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hi how can i add expenses for the projects ?

when i add the entry in finance i checked in the report its shown as

$2,000 Total Revenue

$0 Total Expense

$2,000 Total Profit

If you want to put in an expense, use a negative number :), So like -2000

ok cool thats working thanks

Does this have a Gantt chart? If not, will one be added?


I’ve currently added one to version 1.4 which is being readied. It’s the first time I’ve made one so I am looking for feedback on it. I can comment here when it’s been added to the demo if you like :)

I need a similar system to attend patients Online from my house in this order:

1 Schedule system to schedule shift

2 a payment gateway (paypal, others like in my country : mercado de pago, todo pago

3 the online chat for 30 minutes with the opening of the ticket system (continues the consultation by this route for 2 weeks)

4 Spanish language or the routes of code for the translation

Your system is compatible for my needs or I would need a customization of it ?

Best regards

German Pace

Hi German Pace,

It sounds like you would need customization of this system for your needs. We do offer a lot of the features you requested but making them work for your specific needs would require a bit of custom coding.


sraza74 Purchased

project shows updated june 1st, can we get release notes for any updates made please?


You can check the documentation in the download file or on the online docs here:

Is this possible to assign task department by department on completion of each assigned task ?

for example :

  • Dept. ( A ) assigned task to dept. ( B ) (once dept ( B ) completed their task they forwards it to dept ( C ) and notify them about task)
  • Once Dept ( C ) completes their task they forward it Dept ( A ) for approval
  • Dept ( A ) again checks and mark project task as completed

Hi Zainnraza,

Currently there isn’t a assigning of departments option to tasks, only users. Unless you represented departments as Users, I don’t think you’ll be able to accomplish what you wish.

Hope that helps :)

Hi everyone,

Just posting here that we have released version 1.4, which comes with a plethora of new features and updates, most of which have been suggested by you guys. Thank you to everyone and we’ll continue supporting Titan!

Version 1.4.0 – 25/05/2017

Updated to codeigniter 3.1.4
Fixed isset bug in Tickets
Fixed issue with clients not being allowed to make tickets
Timer no longer shows up when the section is disabled
Team members no longer cut off when selecting them
Fixed bug with updating Calendar Events
Fixed bug when deleting a Team Role
Revamped User Role section
Revamped Email Templates to support multiple languages
RTL support added to all layouts
Added option to specify the cache time for dashboard data to Global Settings (admin panel)
Updated Imap to specify strings for ticket replies
Updated HTML filter to allow Greek, Italian and French characters
Invoices now use Paying Accounts- allows you to store multiple accounts that contain invoice paying into information, such as addresses, payment gateway API keys etc.
Added new Project Overview section which shows Tasks, Files, Chat and more about a specific project.
Dashboard now shows list of your projects by default (recently was just for clients).
Updated Team Display page to show First Name, Lastname and Username of user.
You can now set tasks to be Archived. They will then stay in the Archived List and won’t show up in other areas of the site.
Implemented Custom Fields for Users
Implemented Gantt Chart for Projects.
You can now add Task Members directly from the Add Task page
Revamped new profiles
Added in Profile Comments
Option to disable profile commens in Admin Panel
Option for user to disable their own profile comments added to User Settings
Option for users to provide their own social media accounts added to User Settings + Displayed on profiles
Set default Client User Role in Admin Panel
Quotes Section has now been revamped to Leads Section
Leads section allows you to collect User Information to be converted into a User later on
View Leads area revamped, includes Lead Notes, Custom Statuses and Custom Sources.
Implement brand new Live Chat system
Live chat allows you to chat with any user on the system in real time. Live Chat can be enabled / disabled. Users with the User Role Live Chat can access the system.
Live chat allows you to chat with multiple users at the same time.
Can view Live Chat history, Edit Chat title, Add new users / Remove users, view online users, start group chat with Project Team and more.
Live Chat settings added to Admin Panel
Fixed small issue with file manage folder names showing up blank.
New cron reminders: Tasks which are due within 7 days reminders, Calendar events for the week, Assigned Tickets awaiting a response.
You can now assign user groups to ticket categories. Whenever a new ticket is created in a category, all users in the user groups are alerted of new tickets.
Social Login Icons only show up when the API keys have been added.

Hi, I am very interested in your plugin. And I want to ask you some questions before buying

Whether this plugin should stand alone or I can form it in wordpress that already has a theme? i hope you can understand what i mean.


Hi RRgraph,

Thanks for your interest!

This isn’t a WordPress Plugin, but a standalone system. You install it like you would a new Wordpress site; it needs it’s own space on your server (sub-folder or sub-domain are fine!) and it’s own mysql database. It doesn’t interact with any other WordPress components, including themes.

Hope that helps :)


nellieboy Purchased


Great piece of work. Love it so far…

However: I do have one question. I have changed the client permissions to just “ticket client”, but it still shows the menu item projects. Can we disable that as well, we just need the tickets for the clients.

Please let me know. Thanks!


It can be done with a small code edit. Send me an email and I’ll give you the details/do it for you :)


hi there
I’m interested on your piece of art. Some prebuy questions if i may ask.
Do you intend to implement stock function?
For stock section i’m interested to be able to add different components for my final products with different unit measures like : linear meters , pieces , sets , square meters. Do you intend to implement estimation function?
For this section i need that my clients to be able to send estimates to administrator or to any staff member that has the right to see estimates.

Thx in advance

Hi jhfg2005,

Right now there aren’t any plans to implement a stock function; but I can add it to my user feedback log so that if others suggest it in the future I can consider it for future updates :)

If we get extended license can we install it and sell accounts to users?

Hi Mark,

I already responded to your email about this and just letting you know I’m waiting on Envato to reply :)

Greetings! :) Pre-sales question. I am the projects manager for a tiny house builder. We need this for an in-house project costs and labor tracker. If we create user accounts for our contractors, can they go in and record their time spent, per project, per house?

Hi Kelleychambers,

They can definitely record time for per project. But there isn’t a “per house” feature. They could add a note to the timer to signify which house is being logged for.

Hope that helps :)