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Hi Support, The calendar is working good for me with exception of the following: 1. What permission should I give the database? 2.Whenever I enter in the browser a page on my server that doesn’t exist it will go to the a page similar to this page http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar-php/. Can help as soon as possible?



Hi Support,

These are 2 separate problems and I do not know if they are related.

1. I need to know what privileges I need to give the database users? Is read, write and delete good enough?

2. If I go to a html page that does not exist on my server I get a page similar to this page: http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar-php/. Detail explanation hereunder:

For example: - I do not have a page with the name 123.html on my server. - If I enter this www.mydomain.com/123.html - A page similar to http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar-php/ will show on my server. - This should not happen!

Please send me your email address and I will send you a link to my site so that you can test it out.

I would appreciate your help as soon as possible since my site is already live.



Please send me your email address!!!

Hi support,

I have solved issue #2.

The only issue remaining now is the database user privileges.



Hi. You should set full privileges for the user.


omel69 Purchased

Hello, I have buy this item (f3e5efd6-a38c-4e75-a04c-061bd0dafb0e) I have one html-page with your css- and js-files. But there is only shown the both buttons for “calendar” and “list”. I have a connection to the database, because the Admin-Panel and the Login is functioned. Can you tell me, what is wrong? Here my test-page: http://hv.kellermann-oberpfalz.de/index2.php

Best regards George

It means you have already database? If that, you need adapt data correctly on file events.php.

Hi, Love your work. I’ve got a couple of quick questions. I was wondering whether or not I can add recurring events to the admin/event/edit.php page. For example I have an event which happens each Monday evening at 1900 -2100 is it possible to ask whether this is recurring and if so the frequency (Daily, weekly etc). Second question, Once an event is created is it possible to add a ‘share’ this event button for social media such as facebook? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi. Unfortunately, these features are both not available on current version.