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Couple Questions …

1. If a GUEST orders a service that allows guest access, does the system create an account for them automatically once they place and order and/or pay so that we can administer fulfillment inside the account?

2. Do you have ability to provide discount coupon codes for services during promotions?


Hi pagenet,

1) Currently this isn’t possible but it’s a good suggestion! Right now your only option would be to manually create the account once you receive payment via the Admin Panel.

2) This isn’t currently a feature.

Hope that helps :)

Do you provide assistance in installation and setup?

anyway to get support with that? for an extra charge?

Hi Jebus8790,

I can install it for you if you provide me with your site details. Send me an email at


I am freelance graphic designer. Can i run it for freelance service? or like upwork?

Hi bitman123,

You can use it for whatever reason you like. You just need to make sure you have the correct license- regular if you are not going to charge users to use it and extended if you are.