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Can I add more colors by placing them in the calendar_full CSS file?

Yes, you can do it. But firstly, add more color for event on admin (add more option on line 123 of file tiva-events-calendar-php/admin/event/views/edit.php). Then style it on css file.

I have the PHP version. I think I was supposed to have downloaded the “wordpress” version. Can you please send me the wordpress version of your calendar plugin? Thank you!

Purchase ver: 74508a50-94ae-4be0-84ad-9a441f329da1

Please email me :)

Unfortunately, we can’t do it. We can refund for you the PHP version after you do as follow steps:
- Buy the WP version
- Rate 5 star for it to let us know you have bought.
- Create refund request for PHP version.

admin / admin for demo doesn’t work, tried 5 times already.

To try the demo, you need login on:
User : admin
Pass : admin

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Hello, Your code works very well! Thank you. However, there is a problem with special characters (é, à, ô …) Your system does not display titles when there are these characters.

Can you check?

Many thanks


To fix it, please modify line 36 of events.php to:
$event->description = nl2br($db_event['description']);

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Is it possible to configure the Tiva Calendar to be used on a individual basis rather than shared? The user would have their own personalised event calendar that only they (with the exception of the administrator perhaps) would see.


Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible.

Hi there, is there a way to edit the username/password for the calendar admin page? I have everything set up and get the login screen for the admin page, but when I use admin/admin, it doesn’t work.

You can only change the password on admin. Could you give us your website URL to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

Empty divs between between events. I have sent an email to you

May be the solution was delete the line 244 in calendar.js:

                                            calendarString += '<div class="\"calendar-event-name" no-name="">' + event_fake + '</div>';

It is correct!

May be possible to replace dynamically “next month” or similar by the real name of the next mont, or prevé., or year? Thanks

can be?

Any idea about this?

We have not any idea for this. You need implement this custom work yourself.

I’m going crazy with the position of the tooltips. In each event it is put in a different place. I think it’s something related to

var bottom = 32 + ((count - index - 1) * 25);
. What is the meaning of 32, 25,...?
You need use this on your html:
<div class="tiva-events-calendar full" data-view="calendar" />
<div class="tiva-events-calendar compact" data-view="calendar" />

Sorry. don’t run

Solved myself with bootstrap css

How can I add a filter to show only events from one color, for example?

Unfortunately, it is not available.

Then Is it possible to install more than one instance of the script? I use mysql and then I can have filters with where clause. Or edit this line:

         dataType: 'json',
        data: '',

We have not any idea for this. You need implement this custom work yourself.

hi, Do you have any complete example on how call calendar in html ? which files I have to import ? thanks

Hi. To call calendar in html, you only need include some js and css files, then use that shortcode in your html:
<div class="tiva-events-calendar full" data-view="calendar" />
You can see the detail instruction here: http://tivatheme.com/tiva-events-calendar-php/

My code: 89d8fed8-fe29-4068-8b54-65991c0f8fe3

I cannot upload images for events.

it gives below error:

500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Could you give us your admin and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

I would like to purchase and use the “Event list” example on your Tiva calendar page on my website instead of the full monthly calendar. Is that possible and will the “Event list” be responsive on a one page site?

Just to be clear it would be the “Full Layout” but only show the List layout and have the option to switch to the calendar layout version instead of the other way around. Hope that helps.

Hello. You can set “Event List” is default view and hide the switch button on top.

Is it possible to integrate calendar week numbers? If not, we would be prepared to pay more for individual customization. Many thanks for help :-)

Hi. Unfortunately, it is impossible. We have not enough resource now, so we don’t implement custom work. You can do it yourself by modify code on file assets/js/calendar.js (function createCalendar()).

Hi there. I am installing and I’ve done everything that was required via the documentation page. The calendar is loading up and everything. I was able to get into the admin panel and create an event. Although, the calendar never stops loading. I had it working before I migrated my client’s website, but I reset the MySQL and everything so I don’t know what the problem is. Look forward to your answer. Thanks. P.s How do I change the time to 12 Hours instead of 24? Thanks.

Hi. Coud you give us your website URL and FTP to email tivatheme@gmail.com ? We will check it.

- To change time format to 12h, please modify line 32 of file events.php to:
$event->time = $db_event['end_time'] ? date('h:i a', strtotime($db_event['start_time'])) . ' - ' . date('h:i a', strtotime($db_event['end_time'])) : date('h:i a', strtotime($db_event['start_time']));

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in admin panel .. sidebar not shown in mobile or tablet and there is no button to open the bar

Yes, you need use the admin panel on desktop. The responsive is applied for calendar on frontend.