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Hey guys, First of all: very awesome plugin which is easy to set up.

One question, At the point, were i fetch data with ajax from the php script i want to get the selected date range so that i only have to select events in that range and not the whole dataset.

How can i get the current selected week range?

To do it, you need modify in timetable/timetables.php : define min time and max time to get events. Then in line 33, add the condition:
if ((min_time < $timetable->time) && ($timetable->time < max_time)) { array_push($timetables, $timetable); }

yeah thats obvious, but how would i get the min_time and max_time?

The thing is lets say in the calender we have the week mode and it shows the week from 9th January to 16th January. So just want to fetch events from this range :)

It mean you want to use date filter on frontend of calendar? If that, in the end of file timetable.js, add function to trigger the select of date filter, get the value of filter (min time and max time), then call ajax to timetable/timetables.php (similar to line 667 – 700) with post value of min time, max time. Then in timetable/timetables.php, process like we have mentioned above.

Hi, Could I use Tiva calendar to show multi-day events or it display only on event per day?

Hi. The calendar display only event per day.

Hi, is it possible to sort weekly task (left to right) by name a-z?

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible with current version.

It is possible that you design a reservation room table css as https://rentl.io/en or http://enjoyinspiration.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Kudos2.jpg for example?

Hi sessojunior. Unfortunately, we have not enough resource now. So we can’t implement custom work like that.

Hi sessojunior. Unfortunately, we have not enough resource now. So we can’t implement custom work like that.

Hi! I was wondering if the ability to change from 24 hour time to 12 hour AM/PM time has been implemented yet?


Hi marcogodles. To do it, you need implement custom work (modify code) yourself. In timetable.js file, add this function:
function timeTo12HrFormat(time) {
    var time_part_array = time.split(":");
    var ampm = 'AM';

    if (time_part_array[0] >= 12) {
        ampm = 'PM';

    if (time_part_array[0] > 12) {
        time_part_array[0] = time_part_array[0] - 12;

    formatted_time = time_part_array[0] + ':' + time_part_array[1] + ' ' + ampm;

    return formatted_time;
Then use it to convert to 12h format where you want. For example: on line 341:
+ '<div class="timetable-time">' + timetables[t].start_time + ' - ' + timetables[t].end_time + '</div>'
-> Change to:
+ '<div class="timetable-time">' + timeTo12HrFormat(timetables[t].start_time) + ' - ' + timeTo12HrFormat(timetables[t].end_time) + '</div>'

Thanks! this worked well, however i was unable to apply the same to the ‘time’ on the side axis

Hello, I’ve manage to set up the calendar but I have some issues on the weekly view: 1. When the week is empty, is it possible to change the default display hours? (they seem to be from 8:00 until 15:00) 2. When you insert an event (ex: 10:00-11:00), it is only displayed that hour row (the default empty ones disappear). Is it possible to change this behavior and display the default or customized ones?

Great work by the way Thanks!

Hi mad4ideas. You are correct. If have not any event, the time axis will be 08:00 – 15:00. If have events, the time axis will begin at the min start time of events, end at max end time of events. You can change this behavior at line 273 and 274 of file assets/js/timetable.js (var min_time, max_time).

Hi, I got the default times. What about the 2nd issue, any turnaround? thanks

It also on line 273 and 274:
var min_time = getMinTime(tiva_timetables) ? getMinTime(tiva_timetables) : 8;
var max_time = getMaxTime(tiva_timetables) ? getMaxTime(tiva_timetables) : 15;

As we said above, if have not any event, the time axis will be 08:00 – 15:00. If have events, the time axis will begin at the min start time of events, end at max end time of events (by function getMinTime and getMaxTime). If you want to change this behaviour, you need modify it.

LOOKS NICE. Can I see the documentation, please?

Yes, please contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will send you documentation.

Hello. We recently purchased the extended license of Timetable, and are having an inconsistent issue with the month view. Once the page is loaded, when I click back or forward to other months, and then return to the current month, the events for that month will occasionally disappear. Only refreshing the browser will bring them back. The only change made to the code package was altering the JSON file so that the default events would show up for March of 2017. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome that I have seen. Can you please assist with this? Thank you.

Could you give us your website and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.


rubytech Purchased

Hello. Can i add diffrent class name to past events in list-week view? Is it possible?

Thank you.

Hello. Unfortunately, it is impossible. If you want to do it, you need implement custom work (modify code on assets/js/timetable.js – function timetableWeek() ) yourself.


rubytech Purchased

I did it with custom work. Thanks.

hi can we have time from 01:00 to 00:00 ??

and how add event in scrit

just example code :)


Unfortunately, it is impossible to do it.


is possibble add event with time 22:00 – 1:30? I tried add 22:00 – 25:30; its works great! but i need restart 25+ to 1; 2; 3;

Thank you for reply and solution;


Unfortunately, it is impossible. To do it, you need implement custom work. The calendar is create on assets/js/timetable.js. On this file, define 1 function which convert time (for example: from 25:30 to 1:30). Then use this function for event’s time.

Thank you for reply. I did it with timeTo12HrFormat tutorial :)