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I wanted the template that will work perfectly for the V2.1 ..

I have installed the theme as instructed but soon I replace the Major files like index, core and sources folder, the site never loads.

It’s complicated system. Not possible to just fix it. I must check all files. I will publish newest version at the and of august.

Thank you for the information.

User: spasso1 Pass: 123456

Please have a look at with the above logins if you could help me fix minor issues until the update is released. I really want to continue to use the theme. The users are loving it!

Thank you!

I have somehow added the Like functionality. The problem I’m having is, after I like a post it is recorded to the database and the activity is updated only after refresh and the Like never changes to Unlike button. I would be really grateful if you could fix me only this like issue if possible. Sorry for the headache.

Hi. When will you update this script? Last updated nearly a year ago? Social Kit updated now in June 2016, but no update from you?

Socialkit 2.2 compatible Titanium Theme coming soon !

Thank you for the news about 2.2 compatible theme. Any approx. date of release?

You were supposed to release the update by the end of August. Now SOCIALKIT has already released another update v2.3. When is your update coming?

It’s now end of september

So, there is no more update to come is it?

It’s very sad. I have paid for a product that I can not use because it is absolutely incomatable. What is the use of the support if the bugs are not fixed? I am very disappointed – I will buy no more! – The new version of Socialkit 2.4 has already been released and nothing has happened.

Hello to everyone ! First of all I apologize to everyone. I still can not update because I do not have the time. But I promise to all of you in very soon I will publish the Titanium Theme for the latest version of SocialKit. I will just publish 1 Theme because it is very difficult to keep two of them up to date. If i work on just 1 theme i can keep it always up to date.

Thank you for your understanding.


I would already have interest for this design

But in the new version of Socialkit

The new theme will be released in 1 week !

V2.0 is ready now ! Next 1 week i will make test release. Please tell me if you want some custom changes. Next 7-8 days later i will publish for all users.

Very nice theme but need an update for correct some bugs

This too was abandoned? I read several comments, so my query, thank you

Abandoned ? The Titanium Theme updated just 1 month ago and 100 % compatible and up to date with lastest version of Socialkit.


Cynric Purchased

Hi Author,

I posted some photos in your demo site to let you know but you are not answering it. Please check your demo site.

Thank you.

Can you tell me where you get exactly see this bug ? Because this is first time that someone inform me about this. It’s most probably user/browser/mobile based problem. Did you tried different browsers or mobile phone ?


Cynric Purchased

Hi Author,

Please login to your demo site

Thank you

templates have DB or just php file….

PHP + CSS files


Cynric Purchased

Hello Author,

Please help.

I need to change the logo. How to change it? Please reply.

Thank you

Hello, You must connect via FTP and replace your logo with exist logo. images -> logo (all logos are inside this folder)