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passkes Purchased

Hello, is there a way to have a next and previous button for the list view? (next week – previous week? or something?)

With kind regards, Passkes

Hi passkes. Yes, the navigation time will display on list view when you use date mode :
<div class=”tiva-timetable” data-view=”list” data-mode=”date”></div>


passkes Purchased

thank you!! Works like a charm :)


BERNDT Purchased

Installed successfully. Had an issue in that I already had a table called users.

Receiving this error on record save: Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in timetable_model.php on line 14 Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by timetable/edit.php:18 timetable_controller.php on line 60


A method to jump to the first day in weekview for any month? Most of my entries only happen in the summer months. When does list view work? How is it triggered? Any possibility to add custom fields?

Thanks, David

Hi David,

- To fix the error on record save, you can turn off the strict mode on your server (config on php.conf). If you don’t want that, could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will modify code of script to fix it.

- Sorry, we don’t understand your idea of [A method to jump to the first day in weekview for any month]. The calendar has 3 layouts: month, week, list. You only chose 1 layout to display by using param data-view. For example: if want to display list view, use html shortcode:
<div class=”tiva-timetable” data-view=”list”></div>

- To add custom fields, you need modify code : firstly in admin to enter data for event. Then modify in file timetables.php and assets/js/timetable.js.

Best regards,


BERNDT Purchased

Thank you for the quick reply.

On the week view timetable, the date defaults to January 01, 2017 (or current week?). Therefore, in order to view the first week in June, 2017, the customer would have to click on the ”>” button about 25 times to reach June 01. It would be much more professional to provide the ability to set at any start week by either adding an additional parameter or set a variable through PHP.

In timetable.js there is a function called createTimetable()

// Change month or year on calendar function createTimetable(el, btn, weekNum, monthNum, yearNum) { // Variable var firstDate; var firstDay; var lastDate; var numbDays; var firstDateWeek; var todayDate = new Date();

Can this be called by itself through PHP? Any ideas how?



It is operation of script. The week view display current week. The calendar is created by javascript, so it can’t be called through PHP. To set start date of week as you want, you need implement custom work (modify code): change variable tiva_current_week on line 659 and 662 of file timetable.js.

Hi there, can you create recurring events in the admin panel? i.e. every Monday at 2pm, every Friday at 6pm? I wouldn’t want to enter each weeks activities (>20) for every calendar week.

Or – can you use a Google Calendar JSON feed to populate the Tiva timetable? If so, how would the events information (when you click the event) get populated? Would you lose the image if you used JSON feed?

Thank you. Phil

Hi Phil,

- You can create recurring events for calendar week. It is day mode for week (monday, tuesday , ...)

- You can’t use a Google Calendar JSON feed to populate the Tiva timetable.

Best regards, TivaTheme

Hey, this is a presale comment:

I already have an existing project with an existing database based on symfony 3 and Doctrine. Is it possible to integrate the calender with my custom user table?

Any hint is appreciated :)

Hi araeuchle. If that, you can use the javascript version (https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-timetable/17916231). With it, you can get events from your own mysql database.

Thank you very much for the tip. This plugin works like a charm for me and is super easy to integrate. For everyone who is using a custom database in background i can suggest to to buy the JavaScript version. It is super clear written and easy to understand and customize :) Great work and GLWS

Thank you very much.

Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.


passkes Purchased

This is probably a custom code question :), but I was wondering if it would be possible to show a week only if the week contains data. If the current week is empty then show the next week or the first week that contains data.

I`m now getting empty agenda`s :D

Everything else works like a charm! Great scrpt!

Hi passkes. This function is not available on current version. To to it, you need implement custom work. It is quite difficult. We think you can modify timetable.js, on line 274, check variable tiva_timetables. If it is empty, trigger function naviClick().

Hya! I’ve a presale question. Is there kindalike a daynote expiration, notification or set_last_day function?

Hi Valkure. Unfortunately, it is not available on current version.

How do I incorporate the calendar into a webpage? Is there a ‘PHP include code’ that I need to add to the top of the HTML page, that I want to insert the calendar into?



Actually the timeframe problem begins if I list a time that begins at ‘00’.

The time axis start at min value of start_time of events, end at max value of end_time of events. You can change it by modify line 276 and 277 of file assets/js/timetable.js (var min_time and max_time).

OK Great.. I’ll give that a try.



Great Script. Does your calendar support resources. I want to add 33 resources that can be moved into the calendar. Further more the starting date of the calendar should be todays day. So if today is Tuesday the week should start as Tuesday. Possible? If yes we are going to buy the script.

Hi wolfgangs. Unfortunately, it is impossible for current version.

Hello, is it possible to easily translate your script into French and to put the dates in French version (D / M / Y)? Thank you for your reply. If ok, I place order! Thank you.

