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Hi, This is a great CRM. However, would it be possible for me as an admin to have a special section for workers and another for clients. It’s not really good to have both workers and clients mixed and called users… Can you customize the CRM for my business?


Well we do have User Roles which restrict the access to users on the system. I.e. the Client user cannot modify any of the tasks and can only view specific details.

If you wanted a completely separate system for each (i.e. different tables/sites) that isn’t really possible currently.

Unfortunately I’m unavailable for work at the moment as I’m really busy with other client work. Apologies!

I am really stuck between your app and RISE found here on codecanyon, wondering if you are looking to beef up your app with additional items found in that app but not yours. I highly recommend doing a compare of features and adding up. I am willing to ”” PRE-PAY ”” $100 for a comprehensive package as I need best of both apps :-) and will do free QA testing for you for the same and wait for the final release. Let me know ASAP.

Hi sraza74,

Thanks for your interest! What features are you particular looking for exactly? Your suggestions can help improve futurer versions of Titan as we have already incorporated a number of client feedback features already.

Right now I can’t take on anymore custom work as I have too much client work already. But I would love to hear your feedback about what would make this product your #1 choice depending on what features you really need.


Hi man, one question!! Is possible create more custom fields for projects?? In this case, information the my client. For example: I need insert Client, ID, Adress, Number for Call and Etc… Thanks

Ok man,

I possible i edit your system? For example, i think edit into the custom.css and custom.php. Your system get this? In this way not affect for future updates.



You can make as many changes as you like.

It may interfere with future updates so I would advise to make a log of changes you make so that when we release updates you can see what changes you need to make.

Perfect!! Thanks

I have installed 4 times now and no luck. I get all the way to /install screen shows great news everything is installed correctly just fill out admin stuff. I do that and then it redirects me to /login but now I have an error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /home/print/public_html/application/controllers/Login.php on line 281

Please help, this system you have created looks amazing! I just can’t get past that error

Fixed, problem was my PHP version was not high enough to support the facebook login. Cheers!

Hi multicade,

Glad you got it working in the end! Let me know if you need anymore help.


Hello, do you also do custom work for this script?


Currently I am not available for custom work. Apologies!

Hi, It’s a nice script I would advice you to change the invoice module: An invoice can be sent only with full client details: legal name, address, VAT number or national TIN. Invoice layout also needs to be changed adding also VAT or other taxes on sales.


You can put the full client name, address on the invoice. VAT number may not be needed if you aren’t registered for VAT. TIN is only for European users; you can add these details yourself with Custom Fields if you wish though.