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is there a client portal and can you set user roles for different users under the same com,pany?


The portal reacts/changes based on the user’s User Role. I.e. If the user doesn’t have access to the Task section, it won’t be displayed.

You can set a different user role for each user. Not sure what you mean by company however.

hi … can i generate the “Finance report” and export it to PDF??


Currently it cannot.

Hello, does the system deliver installed and configured? Do I need to add the Portuguese language of Brazil as well?


You will need to follow the install instructions found in the documentation. You can see that here:

The system does include a Portuguse-Brazil translation with it.

Hello, we need to enter users manually, there is a way to not get the email notification of registration. In practice we have to create a historical customer


You can add users via the Admin Panel -> Manage Members area.

Hi, How to add the datepicker field in the Add member? Do i need to include any jquery for it? Thanks


You can add the CSS class datepicker to the input field and it should load the date picker.

Thanks. I resolved it.

Hi! I liked your script. But I have one request and few queries before purchase. 1) Please make Project field as ajax search instead of drop down i.e Because company may have 1000 of projects. And it is very time taking to search project name in drop down.

2) We need Indian currency and $ currency both. Because some of our client pay in indian currency and some of our client pay in $ currency. Is it possible?

3) Will you integrate Indian Payment Gateway in future?

4) I have Shared Hosting. Will it work on that? Do you have any special requirement from hosting? If yes please mention that. 5) I am unable to add team member in your demo panel. So, I am not able to check worker login. Also some changes does not work. Like while I change rights to any user it is not working. Anyways do you have refund policy. Suppose if I am not satisfied with this script, will I get refund?

Thanks Vineet

5) I am unable to add team member in your demo panel. So, I am not able to check worker login. Also some changes does not work. Like while I change rights to any user it is not working. Anyways do you have refund policy. Suppose if I am not satisfied with this script, will I get refund?


You can request a refund if you are not satisfied. Normally, 21 days is maximum time I will grant a refund :)

Hope that helps!

Hi, I like your script! Great work. Before buy just any questions. I need to attach to my project many documents that haven’t stored in the database or my space (I’m in hosting and machine have only 20GB). The customer must be able to attach their document using cloud store services (for example one from dropbox or google drive or owncloud etc). Do you have plan to add google drive key in this way I can use google drive for example? Or you have a way to make this? Thanks for reply


Right now I don’t have plans to add Google Drive storage or something similar. I can look into it and research to see if it can be added but I can’t make any promises.

@Patchesoft Thanks for reply. I hope that this file can be useful for your look for Regards

Thank you! I will take a look and see what I can do with it :) Thanks!

your software provide below features ?

Required Main Features:

- invoice subscriptions - sms feature - indian payment gateway - Offline Payment Option - indian currency - support ticket - mobile app - Item/ products Management - Recurring invoice - Add exprencess and income - Client Management - Staff Management - Project Management - Proposals


It doesn’t include all those features.

Hello. I love this product. Is there anyway i can remove some buttons from Client side. I don’t need the to have the option of deleting a task.


You can modify the sidebar links in this file: application/views/layout/sidebar_links.php.

These links show up based on user role, so look for the code which displays the links if they are a client.

Also, you can change the User Role permission of the client in the Admin Panel -> User Roles section.

This is exactly what I need – question: do you have plans to implement a bitcoin payment gateway? Any plans for cryptocurrency gateway?

Thank you – I think I can integrate a crypto gateway, and yes Stripe does take bitcoin but immediately converts it to fiat, so that’s a deal-breaker for me. I want to keep the payment in crypto. Anyway, it would be nice – look into CoinPayments or Blockonomics :)

Super easy to install and setup – thanks for this, just what I needed and easy to tweak to my needs :)


Okay great! Let me know which crypto-gateway you use and if it works well for you :)

Hi, the system have a gannt graphy?


It does have a basic one for each project. To view it, you need to go to:

Projects -> View and then click the Gantt chart button.

when clicking tickets this appears and when i try to login .. i click login . nothing happens

just check the error in the console ,


Can you send me an email with your site details? I may need FTP access to debug what is going on? For some reason your site is rejecting the CSRF checks and I need to do some checks to see what is causing the issue.



Can i Use it As SaaS Sytem to Run on my website?


This is not a SaaS application and would require you to modify the core code to make it work in a SaaS environment.

Could we create a custom ticket?


What do you mean? Check out the demo section to see how tickets are created. You can add custom fields to tickets, but you can’t create complete custom ticket forms.

“custom ticket” that is what i need :-(


Unfortunately right now it does not include that then :(