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Hi, does this works with WP Job Manager and/or custom post types? I want to make events for products, there is a product page with a specific event attached! Thank you

Hi Jormarques. The calendar only display the events which is managed by plugin itseft.

How does this work? only one item appears to add an event. How do you set? I see nothing to configure

one question more please: how i put two or more commands in one line, for example: calendar =full” and initial-view = list” and more…

Sorry, we don’t understand your question. You can use shortcode with many params in it. For example : [tiva-events-calendar layout=”full” initial_view=”list” switch_button=”hide”]


Hi – Is there an End Time option ?

Hi mommydoodles. There isn’t now. We will update it on next update version (after 1-2 days).

thank you

Is it support Hebrew language? Kindly let me know.

Hi AtiqueIT. You can change language in file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/languages/en.js. Or we can help you to do it.

Hi. I’ve added one test event and pasted shortocode on page, but the events calendar is loading…and doesnt change.

Email Sent. Thank you

Ok. We will check it.

Working fine now. Thank you.


just bought your calendar.

I would need a time format from 00.00 – 24.00 ( European time format ). Maybe there is a chance to set this time format?

Also I would need a European date format ( e.g. 04. Juni 2016 ).

And I tried to use the plugin “Maxbuttons” to create some buttons and use it inside the event description. It seems your plugin rejct the use of other plugins?

Thanks for your support.


Hi sonjat,

Our plugin not support the use of other plugins.

Could you give us the info of your website (Admin, FTP) via email We will check the problem of css and help you change the time format.’s done and it works fine now. Thank you very much for your support.

Please add an important feature to the next update. I think it’s very important that I can set a certain number of events in the widget. The current version doesn’t support this feature and shows the completely list of all events in the sidebar. So the calendar can not be used in the sidebar.

Thanks again, I’m looking forward to get your update asap.. :-)

..double posting, it’s a mistake, sorry.

Hi, I have the plugin installed on my site as a widget on the home page in “compact, calendar, hide switch calendar /list” mode, when you click to an event, it opens the list. When you click the back arrow, the calendar widget is gone. What can I do about this?

Hi mmart1992. Could you give us the info of your website (Admin, FTP) via email We will check it.

hi I have the same problem like pscrignoli, the calendar is not loaded and an European time format would be also great :-)

Could you give us the info of your website (Admin, FTP) via email ? We will check it.

Hi, your events calendar looks great! Does it support multiple events on a single day? The demo appears to only show one event per day..


Yes, it does. We have updated the demo, you can see it now.

Awesome.. Couple more questions before I purchase.. With the list view do past events automatically disappear from the list, can the number of events shown in list view be limited, can the images be removed from showing in the list view and tooltips if preferred?



Hi kronicnz,

1. You can set number of events display in list view.

2. If you don’t enter image for event in admin, it will not display in tooltip, list view and event detail.


Would it be possible to add an option for list view to be spread across 1-3 odd columns?


Hi kronicnz,

+ Would it be possible to add an option for list view to be spread across 1-3 odd columns? -> No, it is not possible.

+ And have it not display past events in list view? -> There is not option for it now. But if you want to do it, you can email us via email We can guide you to how to do it by modifing code.

+ Option to add recurring events would be a great edition -> We will update in the future if possible.

I would be surprised if multiple columns is not possible.. It would be a great edition when used in main content apposed to side bars as there is a lot of wasted area when used in larger spaces. I have seen multiple columns in list view on other calendar builds.. I would appreciate some guidance with past events on list view thanks, although I would assume others would want the option as well given most calendar list views would be used to show upcoming events not past events? Thanks

Thanks for your suggestion. We will update the option to show only upcoming event on list view in next version. If you want to do it now, you can email us.

Hello, I have few questions please. I installed Tiva events calendar and changed some elements(color, first day of the week….) but this changements aren’t taken in account (the calendar displayed is not changed). could you tell me the kind of problem I have to resolve.

Secondly, the site’s langage is French, could you tell me where I can find a import folder in French (in javascript) and if I have to reload the plug-in or I can do that by other way. Thank you. Marion

Hi Marion,

1. Could you give us the admin of your site? We will check it.

2. To translate, you can do it in file : wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/languages/en.js

How do I go about update my plugin? I cannot find where to insert the purchase code.

You can download in area where you bought plugin, then replace the old version with new version.

Your Demo Page is not working neither the link

Yes, it work with Wordpress 4.5.2. Could you give us the Admin and FTP of your website via email ? We will check it.

Sure I am sending you both details.

Ok, we have got it.

Hi, your plugin use frontend event submission?

Hi fmrobi. No, it doesn’t. It only display events.

Hello. 1. Is this plugin WPML ready? 2. How admin panel looks like? Can I change colors and remove shadows and border radius (If not, can you help remove that using css?) 3. Is it possible to set recurring events? For example, I need same event every monday for set period of time with start and end date? Thanks.

Hi rimlightstudio,

1. No, it is not.

2. The admin panel look like the intro image on product’s description To change colors and remove shadows and border radius, you need modify code in css file. We can help you.

3. No, it is impossible.

Presale question…does this also display Facebook events like your other calendar? If not is it possible to integrate both calendars?

Hi. This plugin only display events which are managed by itself in admin, not Facebook events. We have not enough resource now, so has not plan to integrate both calendars.

Hi, i cant find any documentation on the download. Can you please tell me, how i intergrated this? Thx

Hi kritzelmaedchen. The documentation is folder named “documentation” in package. This is html documentation, so please use browser to open index.html in this folder.

Pre-purchase question: is it possible to show e.g. 3 compact months side by side like the size of the sidebar calendar? THX!!!

Do you mean display 3 compact calendars in sidebar of the page? Yes, but they must get events from common source (3 calendar display same events).

Is there any way to deep link to an event on the calendar? Sometimes I want to be able to link directly to an event’s details rather than require user to click calendar, find event and then click that event.

Correct. The calendar use javascript to switch calendar view, list view and event detail view. So there is no possibility to link directly to an event page.

Oh, I wish I had known that before I bought it. That is a major limitation for my purposes. This means you can never link to an event from a page or from an email or anywhere. I hope you will add this basic functionality in a future update.

Yes, to do it, we need change quite many things, because must change the operation (use php to switch view instead javascript). We will update when we have enough resource and time.