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Good job!

What about other types of field? Like textbox, int, bool… it looks like just varchar is supported?

Also you might want to work on validation.

The Age field should only allow integers.

Email field needs to be validated.


Hope this feedback helps!

The video is just an example how easy it is to create a form. Because there are 1000 ways to create specific labels for forms. I let the validation up to developers using my plugin.

Example, you could have an serial number or a contact number how would i validate that ? or a bonus code its up to the developer using the plugin.

But thank you for the feedback, I will concider creating some fields of validation, and creating custom rows


This sounds like something I could use.

I do agree with the above comment that ther should be a validator for at least phone numbers.

1) Is this just for iPhone or can it be used for regular websites too?

2) I am dying to know how you were able to use the iPhone simulator that was in your video demo.

How and where did you get it? I am on a PC and could really use this simulator for my mobile phone website projects.

This is a plugin for the iPhone Framework. The simulator is provided by apple and usable only on osx

Nice work here, I am hoping to buy this soon. To the guy above, the framework is titanium… look it up.

Sorry i forgot to mention that

I purchased the form and followed all instructions in the Setup Guide. Tested the form in Titanium and sent out tests. When I try to view the form, I get this message:

Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/gizzy/public_html/forms/database.class.php on line 22

What might the issue be? Are there any other steps we should consider?

Thanks so much

Well that means you prop did not have a valid mysql connection , check your credentials

OK, So when we fill the form and hit the submit button, then do we get a conformation page or alert box? Thanks

You should implement that yourself

Strange … but when I upload everything to the server (OSX Snow Leopard Server) and then run the install.php file I get the following message: “The database installation was successfull Please copy the following and paste it into configuration.php”

But there is nothing to copy and paste …

Also, when I got to the createform.php page all I get is a blank page …

I am using: php 5.3 Mysql 5.1.4 Snow Leopard Server

did you upload all the files to your server ?

I think the way you designed this script really preventing to make it more expandable. As an example, we have one default field type as text, and it will apply to the loop of variables. So in which case there’s no way to differentiate what fields are text and what fields are drop-downs, radio ect.

But sending data to the remote DB is really a good sample to to learn how it works.

Thank you for your project. Its really worth it.

glad you like it, i planning to do a redesign on the code, give me some time to figure it out


I am really interested in buying this plugin. But have few questions:

1. Is it available for Titanium 1.8 and above? 2. Can it be used for android also (you have mentioned ios only).

will this work with titanium 3.1

Hello! 2 questions. Does this works offline? and Can it be translated? Thanks!