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Dear Support, please help how do i hide the past event on calendar view not in list view

Hi. Unfortunately, you can’t do it.

Hello, We have added the calendar and the list to a page, but the list shows all the events and is too long.. is possible to show only few ones? For example 6 events. Thanks!

Hi. Yes, it is possible. If you use the shortcode, only need use param max_events=”6”. For example:
[tiva-events-calendar layout=”full” max_events=”6”]

You can read the documentation to know using the other params on shortcode.


You could support me, when users enter my website, in the calendar section, I need to view my events through a list (as in their example), they sent me the following code, On Wordpress, to set the list as default view, you only use shortcode:
[tiva-events-calendar layout = “full” initial_view=”list”] however when I add it, the page appears in white, the only code that works is the calendar view, but that does not require it, I need the view in the list.


Your shortcode is wrong. It must be:

[tiva-events-calendar layout =”full” initial_view=”list”]

If you use this shortcode but the calendar not work, you can give us the Admin and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com. We will check it.

Hi folks, love the plug in and having been using it for ages now. However I’ve got a problem in the last couple of months. Facebook gave us the option for recurring events a couple of months ago. When I create a reoccurring event in Facebook (every Sunday was the event in question) your calendar displays the even every single day :( The recurring event thing in Facebook is really great so what can we do about this?

Hi. Could you give us the FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check and fix it.

Hi. I bought the calendar plugin from you. I need the List tab to show the list of events only for a certain period (monthly, for example). How can I do this?

Hi. To do it, you need implement custom work: modify code on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/js/calendar.js

Thanks for the answer. Could you make these changes for me? I also need to remove the buttons “previous year”, “next year” and make notes in the tab Calendar cells even shorter. How much these improvements will cost?

Hi. Unfortunately, we have not enough resource now, so we don’t implement the custom work.

HI, I want to buy the pluin for my website which I am building for client on Religous site, but currently am working on Testing Server, can I buy this now and use on my testing server site and later when I move to main server move the plugn as well?

Also, can I use the same plugin on multiple pages in the same domain with two different calendar events? I mean say on main home page I will have a different events list while on the education page I will have only education events. Is it possibleto have two different calendars with different events listed on different pages.?



Thank for your attention.

- Q1: Yes, you can do it.

- Q2: Unfortunately, it is impossible. You can display each calendar on each page, but all calendars will display same events.

Thanks for your reply, but what is the solution for me on this. Do I need to buy differnet pluin and use that for education page?

Hi. We think our product is not suitable with your demand. So you need search for other plugin.

Dear Friends,

Just bought and install your calendar, but got a problem (www.qahana.org)

Cannot customize colors, in customization. Color chooser buttons doesn’t work.

Thank You

Dear friends and one more questions, how can i have 2 or three different calendars on one page? TY


1. It because of the css overflow: hidden; for mh-widget-inner on your css file (https://gyazo.com/4c9d7eb81f3ad3fcfa5c0eba933843af ). You need disable it to show the full popup.

2. To have 2 or three different calendars on 1 page, you only need use 2 or 3 widgets (or shortcode) on your page. But all calendar will display same events.

Problem Solved Thank You very much


edith88 Purchased

Hi! In list view, when I have two events in the same day, how can I make the calendar to show them according to the start time of the event? (even when the end time is not set). Event 1 starts at 12, Event 2 starts at 15. At this moment Event 2 appears before Event 1.

Hi. To do it, you need implement custom work yourself: modify function n_sortEventsByDate on file wp-content/plugins/tiva-events-calendar/assets/js/calendar.js


edith88 Purchased

I wish I knew what to modify there. I’m no expert, just a simple user :) Could you please tell me what to add to the function? :) I wouldn’t want to experiment and mess up my website. Thanks!

Hi. We only know the place to add the custom code to change the logic of sorting events (not have solution to add detail code for your custom request now).


edith88 Purchased

Do you also offer customization as a separate service? It would be great to have social share buttons for single events (facebook, twitter etc.)

Hi, Unfortunately, we have not enough resource now. So we don’t implement the custom work.

Hi, love the plug-in and having been using it for a couple of months. Only he has not worked since a few days, he does not show events anymore. (www.muziekcafehelmond.nl on the homepage and the “agenda” page) Can you possibly help? Thx.

Hi, this is Tiva Events Calendar, not Facebook Events Calendar. About the Facebook Calendar, plugin is not working currently due Facebook API changes. Due to recent privacy issue, Facebook has retricted access to Event API for all. They have new policy & rules to get Event data. So all applications related to Facebook data must be stop now (include our product). To let the plugin work again, we need wait for the approved review from Facebook (we have asked for review from Facebook and they answered that we need wait for this process). We apologize for any inconvenience!