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Hello CreativeMilk,

First off let me just say what a beautiful job you have done here with titan menu, I love the look in the screenshots but i have two questions.

Is there any live preview so i can see how it works ?

Last but not least, Are there any new updates to this before i go ahead and purchase it ?

I seen complaints and i don’t want to buy unless I’m sure it going to work for me as described

Hello, no there isn’t an live preview available. The plugin has been update, but there is an update planned to be compatible with bootstrap, but I am not sure when this will be released. We have resolved the issues, as most of them where user related. If you do run into some issue you can always email us, and we will try to solved them(if it’s plugin related offcourse)

Hello again CreativeMilk,

Thanks for the Response, I think i might most likely purchase it today and see how it goes.

Best Regards.

Hello CreativeMilk,

Is there a way to HIDE the down arrow.

I have a few navigation options and while I want some to have the arrow, I want some to still have a drop-down menu but no arrow.

Please let me know if that can be done.

Also, I was testing this on the iPad and iPhone.

I noticed that if you click the menu then it works and expands the drop-down menu. However, that menu stays on the screen. I would assume that it would disappear after a certain amount of time or as soon as a click/touch was registered somewhere on the screen. Any plans to fix that?


The menu contains a span tag with the comment arrow inside, remove this.

Yes I do see that the menu stays open, we have fixed this with a click outside the menu. It will be uploaded now, so in a couple of days can be downloaded.

Thanks for the fast reply, CreativeMilk. It is very much appreciated.

I’m glad you were able to fix the “menu staying open on touch devices” problem. That is good news. I’ll wait a couple days, then download it and send you an update. It is my pleasure to help you make this great script as good as it can be!

In regards to the “removing the arrow”.

If I take away this: <span><span><!-- arrow --></span></span>

Then it does seem to hide that down arrow icon, which is good.

I did notice one other thing…

Does the top-level menu have to be a link to ”#”?

For example, I currently have this: <li><a href="#">555-555-5555</a></li> If I change it to this: <li style="color: #FFF;">555-555-5555</li> Then it messes up the location/alignment of the drop-down menu. It’s possible that the A tag on the top-level is required, but I thought I’d ask to see if there was a way around this since I don’t really need my phone number being a link (or changing the cursor to appear like it was hovering over a link).

Lastly, I’m trying to cut down on the CSS file size so it has a smaller footprint on the load times. If I am NOT using the “Inside Menu”, do you have a list of styles I can remove? I’m currently just doing trial-and-error but it’s taking a while.

Many thanks for your help!!!

If you do remove the a tag you should replace it by an other tag like an span and give these the same styles as the a tag has.

The styles that you can remove are the things that you dont want to use, I cant give you any details about that, you just pick a color, use the titanmenu.css and thats it.

Hi CreativeMilk,

I am currently testing out your script with jQuery 1.9.1, as that is the latest version.

There were some substantial changes from older versions, so jQuery actually developed a migration tool: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate/#readme

When I run this with your script, I only get one warning. (The good news is that there’s only one!)

JQMIGRATE: jQuery.fn.toggle(handler, handler...) is deprecated

Can you look into what is causing that? Your script is really good, but it would be great if it was fully compatible with the latest version of jQuery.

Many thanks!

LOL… well, that makes it nice and easy. I thought the migrate script was flagging items that were removed in the new version of jquery, but existed in your script. So, when I saw that one alert, I figured you were using that removed call somewhere.

No the migrate script is build to make sure that old code/plugin dont stop working. As the 1.9 core is pretty new not all have updated there code, therefor the migrate script.

Updated the file, it now works with 1.9.1, you will get an email if the file is ready to download.

Hi CreativeMilk,

I thought you would like to know about two problems with your most recent version (2.1).

1. The changelog says you fixed the problem where the menu does not disappear on mobile touch devices (such as an iPhone). I have deployed your new version, but your update does NOT work. If you click on a menu, it basically stays on the screen until you click on another menu or go to a different screen. (Tested in Safari and Chrome on the iPhone).

2. I think you forgot to update the minified version of your script when you re-uploaded it. I used a ‘diff’ command to identify the changes between 2.0 and 2.1 of the non-minified version and can see the change you made. However, in the minified version, that change does not exist.

Can you please fix these two problems?

Thanks in advance… hope this helps!

Envato has a new notification system so you wil get an email if the file is ready to download.

Hi CreativeMilk,

I got the notification about the update.

I downloaded it, integrated the updates, and I am VERY HAPPY to report that touch-support (iPhone/iPad) is working MUCH better.

Thanks a lot for getting that working.

We’re opening this up to more customers soon so if they report any issues, I’ll let you know… this way we can make sure your script (which is great) is bulletproof!


