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Hi, how can i include the Timetable into my Site??

Here is my Example:

Timetable is insatlled at: www.mydoamain.de/timetable

I would like to add it into my template: www.mydomain.de/kurse.php

Could you assist me ?

To do it, you need implement custom work. Firstly, edit admin/timetable/views/edit.php to select more color on admin. Then edit assets/css/timetable.js to add new color code on css.

Ok have integrated the fifth color. Last but not least question….... I have Translated tiva into german but i didnt find one point for the backend. Please look at this Screenshot ( http://prntscr.com/ewsuh8 ). The days are in English. Where can i find this entries to Translate it in German?

To do it, you need modify admin/timetable/views/list.php :
- Declare variable

$trans_day = array('monday' => 'Montag', 'tuesday' => 'Dienstag', ......);

- Modify line 81 to :

<td class="text-center"><?php echo $trans_day[$timetable['day']]; ?></td>


i need just html /css / js version

because i have already my website and i need to show session trainer and coaching in the calendar

i need to have the samething https://fr.verbling.com/professeurs/stephan

in my website http://amine.ma/train2/tutor-profile/amine-aziz

i have my owne database

im waiting for your answer best regards

If that, you can use the javascript version: https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-timetable/17916231. You can intergrate it into your exist website with your own MySQL database. But its layout is quite different from https://fr.verbling.com/professeurs/stephan.

how do i set monday as first day in the weekly view?

To do it, you only need param start_date=”monday” for shortcode. You can know how to use params on the documentation (attached on purchased package).

Does this have the option is laying out resources vertically instead of times against the week view?

Hi. Unfortunately, this option is not available.

Looks cool. Is there any way to show opening and closing hours in the weekly view?

Hi. Unfortunately. there is no way to do it.


How to I change first day of week to Monday? (instead of Sunday)

To do it, you only need use param data-start=”monday”:
<div class="tiva-timetable" data-view="week" data-start="monday" />

KevJung Purchased

Good day. I purchased this item and I am now thinking about incorporating it into my website. I have a lot of questions, mainly revolving around how to incorporate this into an MVC framework (codeigniter) and I would appreciate it if you can reach out to me at kevyn@gwumkt.com Thank you!

Hello. If you have any question, you can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com.

Hello. I have a slight issue with the calendar. The events are only displayed on a monthly view, I am not able to see weekly or lst view, any suggestions?

Could you give us your website URL to check?

Is there an option to change between the monthly, weekly and daily views using a button like on google calendar?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no option to do it

Hello, I would like to know how do you delete Saturtday and Sunday fields from the monthly calendar leaving it with Monday to Friday view.

Hello. To do it, you need implement custom work yourself: modify function timetableMonth() on file assets/js/timetable.js.


My purchase code is 7b429598-9c43-472b-84fd-db3c95657ee1

Two quick questions. How do I change ALL of the times to 12h am/pm format? I saw the way you posted in the comments on how to add the timeTo12HrFormat .js function. I did that and it only changed the times in the timetable blocks, but it didn’t change the time on the left column nor did it change the times for the popup.

Second question, is there a way to wordwrap the text in the time blocks? I notice that when the timetable blocks get shorted, either via smaller screens or if there are two time tables side by side that share the same times, the wording gets cut off. So you may only see part of the title and part of the times.

Thanks for your assistance. Other than that it seems to be a great program.



- To change the time format on other places, you need apply function timeTo12HrFormat on corresponding place. For example: change time on popup, please apply timeTo12HrFormat for start_time and end_time on string of popup (line 344, 489, 594)....

- It is css property white-space: nowrap; on line 135 of file timetable.css. You can remove it if not want.

Best regards, TivaTheme


lorox Purchased

Hello, How can i traduce timetable to french ? Ive tried to remplace Monday to Lundi but everything doing wrong.

Could u help me ?


To translate the timetable, you only need translate text in file assets/js/timetable.js (line 3 – 10). Please make sure only translate text, keep the format of structure.

Hello, How can I add a Event of more than 1 days I mean the same event on 4 days there should be a start event date and end event date for the same event and second the event are showing wrong while I have updated event in Sept but it is showing in October there are several bugs in this scripts please correct all as soon as possible and provide the updated version.

Please let me know the solution of this bugs, I added two events in dates of 04 & 14 Oct 2017 in admin but it is showing in 03 & 07 oct 2017 in the week view of calendar. Check both screenshots carefully.

https://1drv.ms/i/s!AgrAUgWmhP1dgg3Dn0LdC99HDRnh https://1drv.ms/i/s!AgrAUgWmhP1dggyY4ilt8iIZak_L


This if feature of product, not bug:

1. You can’t add event which has duration than 1 day. The event must be on 1 day.

2. Your calendar is running on day mode, so it feed events via day (sunday, monday, ...). You can study how to use the calendar on the documentation which is attached on purchase package.

Hello is there a way I can take a look at the admin panel before making the pruchase.

Hello. You can test here:
user: admin
pass: admin

Hello I am having problems with the software. I have successfully installed it and the calendar works. I am unable to view the images that I have tied which event. I think the event calendar is not looking in the proper folder. How can I fix this.

Could you give us the admin of your website to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Hi there, is there a way to filter on colour? For example, if I only want to see the colour 1, or colour 2?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no way to do it.

Hi! Congratulations for this awesome calendar script! I would like to make a sql consult into the timetable-item div, so I have introduced the script calendar in a PHP page and it works perfectly. But how could I take the today date variable YY-mm-dd and turn it into a PHP variable in order to put it into the sql consult? I have this one var dateToday = yearNum + (monthNum < 10 ? ‘0’ : ’’) + monthNum + (daycounter < 10 ? ‘0’ : ’’) + daycounter;, but once taken in a $date PHP variable I can show it, but it doesn’t work into a SQL consult. Thank you very much in advance!

Sorry, we don’t understand your idea. If possible, please give us your FTP (or your source code) to email tivatheme@gmail.com. And let us know where the code you are implementing with (number of line on file).

Hi there,

i have been using the calendar for a couple of months now and it is great.

Unfortunately i encountered a bug/problem now. For whatever reason it seems to skip the 25th of March if you use data-start=”monday”. It still shows every weekday from Monday to Sunday, but it shows Saturday as the 24th of March and Sunday as the 26nd (which is obviously not correct). All other following days are shifted one day accordingly, which is pretty bad.

You can even see this in the official demo, if you set data-start=”monday”, so it’s not related to my implementation/changes and should be easy for you to check/fix.

If you don’t set data-start=”monday” it’s working fine, but this is not an option for me on the long shot.

Can you please check that and provide a fix?

Thanks, Daniel

Additional Info:

The bug seems to be related to the Daylight Saving Time, which was yesterday in Germany (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time) and its only happening for me between 11pm and 1am on the 25th/26th of march.

Its reproduceable by setting the system clock to this timeframe and checking the “automatically adjust the daylight saving time” checkbox.

Could you set that environment on your server then give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Just sent you an email.