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Can everything be notified to the client, workers and other stakeholder on the project?

Say for example, a staff commented something on the flie that the client uploaded and immediate action from the client needs to be done. Can the client be notified easily? Say, email, SMS, etc.


There is a built-in message box in Titan that you can use to send messages to Clients. Clients can choose to be notified via email whenever they get a new message.

There are currently no notifications for adding notes to files at the moment.

I see that the progress bar for project (you would actually need to write it) is not sync with the tasks progress of the project. It could be the case where the project is marked completed, but the staff forgets to update the percentage – it would look so wierd. (Example in demo – Igo WordPress Theme)

Would you consider to make it sync? (Like in tasks you sync it with objectives)

Did you just added that? Thanks a lot !


Nope it was always there :)

Owh.. I must have missed it :)

Can I see what would the client see on their dashboard. It would be nice to see a progress bar of the project on their dashboard.

Hi Syikin,

You can create a Client in the demo and login with that account.

Our new update will include progress reports of projects on the dashboards for Clients. It’s not ready yet, but it should be available in the next 2 weeks. I can comment here when it is :)

Maybe also for the Super admin aka THE Boss.. :)

I am now about to buy this plugin. But as I was using only WordPress and Joomla. I don’t know what to do once I buy.: 1. Do I need to buy a domain name for it? 2. What software do I need to install? 3. If I have to install a software will it be through Cpanel as I do install WordPress 4. Can I use it on a WordPress website 5. Give me the link to documentation or process of installation to completion please

Hi zconsulting,

Just to be clear, this isn’t a WordPress or Joomla plugin. It’s a standalone PHP application.

To install it you just need a webhost that you can access using a domain name. You can install it in a sub-folder of a domain you already own if you like.

The requirements is PHP 5.4+ and Mysql.

To install it you need to upload the files to your host through FTP and then run the install file that creates the Admin account.

Our documentation for this product can be found:


For the File Manager section, are you planning to add download button on the list page, instead of having to enter another page to download?

Like you do it here in Invoices :


If you just click the name of the file it will allow you to download it there.

Ahh.. okay.. maybe it is not so intuitive.

It would be nice to have a download button like the one in

Please consider. I’m about to buy this for my client.


Will definitely consider adding it in. We already have a whole host of new updates/features added in for the next version so if I get time I’ll add it in :)


Would you be able to add additional payment gateway?

If yes, how much do you charge for customization?


Currently I’m unavailable for customization as I’m incredibly busy. Apologies!

Can you lead me the right way? Any recommendations?


I’ve never used billplz so I don’t have any idea of how to install it.