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while trying to print documentation on client section to pdf


Have you updated to the latest version of Titan?

yes sure

Hello, Does the CRM offer Recurring invoices please?


Yep it does :)

I am interested in this application. can you do small customization like dashboard customization ?? how long does it take to customization??


Depends on what you need doing. You can send me an inquiry at


Pre Sale Question – Is it possible to offer this as a service so I can allow multiple different companys to use it as there crm from one install?


It’s not possible without making lots of custom changes to the site’s code. This isn’t a SaSS product unfortunately.

During installation, after I enter the user details i am getting the following error message (stage 6)

Field ‘online_timestamp’ doesn’t have a default value


This issue is caused by a setting in your mysql.ini file. This issue normally pops up when using WAMP setups due to the default mysql configuration but sometimes on other web hosts. To fix it, try the following:

1) This is caused by the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES SQL mode defined in the PROGRAMDATA \MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\my.ini file. Removing that setting and restarting MySQL should fix the problem. Look for:


And remove that setting. You may have multiple settings in this field, but just remove the STRICT_TRANS_TABLE setting and it should fix your issue.

2) Other resources: See

3) If editing that file doesn’t fix the issue, see for other possible locations of config files.

Thank you for your reply….

Unfortunately I am not a technical person and also I have a VPS hosting where I believe I will not be able to edit the my.ini file.

Is there a way I can do changes via cpanel or any other easier was of solving the issue.


Is it possible to ask your webhost to do it for you?

The only other solution is to update the database so that all fields in all tables has a default value (0 or empty).

Hi, do you have an option to manage holidays, traveling for team user in vacation or in Missions and Travels) ?


We don’t have this option currently.

hello dear how can i change Made By Patchesoft .. i use v1.9


You can modify this in the layout file found in: application/views/layout/themes/

Hi, i transfered the script how can i change upload path ?


You can do so by going to Admin Panel -> Global Settings :)


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Hello, How can I set the proper time? it is 4 hours ahead of server time. Thanks


Time is based on your server settings, so you would need to change your PHP settings to match the server time you want. This is usualy done by modify the server file php.ini. You can sometimes modify this via Cpanel.


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Thank you it was a different php.ini then I was looking at. So far things look and work great.

Datatable export is generating excel or csv based on the number of rows in the table. I need to export or print all the rows. Kindly help me asap.


Can you send me an email with the area you’re trying to export and I’ll take a look for you. My email is

hi, i am re-installing current version but how to import data from v1.6 to the new version? Thanks


Have you checked the update documentation? You just need to follow each update to get to the latest version.

Hi, how to hide “members” option from users? Thx


You can remove that from application/views/layout/mobile_links.php

Hi, when I remove it, admin cannot see it as well. is that possible just hide it from all users apart from admin? thx


If you want the admin to see it, you need to add in some code for this. Take a look at sidebar_links.php and see how the PHP code is used to show links only for admins.

I’m playing with the demo, and when I create a new task I can see it in the project tasks list, however when I assign that task to a project it’s not showing up within the “tasks” section of that particular project page.


When you create a task, it is already assigned to a project. Can you let me know what you mean by “you assigned the task”?

It might also have been that the demo reset befoe you got a chance to see your task. Or you could have had a project active so that only tasks for that project would show up.