Is it correct for you ?

    var week_nav;
    if ((firstWeekMonth != lastWeekMonth) && (firstWeekYear != lastWeekYear)) {
        week_nav = + firstWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[firstWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + firstWeekYear 
        ' - '+ lastWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[lastWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + lastWeekYear;
    } else if (firstWeekMonth != lastWeekMonth) {
        week_nav = + firstWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[firstWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ' - '+ lastWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[lastWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + lastWeekYear;
    } else {
        week_nav = + firstWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[firstWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ' - '+ lastWeekDate + ' ' +wordMonth[lastWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + lastWeekYear;

No, it is wrong. Here is corect:

var week_nav;
if ((firstWeekMonth != lastWeekMonth) && (firstWeekYear != lastWeekYear)) {
    week_nav = firstWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[firstWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + firstWeekYear 
    + ' - ' + lastWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[lastWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + lastWeekYear;
} else if (firstWeekMonth != lastWeekMonth) {
    week_nav = firstWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[firstWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ' - ' + lastWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[lastWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + firstWeekYear;
} else {
    week_nav = firstWeekDate + ' - ' + lastWeekDate + ' ' + wordMonth[firstWeekMonth - 1].substring(0, 3) + ', ' + firstWeekYear;

A big thank you to you ! Great professionalism and perfect after-sales service! Thank you !

Double comment…

I have attempted to install the Tiva Events Calendar but I keep getting error messages while navigating around the control panel. Each message, while it refers to different files and line numbers, all look similar to this one:

“Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/sample/public_html/ec/admin/index.php:13) in /home/sample/public_html/ec/admin/login.php on line 42”

This one appears as soon as I enter the login information while trying to access the control panel. If I then backspace, I get into the control panel. However, if I attempt to save anything, such as an event, I get another similar error message as the one above (again, only file names and line numbers differ).

Note that I did change the name of the directory to “ec” but the problem was still showing if I used the default name.

Thank you in advance.

Running PHP Version 5.4.45

Could you give us the FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will fix it.

Hi, this item is PDO ? MYSQLI ? thanks for the info

Hi. It is PDO.

Hi, your Tiva Timetable seems great…anyway, from what i can see, it misses a very important function for me….week number in each row of month view…. Do you think is possible to add it in an easy way? If yes, i’m going to buy it Thank you

Hi. Unfortunately, it is not available on current version, and we have not solution for it now.

Maybe I have a solution (JS code for retrieving week number that can be placed at left side of the forst square of each row (day number is on the right) . My problem would be placing it (I’ve tried on another responsive calendar with bad results)...Let me know if can I help you. Thanks

Our calendar is also created by JS. So maybe you can insert your code to display week number. But we can’t sure about it completely (because we don’t understand about your code). We also have not enough resource to implement custom work now.

Hi. Is it posible to make a repeat Event 4 Example a Event every Week or every Month. Do you have a Demo Login 4 the Admin Console?

Yes, please see the frontend (http://tivatheme.com/tiva-timetable-php-demo), the event you have created is repeat every monday at 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

Yes, but unique hour schedules display at bottom calendar :: and dayly schedules at the top. It is possible to display both on one kaender?

Unfortunately, it is impossible.

Hello, I´ve bought your plugin in October, then you´ve relesed 1.4 update where you repaired “monday” bug but I can´t rewrite my old version with newest version for custom changes. Can you just write me what is new and I need to change?? Thanks Peter


To fix the bug of “monday”, you only need modify line 199 of file assets/js/timetable.js from:
firstDay = firstDate.getDay();
firstDay = (firstDate.getDay() == 0) ? 7 : firstDate.getDay();

Thanks but it has to be something else,..when I change your code, monthly view is correct but I need week and list view, but in these views it just changed first day name to Monday and it´s still showing first day as sunday with sunday´s date

sorry mate, my fault, everything is OK, thanks

Hello – We just purchased Tiva Timetable for PHP, but did not realize it has its own MySQL database format. We were planning to use it with a data feed from Google calendar. I’m a PHP programmer and could easily transform the Google data into whatever format your product requires, but would need to know how to do that: What data format is required, and how do I get Tiva to read my data instead of MySQL database. Is that a simple thing to do, or do I need your Javascript version instead?

Hello. If you are PHP programmer, you can still use PHP version. On file timetables.php, modify code to connect Google calendar then adapt data for variable $timetable (the format of event similar to the variable $db_timetables – you can print_r or var_dump to see its format).

Hi There, I just purchased the PHP version which is exactly what I need thank you. However, I’m wanting to move the whole admin section down to the root level so it’s in the same section as the front end. Which files do I need to alter to get the relative paths to work?

Thanks in advance.


To do it, please move all files and folders on admin folder to root, then modify line 5 of admin/index.php to : $relative_url = ’’; But there are 2 files on admin have name same with files on root (header.php and index.php). We have not solution for it.

Hi, purchased your script and i want to translate the calendar into french please. how can i do that!,

Hi. To do it, please translate text on file: assets/js/timetable.js (line 3 – 10).

Thnk it translated it successfully But now i would like to display in the timetable as thumbnailnthe picture i uploaded. How could i do this?

Unfortunately, it is impossible. The timetable work like our demo.

Please how can i display the picture i uploaded also as thumbnail in the timetable

Unfortunately, it is impossible. The timetable work like our demo.