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Hi, I need to change the language from English to Spanish. I used a Plugin to translate, but it did not work for days of the week or months.

Hi. To do it, you need translate text on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/languages/en.js (only translate text, not rename file).

Hi, I found the languages-Folder and the en.js. How can I add a second language so it will work on a multilingual site?

Hi zorkmedia. Unfortunately, the plugin only support single language. If you want to use multi language, you need implemet custom work (modify code): on line 76 of file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/tiva-events-calendar.php, detect language then include corresponding file. For example:
if (english) {
    wp_register_script('tiva-events-js-language', plugins_url('assets/languages/en.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '1.0', true);
} else if (french) {
    wp_register_script('tiva-events-js-language', plugins_url('assets/languages/fr.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '1.0', true);

Hi, thanks for your solution; it’s working. I like your plugin because it is easy to use for customers and has just the options that are needed. In Germany it’s quite often the case that companies have their website in german and in english. So I would very much appreciate if you can think about making the plugin really multilingual, so that one can translate the event descriptions too. I can provide german translations and will be glad to be a beta tester. And if that was not enough: It would be great to have the TinyMCE for the descriptions. HTML is working but customers don’t know how to to it. Best regards, Linus

Hi, thank for your advice. We will update them for the future version.

Please direct me to where the short codes are found to display the calendar

The shortcode is on the documentation which is attached on the package you have purchased. If you don’t see it, please contact us to email We will send you documentation.

Hi, can I please cancel my order? This plugin works very well but it doesn’t have a major feature which I need and that is an option to repeat events and also I need more than just the 4 colours. thanks

I actually really like this plugin. Do you have a hack I can use to add more colours and allow me to repeat events?


- Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your order. You need investigate about feature of product before purchase it.
- The repeat events are not available on current version, and we have not solution now.
- To add more color, need modify some code. Firstly, add more option color when enter data for event on admin: line 153 of file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/tiva-events-create.php and line 177 of wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/tiva-events-update.php. Then on line 118 of file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/css/calendar_full.css, style for new add colors.

A repeat feature is a basic requirement for any calendar. I’m very surprised that this would not have one. And for you to not offer a customer a refund is a terrible response.

Hi, where can I find the “Management events in admin site” I do not see this in my installation? Thanks

After you install the plugin, you will see menu Tiva Events on admin to manage events of calendar ( )

O.k. sorry, I was confused with the Facebook Events Calendar plugin

Hello, can you please send me the preview of the calendar if there are multiple events in one day? Thank you.

Hello. You can see it on our demo: (Mar 16)

Hello, very nice widget! Only one problem. Clicking the back arrow, calendar widget disappears Thanks

Could you give us your website url and FTP to email ? We will check it.

there is the possibility for the user to inform that want to attend the event, and for the administrator to see how many will attend? Without having to buy tickets or other complex things?

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible.

I purchased this yesterday and it looks great except the tooltip for events gets cut off at the edge of the mini calendar. Mostly for days on Sun and Sat. How can the tooltip display completely?

It looks like it only shows it within the widget and the tooltip disappears where it overlaps the website…

It because the contain of calendar on your website has css property: overflow: hidden. Please find and remove it to fix the problem. If you can’t implement, we can help you if you give us the FTP to email

Hello, The events do not disappear after they have ended, Is this something that can be done?

Unfortunately, it is impossible. This feature is not available on current version.

Will you be updating the plug in? seems like this would be a standard feature… Once the event is over it should disappear without having to delete :(

Thanks for the response!

We will help you to add this function for your website. Please contact us to email We will send you the modified file.

Purchase code: 185d8df5-8ab3-4925-a768-11762f719e66 – 24 Mar 2017

Hi the Tiva Calendar for Wordpress is installed here: By hovering over the event the popup tooltip is cut off on either side and does not show up correctly. It seems to be stack issue. How can it be fixed.

Hi. It because the container of calendar on your website has css property : overflow:hidden. You can ask your website manager to check it and remove if possible.

Hi, hoping you can help me out here.

Will your plugin allow me to do the following:

- Set only certain time slots available to book classes (e.g one class at 1pm-2pm. and another at 6pm-7pm) - Set a number of spaces available in each class. - Set payment for booking the class, but skip the payment and book for free if you are a member (my idea is to do this by setting a user role to the user, if this user is logged in and the site sees it is of the correct user role, then payment is skipped and they can book for free). The number of slots needs to go down for both members and non members, E.g number of slots is 20, if a member books it goes down to 19 slots left, non member books it goes down again to 18 etc.

Hope your plugin can facilitate my needs!

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do it.


Can you advise CSS to remove light grey shadow around list entries


Many thanks


To do it, please remove box-shadow: 0 0 5px 2px rgba(145,145,145,.35); on line 5 of file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/css/calendar_full.css

Hi, Where can I find the options to customize the calender? I can’t find the settings option?

Hi. You can find them on the documentation (attached on your purchased package).


your js causes an error:

var tiva_events_plugin_url = jQuery('.tiva-event-calendar-url').html();

If jQuery(’.tiva-event-calendar-url’).html() is undefined it tries to call ’/undefined/events.php ’ everywhere.

This is annoying for SEO and optimizing the website. A fix would be nice.

Hi. When have you bought the product? The support for product expired now ( ). If you have bought product over 6 months, you need buy for more support.

Hi There, Is it possible to show the events on various pages using a shortcode or is the display restricted to one set page?

Hi. You can display the calendar on various pages (but they use same data).

hello i have problem.. i dont understant… how i want embeb this calander in page… what is shotcode???

Hello. You can read the documentation (attached on purchased package) to know how to use the shortcode. For example: open you page and use shortcode: [tiva-events-calendar layout=”full”].

How do I hide past events from showing up in the list view?

To do it, you need implement custom work: search var tiva_list_events = upcoming_events.concat(past_events); on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/js/calendar.js then change it to: var tiva_list_events = upcoming_events;

For Tiva Calendar, how do i hide past events from showing up in the list view?

To do it, you need implement custom work: search var tiva_list_events = upcoming_events.concat(past_events); on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/js/calendar.js then change it to: var tiva_list_events = upcoming_events;

Is there any way to disable an event? If I don’t want it to show in the list feed it has to be deleted?

No, you need delete it.