Good to hear! :)

Hi CreativeMilk,

So, my users have done a lot of testing and for the most part everything works great! Seriously wonderful job on this script!

There is just one major problem that we’ve identified that I’m wondering if you can help with.

I have a drop-down menu that appears on the right side of my GUI. Within this drop-down menu, there is a sub-menu that pops-out to the right.

The problem is that the script seems to have no awareness of the “browser size”. So, when it expands the sub-menu, it actually displays it outside of the browser viewable area.

What this means is that if a user has a smaller screen and a lower resolution (1024×768), then the initial menu appears fine, but the sub-menu opens off the screen. This makes it impossible to view and/or click on anything.

Is it possible for the script to have an awareness of the browser size so that if it detects that the menu is going to appear “off” the screen where it cannot be seen, it knows to pop-out the sub-menu to the LEFT as opposed to the RIGHT. This way it remains viewable. I have seen other scripts that do this.

Does that make sense?

Also, I am so impressed by your work and grateful for your help that I’m going to purchase the extended license of your “Power Tour” as well. Just two questions about that: (1) Is there any reasons having Power Tour and Titan Menu on the same screen would cause a conflict? (2) You updated Titan Menu to work with jQuery 1.9.1 so now that is what I’m using on my page. Will PowerTour work with 1.9.1 as well?

Many thanks in advance!

It can happen that the menu will exceeds the screen, because of this we added the inline submenu. I will take a look if we can add a option for this, but I cant promise anything as where are very busy at the moment.

No problem. I prefer the pop-out menu, but if I have no choice then I’ll go with the inline sub-menu.

Can you also let me know about my “Power Tour” question because ideally I would like to purchase that today?


Hi Creative Milk,

My sincere apologies for all the postings….. your script is great and I’m so eager to use it in production, but I really need it to work properly on touch devices.

Unfortunately, although your latest version (2.2) works better than 2.1 on touch devices, there is still a bug somewhere.

In Safari on an iPad, when you tap a menu, it appears for a quick second, but then immediately disappears.

My beta testers have said “it’s impossible to click”.

Apparently sometimes it works properly (and the menu stays until you click something on the menu or click somewhere else on the screen), but many times it just flashes and is then gone.

I checked this on your demo page as well to make sure it wasn’t the result of some customizations or conflicting code on my end.

Can you please take another look at this?

Hopefully it’s something straightforward, since it seems close to working.


I spend (again) me free day on solving this issue as the developers dont have time at the moment, because the plugin should work proper. So I have made some changes as there where some other issues going on as well, but it works now, I have tested it and I will submit it now, you will get an email once it’s aporven and ready to download. Sorry about the issue, the file should have worked on all touch devices :)

Hi CreativeMilk,

I feel terrible that I keep making you miss out on your ‘free day’, but I do certainly appreciate your help. You rock!

I think your script is great and I know if it can be perfect, then it would be amazing… and I’m sure many many many other people will buy it (they definitely should!).

Hopefully your updates will get it working properly on touch-devices.

The moment I get the notification email, I will download it and report back with my findings right away.

Thanks again!

I am not sure what the “useTap” is for!

I assume it is to support mobile devices with touch support, but Google Chrome returns false positives to your check in line 61 so even your “live preview” will not work in Chrome.

I suggest one of two things …

1.) make useTap a plugin option … or 2.) check for mobile device as well as touch support



Ok thats pretty strange as I have looked on the same OS and with version 27.0.1453.81 beta-m of chrome still no error.

And yes the are not the same, what I meant to say was that I dont have to check for mobile and touch as mobile without touch support is the same as desktop therefor I only check for touch support.

The plugin checks for touch support(the same check is used in the modenizr plugin) so its pretty strange that you will get an error. So at this moment I cant help you as you’re the first with this error.

No worries.

Like I said … I have already fixed my issue.

Perhaps I get the error because my desktop is a touch device, but I find it odd that none of the other browsers report the same error.

I have Safari, Firefox, IE9, and Google Chrome.

Only Chrome exhibits the error.

And … mobile without touch is the same as desktop … but … desktop with touch is not the same as mobile.

I think that thats the issue, as not many have a desktop with touch support, but because it’s only in chrome it can be an issue in chrome self and hopefully this will be fixed in an update. Its strange that it’s chrome and not IE this time.

Is there a way to handle menu items that have long names. For example, if I have a name that is more than about 20 characters, it tries to wrap to the next line, but the text isn’t visible.

Any help is appreciated!

Open the titanmenu.css file and go to line 207 and change the height and padding rules.

    padding:6px 0 6px 10px;

Perfect! Thanks for the quick response!