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I get this error when users try to register:

Notice: Missing Email Template!


Have you made sure your email templates have been added for any new languages you have made? By default they use english email templates so if you add another language make sure to update those to your new language.

I did not add any new language. Also I get this error when I add a custom field for registration:

Please select an end date for your event!

I added a field to save Phone number info at time of registration and the above error comes up.

Hi gatscomp,

Thanks for letting me know. Can you send me an email with your site URL and a login so I can test the issue and figure out what might be causing it?



I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the result so far. I have sent 2 different messages with adjustments or else I am to go.

Once I am up and running, I will be more than happy to go and rate your masterpiece.

Thank you :)

Thanks jf :) I’ll get back to you shortly.

You are the best! Thank you :)

hello, i have a prepurchase question. Are there any translations still available in german? or is there a way, to translate the whole system by myself? Thanks and best regards. Martin

and another question. Can you make an offer for me, to connect the system to woocommerce/wordpress? is that possible? Thanks.

Hi laxomedia,

We do have German translation files that are included in the download. You can also translate the system into any other language, there is a guide in the documentation.

Currently it’s not possible to connect this app to wordpress at the moment. Apologies!


Confidentiality is very important to me, I don’t want my clients to see each other or talk to each other unless they work in the same group.

I have 2 questions please:

1- Is it possible to block communication (email and chat) unless they are part of the same project?

2- Is it possible to make the user profile 100% hidden, I don’t want people to see what projects a user is working on.

Thank you and keep on the awesome work!

1) Currently this is not possible.

2) You could modify the profile code to remove the list of projects a user is working on. Take a look at application/views/profile/index.php.

1) ok – no problem. That would have been a great feature because my client knows who I am working with so he can try to connect by figuring out his name on the system.

2) great suggestion – Thank you!

If you are considering buying this script, go for it… It’s really well done, detailed documentation and awesome support.

Thanks for your kind comments :)

how to make some 1 able to manage a department in ticket system without letting him see the other department tickets?

Hi colorlink2,

Currently this isn’t possible at the moment. I’ll add it to our list of user suggestions though so it can be considered for future updates.

i suggest you take a look at adminiser a plugin for wordpress,. it would be a great addon for your system

Hi, I have two mistakes

Message: is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/dev/urandom) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/


Your page

in all the pages


Can you send me an email with a link to your site so I can test it out?

My email:



We are interested in the SaaS based version of this. Can you do the installation and complete website for us? how much it will cost?

Do you have any client running this script for SaaS based site? can you share some live sites?

Please email to

Thank you


Thanks for your interest. Currently there isn’t a SaaS version of Titan available at the moment.

what are your scripts will complement and can be integrated into Titan?


Currently no other scripts of mine can be integrated directly into Titan currently.

Hi, Do you offer customization?

Hi zenofund,

Please contact me at to enquire about customisation.


Presales Questions: How can the software support multi-language? Thanks


You can add the language files to the language folder. You can translate them yourself using our guide in the documentation. You can switch languages via the Change Language option in the footer.

Here is a guide on how to set it up:

Hi there, I’m guessing this isnt suitable for anyone who has no knowledge of CodeIgniter, Id need to add/remove fields from lead forms and various other bits and bobs? Looks really nice


CodeIgniter is a PHP framework, so if you have PHP knowledge you might be able to do these changes. You can take a look at the CodeIgniter documentation here:

I found CodeIgniter one of the easier frameworks to learn and use too :)


jf Purchased

Thank you for the new update. To apply the SQL Update do I run MyPHPAdmin and upload the update.sql file or there’s another way to do it? Thank you

Hi jf,

That’s exactly how you do it :) Just use the Import option in PHPmyAdmin and it should work smoothly :)

Hello, Is the client able to upload documents as I was not able to figure this out in the demo


It depends what user roles you give to the client. If you give them the File Worker user role permission, they can upload documents for projects they have been added to.

hi .. i have updated to last version … why does it have bugs? i have created 2 projects and 1 task .. the project and task counter in the dashboard still shows zero ! .. check here

the issue is back! ... i have 8 projects .. only shoes 2 in the counter ..

i set the cache to zero and it worked


yep the dashboard data is cached for a specific time that you can specify in the Admin Panel -> Global Settings. :)

Hi there. This is a really great piece of software, it is really handy for the work I am using it for. Would you be able to work on adding links possibly for a future update. This way I could add links to specific projects. Thank You

Hi Kaysoft_ltd,

What do you mean by links? Like HTML links? Could you add them to the Project’s Description box?

Let me know what you mean and I’ll be happy to help :)

Pre-Sale Question : Can i add sub task? Now i can see we can create task only


Within a Task, you can add Objectives, which count as sub-tasks.

ok thanks for your reply.

if i view 1 project (Project A) can i see the dedicated chart, gantt and export as excel or pdf?


You can’t export them as Excel or PDF files currently.


sraza74 Purchased

Great App – New features added all the time, please add new sales lead channel as emails. Monitor mailboxes to obtain leads from differing email addresses we use. for example, i can have a social media account where people might reach out to us for a product we sell, we need to use specific emails like and capture those leads, also we can have where we did a seminar and want to capture those specific leads and tag or group those leads seperately. very important to companies out there to know where their efforts are paying off, not just having a form out there to use like it is now. Do you think you can build this into your package offering?

Hi sraza74,

It’s definitely something I can consider building/adding. Could you send me an email to so I can get your thoughts on it?


how to change the footer and is there any reminder feature for task and project


You can modify the footer here:


We do have a cron function you can add that reminds users of tasks: cron/reminder if you run that once a day it will check for tasks which are about to reach their deadline and notify all members of the task.

Where and how i can use this cron feature


A cron is something you can setup yourself on your server. It runs a script every X amount of time. So for Titan, you can run the cron file every once a day to alert you. The path to the script is:

You would then use your server’s cron support to setup the execution of this script once a day. Normally you can use Wget or curl to query the url once a day.