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Eclipse or android studio ?

Hello there,

This project has been implemented using Unity3D 5 along with Sublime Text 2.

Hi When you import a project gives 173 error on the console. Yes, and I did not find Video tutorials in the archive? He exists?

Hello there,

What version of Unity are you using? I’ll add video according to customers needs. You can send me an email with the screenshots of the error you’re having.

Thank you

Don’t forget to do the full configuration before running the project!

Hi I am missing all the achievements in splash/config there is only leaderboard, app id and ads. I am using unity 5.2

Got it!...was commented out in the script lol

hello there! Email me if you have any doubt, and please don’t forget to rate!

Assets/Resources/Scripts/Services.cs(3,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name `GooglePlayGames’ could not be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

unity 5.3 not possible to build because several related issues to google play games

could you update this or remove this ?

Hello there, Simply configure everything (achievements, etc etc) before running the game. At the same time you may comment the lines of code related to the google play services to avoid running into this error.

Summary: The error is caused by the miss configuration of the google play services.


I wonder , what version of unity , and I need to do in the game before publishing ?

Hi there, you need to used Unity 5.0+

The game is ready for publishing

thank you

hei can this game use unity free edition ?

hi there, yes you may!

Excellent job

hi, check ur email