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aftrix Purchased

Why am I getting 404 on events.php, even on the pages which I have NOT included the plugin/widget?

Could you give us the URL and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com? We will check it.

I talked with you about your app (french) is it a simple app that I add to wp and are events posted on facebook and then the site can you help will tranlation

Hi emile123. We can help you. Could you give us your FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? And give us list of word you want translate. For example:

Monday -> Lundi


drelik Purchased

Hi I bought a Tiva Calendar Can I change displaying start time and end time to show the 24-hour format and not to show AM, PM?

Hi drelik. To do it, please modify line 19 and 20 of wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/events.php from ‘g:i a’ to ‘G:i’.

Interested to buy, and have some questions.

1.) Could you add the Year view of the calendar?

2.) Is your calendar creating with custom post type? Or is it directly integrating into the calendar without a custom post?

3.) Could user export with ical with each calendar?

4.) Would there possible of incompatible or conflict issue if I’ve already few Ajax load on my theme and plugins?


Hi futuremob. Thank for your interest. Here is our answer:

1. The calendar only has monthly view and list view, not year view.

2. The calendar display events which is managed in admin (when you install this plugin, it will create Tiva Events section in admin to let you manage events).

3. No, it can’t.

4. We not sure, but we can fix if there is conflict.

Best regards, TivaTheme


1. It’s possible if I setup for more than one website ? 2. Illustration: a. ABC.com installed with Tiva Events Calendar (different schedule with XYZ.com) b. XYZ.com installed with Tiva Events Calendar (different schedule with ABC.com) c. MAIN.com installed with Tiva Events Calendar, I want to show all event ABC.com & XYZ.com in one frame.

It is possible ?


Hi raspati. When you install our plugin for each website, you will manage events in this website’s admin seperately. It means in MAIN.com, you need create events in admin manual (it will not show events from ABC.com & XYZ automaticly). And note about licenses if you want to use for many website (https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard ).


jfn99 Purchased

I’m having issues with HTTS, mixed content from /undefined/events.php 404 on events.php

how can I fix that?

We have received your email and replied. You can check it.


jfn99 Purchased

I’ve replied to your email

Hello, is it possible to set monday as first day of the week? Thanks Jo

I found the answer to my question. It can be done.

Ok. Thank you.

Hi, I would like to use tiva calendar on my web site to publish events. First day of week looks as Sunday. How can I fix it ? One more think Does tiva calendar support Turkish language ?

Hi reyhanyilmaz,

- To set first day of week as Sunday or Monday, you only need use param start_date on shortcode. For example:
[tiva-events-calendar layout=”full” start_date=”monday”]

- To translate language to Turkish, please translate text in file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/languages/en.js (only tranlate text on file, not rename file).

How can I change the date format in the frontend?

To do it, you need modify the code. We can help you. Could you give us the FTP and the format date you want to email tivatheme@gmail.com ?

Hello, how can I incorporate the calendar to a page ??


Hi tomeu_o2mad. Sorry, we don’t understand your question. It means you want to ask how to display calendar on your website? There are 2 ways to display calendar on page: use shortcode or use widget. You can read more detail on documentation which is on your purchased package.

Hello everybody, I’m experiencing some prpoblem with colors: in WP admin – widget TIVA – colors – no color is showed, only gray everywhere. Next – if I choose Event Color 2 different from Event Color 1, event marked as color 2 is still colored with the same color as event marked as color 1. Should you help me? (WordPress 4.7, http://www.warriormagazine.cz/)

Hi rcervenan.

- The first point (no color is showed on widget) may because of your Wordpress is 4.7. The plugin work with Wordpress <= 4.5 (You can see it in Software Version in right column).

- The second point : we have seen your website. You are using compact layout calendar. The mark on event are same (is color 1). The color 1, 2, 3, 4 only apply for full layout (because in compact layout, when 1 day has many events, we can’t determine which color is presented, so all event mark must have same color.

I like the appearance layout of the wordpress application but there is one thing missing. I would like the list to be ‘categorised’; 2 categories would be OK. Are you thinking of an upgrade? or can you customise it (at a fee of course).

Hi frank_clubmaroochy. We can implement custom work for you. You can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com to tell us detail about your request (layout of calendar when have ‘categorised’. We will inform you the cost of custom work.

My thinking is that I would post a calendar on 2 different pages of our website, but I would want the calendar results filtered by category; e.g. ‘MusicEvents’ and ‘SportEvents’. The same calendar layout e.g. monthly would apply to each post.

Ok, we have understood your request. You can contact us to email tivatheme@gmail.com, we will tell you the cost (price) of custom work.


stemalo Purchased

One question before purchasing. Is it possible on widget view to show a specific number of upcoming events with thumbnails and title only?

Hi. The plugin use images which stored on it, so you need upload seperate with WP. To change language, you can translate text in file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/languages/en.js (only translate text on it, not rename file).


stemalo Purchased

One thing I was absolutely not aware. A single event is not even a single page. So I loose all SEO advantages. A search engine can’t find the event on my site. I’m not sure if I can live with this.

It is operation of calendar (because it is created by js). You can see it on our demo.

Hi ! How can i see admin part of this plugin ?

Have some other questions:
  1. can i make, that event (for example date of birth) will repeat every year ?
  2. how will look different events on same date ?
  3. what type of information can i add to event – youtube, custom fields, etc.
  4. plaese, make screenshots of admin part – its just 5 minutes or video

Thanks !