I have a question about the tmail delivery service you are offering, but have no way to contact you since my support for tmail and groot is expired. Please let me know the appropriate way to ask without doing it here in the comments. Thanks.


It will deliver all the emails coming to your domain. It doesn’t filter any as you asked, at the moment.

I signed up and the process is hanging on the enter Delivery Authentication Key page.


Can you please share your email address via the contact form here –

How can I add this code to every page of the header part?

<link rel=”canonical” href=”<?php echo ‘https://' . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]; ?>” />

I think this code can solve the canonical issue.


You can use Global Header for this.

refresh icon is only refreshing. Please tell me solution.


Can you please explain this a bit more in detail?

After the latest update, the site appeared without css formats I deleted all the site files and reinstalled it, but the same problem Shown without formatting


Please send cPanel or FTP login via the contact form here –

ftp information has been sent


I just saw your site and it looks like the issue is already fixed. Did you make any changes?

Can I turn the script into a normal mailbox service?

No, it is not meant for normal mailbox service.

i sent a ticket thru your help desk but figured i’d post here in case anyone else has this question.

i noticed there is a way to change the background colors of stuff, but what about the font colors?

If you go for a light background color then the white coloring for Your Temporary Email Address  and all the other stuff in the top doesn’t really show. Is there a way to change those colors, and would it be difficult in a update to make it where we can change the color of it at one point?


Thank you for bringing this up. The color black or dark gray is a normal go-to color when it comes to websites for light backgrounds and similarly for darker backgrounds, white or lighter shades of gray, which is why we have not added a feature as of now to change font colors. Technically it is possible to change the font colors, however, the scenario you’re bringing up of ability to choose a lighter background for darker shades has additional issues, like the areas where we have white with opacity dim downed, may not look proper for lighter shades.

We are still looking into how exactly we can add such ability, so this is still in ideation phase so that we can implement it properly :)

I have setup tmail delivery and when I try to send an email to a tmail email address nothing happens. Why don’t I receive any emails ?


Can you please send me your TMail URL? I will check this out.




Are you facing this issue sometimes OR always?

Login as Admin and then go back to your website to get more details on the error.

After updating to 7.3.1 I get this error

Preparing Database Changes Encountered ErrorChanging columns for table “messages” requires Doctrine DBAL. Please install the doctrine/dbal package.

  1. yum install php-doctrine-dbal Last metadata expiration check: 4:13:22 ago on Thu 06 Apr 2023 04:00:15 PM HKT. No match for argument: php-doctrine-dbal Error: Unable to find a match: php-doctrine-dbal

I repeated the installation, finally it was working.


Thank you for the confirmation! However, it didn’t required re-installation, a retry would have worked as well :)

Hello, I have a question. Is it possible that in future updates they will add premium services that users pay for having more email e.t.c that there is another way to generate income, thanks.


As of now, there is no plan to add such feature.


MIDCode Purchased

It looks like there’s a new update on Tmail, but I can’t seem to find it when I check for updates. Can you help me figure out what’s going on?

Message : You’re on Latest Version No Update Available


MIDCode Purchased

Hi, when using Tmail Delivery we don’t need IMAP email Account? just need domain and use Tmail Delivery?


MIDCode Purchased

Just update using Tmail Delivery and very fast awesome services

That’s great. Thank you so much for kind words :)

After updating to 7.3.1 I get this error

Preparing Database Changes Encountered ErrorChanging columns for table “messages” requires Doctrine DBAL. Please install the doctrine/dbal package.

Site still seems to work.


Can you try this again few times?

OK worked this time.

That’s great. Thank you for the confirmation.

Hello i know my support has ended, but question, I know you said something in another post about setting up to have other domains forward emails to the one domain. will we lose email recieveing on the other domains if we do that? for example if we have and then would all emails that are suppose to go to still go there or would they get sent to the catchall on And then if it won’t affect the emails on the other server, if i pay to get support back would you be able to help me with getting the settings right on setting it up. I am using this when testing stuff on one of the sites and its working great to the point i bought a domain to put it under by itself, but i want to be able to combine all the emails for the testing stuff to be able to go to the one domain.

sorry if this is confusing.

Is there a way to add the login to another page? I have the script locked but would like to see about adding the login stuff onto another site

Let me know on this to please and thank you


You don’t have to use email from the same domain in catch-all. You can (ideally) configure emails of to go to and similarly of to

I hope this clears things up.

In case if your email provider is not allowing you to setup a different email of catch-all, I suggest you contact them and ask about it OR switch to a different provider, as this is a very common feature to have.

Regarding your login question, can you please explain this in a bit more detail?

when add the code in the content of page ,it doesnt play please try or send link tutorial


Can you please explain what code you’re adding?

Please share some screenshot for reference.

How can I enter my own “External Link Masking Service”?

I found it.

In the file resources/views/backend/settings/general.blade.php, after line 164 add the following:

<option value="https://new service">{{ __('new service') }}</option>

Replace “New Service” with the new URL.

That’s cool. Thank you for sharing it.

We will add an option to make it more easier for anyone to use this.


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