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Human Resources, something simple? To add a track for Job Applicants… so I can track them, is this in the system, maybe I don’t see it?


This currently isn’t in the system.

Hi Everyone,

The latest update is now live (Version 1.8). Updates include:

Updated to version C3.1.9

Fixed issue with custom fields for registration

Fixed issue with resizing avatars

Fixed issue with deleting profile comments

Fixed translation issues

NEW; Can now create Calendar Events for Tasks automatically. When a Task has it’s Due Date set, the event is created in the Project’s Calendar. Works with Google Calendar too.

Updated Calendar to show the Task the event belongs to.

Project Avatars now will resize if too big.

Gantt Chart has been updated to use Google Charts

Added Task Dependencies which works with the Gantt chart

Added Setup Wizard for new installations

You can now add Timers to Invoices; the cost of the timer is calculated by time x hourly rate.

Timers now have a new status: Unpaid or Paid

Option to add Finance entry from Invoice

Added Custom Fields to Projects

Custom Fields displayed on Project View page

Added Export Options to most tables: CSV, PDF, Text File, Print

Added reoccurring expenses for Finance section


i get this error when i want to setup up the databaseof the new version :


Thanks for reporting that. Are you importing the new database.sql file or update.sql file? Can you let me know the steps you take so i can figure out what might be causing the issue for you.

Love the software well done! Only thing not working for me is adding an attachment to the documentation.. I am getting this db error.

Error Number: 1048

Column ‘documentid’ cannot be null

INSERT INTO `document_files` (`file_name`, `name`, `documentid`, `file_type`, `extension`, `file_size`, `userid`, `timestamp`) VALUES (‘611a9f4c8e2fcf410d5c7734b86369af.docx’, ‘NLDC_Minutes_091118.docx’, NULL, ‘application/msword’, ’.docx’, 30.89, ‘1’, 1537198446)

Filename: models/Documentation_model.php

Line Number: 46

Should the documentid be a random number or maybe epoch timestamp or something?


Thanks for reporting this. DocumentID should actually be the ID of the document the file is attached to. Looks like it’s missing somewhere. Can you send me an email with your site and I’ll debug the issue and apply a fix for you :)

I can’t view the demo.. all I get is “A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1146 Table ‘titan.site_settings’ doesn’t exist SELECT `site_name`, `site_desc`, `site_email`, `upload_path_relative`, `upload_path`, `site_logo`, `register`, `disable_captcha`, `date_format`, `avatar_upload`, `file_types`, `twitter_consumer_key`, `twitter_consumer_secret`, `disable_social_login`, `facebook_app_id`, `facebook_app_secret`, `google_client_id`, `google_client_secret`, `file_size`, `paypal_email`, `paypal_currency`, `payment_enabled`, `payment_symbol`, `global_premium`, `calendar_type`, `google_calendar_id`, `calendar_timezone`, `google_calendar_api_key`, `disable_ticket_upload`, `protocol`, `protocol_path`, `protocol_email`, `protocol_password`, `protocol_ssl`, `ticket_title`, `login_protect`, `activate_account`, `fp_currency_symbol`, `enable_calendar`, `enable_tasks`, `enable_files`, `enable_team`, `enable_time`, `enable_tickets`, `enable_finance`, `enable_invoices`, `enable_notes`, `enable_leads`, `default_user_role`, `install`, `secure_login`, `enable_reports`, `date_picker_format`, `calendar_picker_format`, `google_recaptcha_secret`, `google_recaptcha_key`, `google_recaptcha`, `logo_option`, `enable_services`, `layout`, `cache_time`, `imap_ticket_string`, `imap_reply_string`, `profile_comments`, `client_user_role`, `enable_chat`, `chat_update`, `avatar_width`, `avatar_height`, `resize_avatar`, `chat_online_client`, `enable_docs`, `doc_view_all`, `dashboard_services` FROM `site_settings` WHERE `ID` = 1 Filename: libraries/Settings.php Line Number: 37”

Try now for me.

You must have viewed the demo at the exact moment the demo data resets.

Is KANBAN on the road map ? else.. can you do a custom development ?


KANBAN isn’t currently on the roadmap- I’m not even sure what it is. Can you explain?

Here is the link for KANBAN. If we can have that implemented for Tasks & Tickets

dqhelp Purchased

Hello, My entire site was hacked and they deleted some of important files of application folder. I’m trying to re-install the script [using old database]

Post installation I got this message: The application has already been installed. A new admin account cannot be recreated. If you need to recreate the admin account, try a fresh installation (drop the database).

I tried to access the site using default folder it reflecting error:

Error 404 – Not Found

The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

How to resolve this >? I’ll appreciate quick help on this.


The install message can be fixed by changing the site_settings table. You need to modify the column “install” and change it’s vaue to 1. It should currently be set at 0.

For your 404 error, it sounds like the .htaccess file is missing. You should reupload that and make sure it includes your folder name within it.

Check out the installation docs here:


eloelic Purchased

Hello, i have in email in FROM: =?UTF-8?Q?Klientsk=C3=A1=20z=C3=B3na=20fof?==?UTF-8?Q?, ?= s.r.o. where is the problem?


Can you give me a little more detail. Where are you getting this error? What email is being sent?


I am interested in your script, but i found 2 things that doesn’t make sense to me.

1. On users role doesn’t allow superadmin to restrict staff member from delete leads, projects, task, calendar events etc.

2. Staff member can update their hourly rate, there is not option to disable.

Let me know if that is something can you fix before i buy the script.



1) Certain user roles don’t have the ability to delete. So the Task Manager role can delete tasks, but Task Worker cannot.

2) There isn’t an option to disable it right now. If it’s something you don’t need, you could modify the code to remove it.


I want to buy the system,

Is if I paid $ 16 for technical support, you will do the installation of the system to me on my own server?

What are the advantages of your technical support?

Wait for your reply as soon as possible!