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hulk123 Purchased

Hi, how can i include the Timetable into my Site??

Here is my Example:

Timetable is insatlled at: www.mydoamain.de/timetable

I would like to add it into my template: www.mydomain.de/kurse.php

Could you assist me ?

To do it, you need implement custom work. Firstly, edit admin/timetable/views/edit.php to select more color on admin. Then edit assets/css/timetable.js to add new color code on css.


hulk123 Purchased

Ok have integrated the fifth color. Last but not least question….... I have Translated tiva into german but i didnt find one point for the backend. Please look at this Screenshot ( http://prntscr.com/ewsuh8 ). The days are in English. Where can i find this entries to Translate it in German?

To do it, you need modify admin/timetable/views/list.php :
- Declare variable

$trans_day = array('monday' => 'Montag', 'tuesday' => 'Dienstag', ......);

- Modify line 81 to :

<td class="text-center"><?php echo $trans_day[$timetable['day']]; ?></td>


i need just html /css / js version

because i have already my website and i need to show session trainer and coaching in the calendar

i need to have the samething https://fr.verbling.com/professeurs/stephan

in my website http://amine.ma/train2/tutor-profile/amine-aziz

i have my owne database

im waiting for your answer best regards

If that, you can use the javascript version: https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-timetable/17916231. You can intergrate it into your exist website with your own MySQL database. But its layout is quite different from https://fr.verbling.com/professeurs/stephan.

how do i set monday as first day in the weekly view?

To do it, you only need param start_date=”monday” for shortcode. You can know how to use params on the documentation (attached on purchased package).

Does this have the option is laying out resources vertically instead of times against the week view?

Hi. Unfortunately, this option is not available.

Looks cool. Is there any way to show opening and closing hours in the weekly view?

Hi. Unfortunately. there is no way to do it.


How to I change first day of week to Monday? (instead of Sunday)

To do it, you only need use param data-start=”monday”:
<div class="tiva-timetable" data-view="week" data-start="monday" />

Good day. I purchased this item and I am now thinking about incorporating it into my website. I have a lot of questions, mainly revolving around how to incorporate this into an MVC framework (codeigniter) and I would appreciate it if you can reach out to me at kevyn@gwumkt.com Thank you!

Hello. If you have any question, you can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com.

Hello. I have a slight issue with the calendar. The events are only displayed on a monthly view, I am not able to see weekly or lst view, any suggestions?

Could you give us your website URL to check?