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Hi, I am a .net develooper would i be able to customize this according to my own needs using javascript?

Yes, it is now. Please clear cache of your browser.

Thanks, one last thing can you put 5 events on 19th june aswell, i want to see how it adjusts space in this case. thankyou for you quick response.


hi, are there just 4 colors defined for the bars? how can i add more colors?

Hi. Yes, there are 4 colors now. To add more color, firstly add it for events on json file. Then define this color on assets/css/calendar_full.css.

Hello, Quick question, is it possible to share an event of facebook ?

Hello. Unfortunately, this function is not available on current version.

Hello, Quick question, is it possible to share an event of facebook ? Kind regards, Lay from Thailand

Hello. Unfortunately, this function is not available on current version.

Could you give me an idiots guide on how to integrate your Events Calendar into my webpage. I just purchased the wordpress version and could use a walk through. Sorry to be such a newbie thanks. man4christ83@yahoo.com

Sorry, we don’t understand your question. If your website is created by Wordpress, you need purchase Wordpress version plugin (https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-events-calendar-for-wordpress/16326747). This is Javascript version which is used to intergrate into pure PHP website.

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Hi. The events are on September 2016. You need navigate calendar to this time to see them.

Thanks for your help

Is it possible to show the list of the month selected and give pagination with max 5 post in a page?

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible with current version.

i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website – http://www.beatsnoop.com/explore

Yes, you can. Only need include some css and js files as our guide on: http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar/

Hi, sorry for my little english. Your plug in for WP is translate to Italian Language?

Hi. This is Javascript version, not WP version. Here is WP version: https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-events-calendar-for-wordpress/16326747. You can translate to Italian language by translating text on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/languages/en.js.

Hello, one of our clients wants this calendar on his html page. Is it possible to integrate the same?

Hello. As Envato license, each purchased item can only use for 1 website. So if you want to use for other website, you need purchase more license.

Hi, we just need to know about the integration. We will definitely use one website per license.

To integrate the calendar into your HTML page, only need include some js and css files, then call HTML shortcode as our guide here: http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar/

Hi! Great plugin, one important question: is there a way to hide past events on list view? Thanks in advance for your reply!


- To hide past events on list view, you only need modify 1 line code (we will instruct you to do it).

- To translate the text on calendar, you only need modify text on 1 js file (we will also instruct you).

Note: This is Javascript version. If you want to buy the Wordpress version, please use it: https://codecanyon.net/item/tiva-events-calendar-for-wordpress/16326747

Hi and thanks for your answer! I’m currently using the wordpress version. Is it possible to do this two things also on WordPress version of the plugin?

Yes, it is. After you purchase product, you can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will instruct you to do that two things.

Hello, I have a question. I need to do that when clicking on the event, this takes to the event page that has its own structure.

Best regards.

Hi. Unfortunately, this feature is not available. You need implement custom work yourself to do it.

Hey, this calendar is excellent, great work!

I’ve got 2 quick queries, I’m happy to get into the code and figure these out by JS isn’t my strong point so any chance of some pointers please?

1) On the small calendar, can we populate the event descriptions in a div underneath the calendar rather than replacing it? I feel this would make it more usable on a mobile device.

2) Can we create a link to jump to a month, say September 2018 – or alternatively display the calendar on a different month other than this month?

Thanks Russ

Hi. To do that, you need implemet custom work:

1) Modify line 192 of file assets/js/calendar.js. It is content of compact calendar.

2) Modify line 90 and 91 of file assets/js/calendar.js. Replace todaysMonth and todaysYear by the month and year you want.

Hello, if i change to data-start=”monday” in every case the monday falls on a sunday – it won’t be displayed! like October 2017 or July 2018

thanks for your help!

regards, robert

please look here: http://zumroemer.de/index.html the 1st of October 2017 is missing!?

sorry – was always referencing 2018 -> e.g 1st of October 2017 missing – always when the first is a sunday

Ok. We have understood your problem. You can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will send you the update file to fix it.

Hi Team, i am using your plugin with BeThemes on wordpress, on my website’s home page I placed 2 calendars and I need to update events in both Separately. how can I do it, kindly help me out

Hi. Unfortunately, you can’t do it. The calendars use same events source.

Hi there,

i was trying to set up your event calendar script within my shopware template, all files are loaded but for some reason nothing shows up within the calendar div.

it would be nice if you could take a look why this isnt working.

This is the website: http://funke.hostingkunde.de/klartext/veranstaltungen/

Hi. It may because of the path of json file. Please check file events/events.json on your website (which is called on file calendar.js).


mccurdyj Purchased

We can not get the events\events.json file to populate the calendar or the list. I see the loading gif when I go to my website/calendar but not the events images or content from the Json. Any assistance would be appreciated.


mccurdyj Purchased

please email me johnsmccurdy2@gmail.com

Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Hi, This plugin does not show data in chrome. but Mozilla is showing. what is the problem?

We have not seen the error on our demo. Could you give us the image of your test and tell us what device you have used to test?

It because on the too small view, there is not enough space for text. so the width of calendar is extended over the view. To fix it, we can switch to compact layout on too small view automaticly. You can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will send you this code.