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Hello, I purchased the plugin Tiva Events Calendar For Wordpress and after creating events, I tried to use the shortcode: [tiva-events-calendar layout=”full”] on a page, then on a post, it did not work. I adder more events and tried the widget area on pages and did not work.

What am I doing wrong?

I installed the plugin following the website inside the zip file after purchase.

I’m not able to see the calendar or the list of events.

Could you give us your website URL and FTP to email ? We will check and fix it.

Yes, I should have research a lot me and I would have never bought this plugin. I have blacklist anything to do with Tiva….

You have deny a refund because you said I should have “investigate about feature of product carefully before purchase it”. I think you have to honor the customer no matter what….that is the golden rule. Never forget that without customer you are nothing. Have a good day….

You need investigate about feature of product carefully before purchase it. If every customer like you (after purchase product, say it is not as he hope and want to refund), what should we do?


1. After updating to version 1.5, in the plugin directory still contains V 1.4 2. I can not manage events in the dashboard

We have checked. The product you have purchased is Facebook Events Calendar For WordPress ( The Facebook Calendar can’t manage events in the dashboard (only display events from your Facebook page).

And the other question? ” After updating to version 1.5, in the plugin directory still contains V 1.4 2. “

It is only miss notification of plugin. If you install, you already use version 1.5.

Hello, First of all thanks for your plugin it work fine. i have just i guess a setting problem, on the widget, when i want to display the event ( List or Compact Calendar) i cant display the Back button, which is make the widget not really usable.

Any ideas ? Thanks a lot Lay

Could you give us your website url? We will check it.

Hello Tiva admin. How do I change the default view from calender to list view?

Hello. If you use the shortcode, please use param initial_view=”list” like that:
[tiva-events-calendar layout="full" initial_view="list"]
You can read more detail about using params on the documentation attached on purchased package.

Unfortunately this doesn’t do what I need it to do. I can’t set repeat appointments and many other requirements. Please could I have a refund.

Could you check again what product you have bought? We see that you have not bought this product (Tiva Events Calendar For Wordpress).

Hey there I mistakenly purchased the php version and not the wordpress was wondering if you could send me the wordpress version so I don’t have to purchase the pluggin again. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Or could I get a refund so I can purchase the wordpress version


please contact

OK. Please create refund request ticket for PHP version.

How do I do that??

You can contact with Envato support to ask the way to create refund request for product.

Does the plugin (Tiva Events Calendar) have a language localization?

Hi. You can change the language of calendar by editing text on plugin’s file (we will guide you to do it).

I just bought this plugin to quick. I realized the 3 most important thing is wrong with this plugin: Upload images from option for WordPress media file, and a duplicate option for events and more color choices. I need to have my refund please. The events highlight should also show dates. I didn’t notice until I purchased it:(

Unfortunately, we can’t refund for you with this reason. This is feature of plugin. We can’t refund for customer with reason that the product’s feature not suit with his demand. Looking forward to your sympathy.

Hello, I bought your plugin and it’s just amazing. Just what i needed. Only one question. Would be possible to change the date format to this
"name of the day", "day". "month" "year"
Thanks a lot for your work.

To do it, you need implement custom work (modify code). You can contact us to email We will instruct you.

Heloo Team. I buy Tiva Events Calendar. Its good, simple and I´m satisfied. I would like to change (I do not know how) the time format to European. Now is 7pm, 8 am and I need 24 hours clock / 08:00 / 10:00 / 23:00 … etc

Thanks for help. Stay well, Lubos Bena

Hi. To do it, you need implement custom work: on line 19 and 20 of file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/events.php, change ‘g:i a’ to ‘H:i’.

Thank you for your quick support. It works perfectly.

I’ve a problem, I purchased your plugin but as you can see on it does not work. I have entered events but does not work what can i do?

Hi. To display the calendar on website, you need use the widget or shortcode. You can read the documentation (attached on your purchase package) to know how to use it.


I am publishing events fine to my wordpress website. It works great.

However, I would also like to publish these Tiva Calendar events to Facebook. I often use a plugin called SNAP (social network autoposter) but it does not seem to see your events as a post.

Can your calendar events be published to Facebook? I know you have a Facebook product that imports the Facebook events but that is not what I am looking for.


Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible. The calendar is created by js, so you can only share the page contain the calendar.

Hi, I’m using a calendar plugin that does not like me in my web page I would like to use one like this website: is possible to adapt your calendar plugin to see like that? what i want is - left side: list view - right side: year view with busy days waiting for your reply

Hi. Thank for your attention. Unfortunately, our calendar has not year view as you want.

Is there a feature to add the events to the user’s phone calendar (apple calendar or google calendar)?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no way to do it.

Is there a way to setup all day event for holidays? so it don’t show the time?

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no way to do it.

This is such a beautiful solution. Does it support Multisite WordPress?

Hi. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support.

Hi! as an Admin in WP I can use the plugin to add/manage events. Is it possible to make this available for other users that are not admin? (Editor role, for example)

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible.

Hello, is there any way to create a recurring event? I have an event ever Saturday and would hate to have to create 52 of the same event every year. Thank you!

Hi. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on current version.

Hi, Is it possible to use the calendar only in back-end? The main wp-users only should create appointments in calendar back-end where they add new appointments of their patients. Is this possible? In a quick ajax-like style? Doctor’s assistant records appointments for 2 different locations. Is it possible to have such views of 2 calendars for different locations? Also, I would like to have different doctors coloured with different colours of their own appointments. They use wordpress 4.7 I think and for now it can not be updated yet…

I need only in the backend

Hi. Thank for your attention. Unfortunately, is it impossible to do that.