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Anyone has some opinions about this plugin ?

looks awesome, but i’m getting an error:

[WARN] Exception in event callback. { expressionBeginOffset = 2968; expressionCaretOffset = 2995; expressionEndOffset = 3010; line = 124; message = “Result of expression ‘Ti.UI.iPhone.AnimationStyle’ [undefined] is not an object.”; name = TypeError; sourceId = 223491248; sourceURL = “file://localhost/Users/pedrobraz/Desktop/apps/TMHNC/Resources/imagePlugin.js”; }

my declaration is:

var image = createDetailImage( { image : “http://www.coachyourself.nl/MyImages/online-test.jpg”, inline : “Well this is a nice plugin! , click me !”, description : “And you can fit a large description in this window, that will suite all your needs, best of all its very customisable!! ”, width : 284, top:5, height : 157 });

/* Add the image to the window */ win.add(image);

Try to clear your build folder, and rebuild the whole package. Titanium Screws this up often

Try to clear your build folder, and rebuild the whole package. Titanium Screws this up often, Its says from the error log you reported that the animation is unkown, So my guess is the build is screwed

Could you tell me when it has worked out for you ?

PS Sorry for the double post

that worked, pretty cool plugin, and easy to customize

Glad you like it =)

are you planning on doing a plugin for forms? I would buy something like that

A easy way of creating for example a contact form on the app, but that we can add multiple fiedls to it, the form submit passes all the fields to a php form

it would be cool to have a way of inserting fields into a form, and they would auto post to the form one above the other, with a title legend.

I can send you a example form

Ill be looking into this =)

Please check out my website http://kiwiii.nl for a sneak peak into my new plugin =)


I´ve purchased your code recently, may you ask you a question about how to customize it?

I just want to add some more photos to the gallery, in the app.js. Do I have to modify the imageplugin.js file?

Thanks in advance,


you should call the function multiple times

Thanks, works great. How do add a close button to get back to the previous window? I`ve tried adding:

var win = Ti.UI.currentWindow;


But nothing happens. Any tip?

Thanks again

What plugin are you talking about, the detail image does not have a window

Hi again, I do not express myself properly using code expressions. Sorry about that.

I have included your pluggin in the app I am working on, it opens some nice photos with nice descriptions and flip effect, but there is no way to go back, (no back button).

So, basically you have to close the app once you click on the button that shows your plugin.

I would appreciate some help with that.

Thanks and regards,