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Hi, can you have multiple calandars with different events using this plugin?

Hi. No, it can’t. Calendars use same event source.

hi im looking for the calendar to put in my website. i cant view the demo, please advise how i can view the demo. thanks

You can view the demo by click button Live Preview. Or can see here: http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar/

I purchased the Tiva calendar a few days ago (it’s a great piece of work). I know you don’t support set up but I have not been able to get the calendar to display. I get the calendar and list buttons but nothing elase. I’m using an Apache server on my laptop for work before I upload. I have set up the HTML as shown and inserted all the files into my folders. However, I noticed when I looked at the source code on your website sample, you have a filed called tiva.js which I don’t have. Could this be the reason I see only the calendar and list buttons? Thanks.

mike richardson

Hi mrichardson5499. No, the file tiva.js is not a reason, it is only encrypt file on our server. Could you give us your FTP (if you have put website online) or your source code (zip all your source code) to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Very Nice calendar http://formadiag.net >menu “Calendrier” Could you add a menu with choice of calendar? exemple: “calendar events 1”, “calendar events 2” etc….. ( for me, in place of next year or previous year)

My buyer number on demand

Hi coolrun. Unfortunately, we have not enough resource now. So we don’t implement custom work. You can do it yourself by modifing code (calendar.js).

I noticed January 1 2017 is missing from the calendar. are you able to fix this? I have events to add to my calendar for Jan 1

Hi wndyn. We have tested and seen that it work normaly with January 1 2017 (on our site). Could you give us your FTP to tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Hello I have purchased this script awhile ago and I’m wondering if I could get the admin panel version? Thanks!

Hi zippy4blue. Sorry, we can’t help you in this case (because PHP and Javascript are different versions). If you want admin panel, you need purchase PHP version: https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-events-calendar-for-php/19199337

Hi, how can i change date format to french date and time ?

Replace : Jeudi, Avril 6, 2017 by Jeudi 6 Avril , 2017


9:30 am (Avril 6, 2017) – 1:00 pm (Avril 09, 2017) by 9: 30 (6 Avril , 2017) – 13h00 (9 Avril , 2017)


I found it:

I replace : g:i a, by G:i,

and the date format in the calendar.js

Hi tarrazon1. You are correct !

Can I see part of code where I can insert my own code to load data from database?. For example, I use: <? foreach ($noticias as $item): ?>

  • <figure class=”img-polaroid1”><?=$item->titular?></figure>
    <?=date(“d.m.Y”, strtotime($item->fecha))?>
  • <? endforeach; ?>

    You can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will send you example.

    Google calendar support?

    Hi SocialSuite. Unfortunately, it not support Google calendar.

    Dear Tiva,

    I am sorry for wrong purchasing your software. I wanted to purchased WP version of Event addon, however I have purchased JavaScript one Here is my purchase code (46a69b36-71a9-43ce-b3ac-4dad2875ef3e). Is it possible to change the product, from javascript to WP version.

    BTW, I will purchased another one.

    Best, David Choi.

    Hi David. In this case, please purchase the WP version of Tiva Events Calendar, then comment on it to let us know you have purchased it. Then create refund request for Javascript version, we will refund for you.

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    Thank you

    Very nice work !!!

    Thank you.

    Nice Work. GLWS :)

    Thank you :)

    Is there a way to switch the order of events once they are put in? I notice if you have multiple events on the same day, it doesn’t list them by time, only the way they are listed when you input them…

    Hi apfotos. Unfortunately, there is no way. To do it, you need implement custom work (modify code) yourself. You can investigate function getEvents() on file calendar.js.

    I bought the Tiva Events Calendar from envatomarket but I was wrong to select the CMS options, and I need Tivo Events Calendar for joomla and not PHP. Please help

    Hi dmarcel11. We will check it.