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Any comments on this module ?

Does this have pinch-to-zoom functions, and does it work on android, or just iOS?

Yes this version includes pinch to zoom, and no it is not working on Android i’m sorry it uses iOS Specific functions, if you want to have the gallery for Android you can contact me as im available for freelance work

Hey, was just wondering if you would be adding support for sending a photo from the gallery to an email any time soon? :-)

I will be implementing this in the next version

The new feature has been added and the gallery is under review,

Gallery with the email feature is now available !

awesome work, this is a must have,

its going on my latest app

do you have an example, on how for example to launch the gallery from a button?

and what do i put on the function, instead of tab1


if you have an button just pass that as the object parameter, for the tab if your still in your app.js just use the tab handle when you already opened you can just use window.currentTab

How about the slideshow ability is it a good feature or a bad one ?

Dude this is a lifesaver, thanks so much.

No problem

Adding a Save to Photo Gallery instead of Email would be cool

ill take a look at it

Jason, I have just bought the module and have to admit that I’m very disapointed… :-(

It does what I already do and have the same problem I (and many Ti users have). You load all imageViews in one time… this is Very bad when you have tons of huge image to displays, in particulary in iPad… they are all stored in memory…. pictures have to be loaded only when they have to be displayed. Also when image is zoomed (by Pinch), quite hard to scroll, nothing to go back to original size.

I think you should have a look at Three20 photo Viewer http://joehewitt.com/post/the-three20-project/

Hi Jason.. I just got ur project.. I’ve opened on xcode 4.. and It doesn’t build.. I’m getting an error.. “Shell Script Invocation error”

line 2: /Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk/osx/1.6.1/iphone/builder.py: No such file or directory


thank u..

Its for the titanium framework not for Xcode

Hi, i have bought this excellent module last week. What i am trying to do is to open the gallery from TableViewRow’s. As yet, the gallery does not work correctly. Is there a way to do this?

Regards, Jens!

can you email me some code ?

Any idea?

are you perhaps creating the gallery inside an eventlistener ?

That is right. I have already sent you an email with some code.

Here is my code: http://d.pr/CDrz

i see where it goes wrong, im working on a solution right as we speak

Im afraid i don’t have a solution yet, the problem is the function your calling create_gallery() is adding an event listener to the row.

The next time you push the same row another event listener is being attached to the same row, so you basically have two event listeners listening to the same click. This results into the gallery being opened twice.

The solution is simple when you close the window you should remove the click event from the object by using the removeEventListener method

i Hope i have explained myself enough

Thank you for your explanation. I have tested your code but it is not working.

I will keep trying!

I have this 4images script that has all my photos. is there a possibility to integrate it using XML or like an rss feed in this app?

you could implement that yourself