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Demo still not fixed…. may need to look at a different product. I’ll give you more time.

I apologise, I ended up going away for the weekend. It will be fixed within the hour.

It’s been fixed. :)

Just to let you know, when I first tried to install the program, it said “MySQL Version: mysqlnd 5.0.10 – 20111026” however, my database version is 5.5.43-log. I’m not sure how the program tries to find the database version, but it’s not correctly getting the version information.

This doesn’t affect the installation process. I think it’s really a very tiny bug.

Ah that’s strange – I’ll have a look into getting the correct version.

Thanks for the report!

I now have this running on a Raspberry Pi 2. Works wonderfully. Better than on my big servers.

Good to hear :) I also have it running on my Pi 2!

Hi, Im not receiving the email alerts, can you help me please? where can I configure the email settings (smtp etc…)?

Hi, it uses PHP’s inbuilt mail() function. You will need to ensure that the server running TinyMTR has an email server. :)

is not working, is a cPanel server with exim. I not receiving the alerts. Can you help me?

Please contact me via my profile page: http://codecanyon.net/user/ialex with your FTP details and I can take a look :-)


I’m getting a lot of errors, I’m running PHP Version 5.4.40 on VPS.

overview.php 1.)Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in /home/indiehid/public_html/server/inc/tinymtr.class.php on line 261 2.)Warning: Division by zero in /home/indiehid/public_html/server/overview.php on line 99 monitor.php?page=1 1.)Notice: Undefined index: view in /home/indiehid/public_html/server/monitor.php on line 401 cron.php 1.)Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in /home/indiehid/public_html/server/inc/tinymtr.class.php on line 261 /* Merge the arrays */ $expData = array_merge($expData1, $expData2, $expData3, $expData4); statistics.php 1.)Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/indiehid/public_html/server/statistics.php on line 88 2.)Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/indiehid/public_html/server/statistics.php on line 98

Hello these are not “errors” but PHP “notices”. I’ll have a look into why these are happening.

good evening

I have 2 servers

1 in the US 1 in BR

as I do the configuration of the monitoring?


Sorry for the late reply – do you mean you want to monitor these servers? Or use them for pinging?


Will get this sorted sometime this week :-)

demo? http://tinymtr.com/ domain is for sale so enjoy while working.

Hi there,

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Kindly let me know if you are available onn skype and we could discuss further.

BR Harshada Chaudhari

Hi, sorry only Nexmo is supported for now.

Pleas fix the Demo!

Hi, I will try and get the demo back up this weekend :-)

Hi Alex, the wiki ti install your own remote monitors is incorrect: 2016-05-02 14:58:57- http://uk.v6node.uk/install/MtrNodes.sh Resolving uk.v6node.uk (uk.v6node.uk)... failed: Name or service not known. wget: unable to resolve host address ‘uk.v6node.uk’

nothing is working after install it, example i want to Monitor the remote server i placed the file on the server Root folder not work and placed on the web public access not work

I am total unhappy with this Script , NO proper document


Documentation is provided with the script, when you visit the remote server TinyMTR.php file can you see the values?

Can you send me a link?


Demo won’t work?

Demo is back up :)

demo is not working.

Please email alex@picotory.com to see demo etc. :-)

If I purchase, will the file to run a seperate external server still be included – as I can see, the demo domain and all associated domains with the files are all down, or non-existent.

The file to run your own external server is still included :-)

Demo is off :(

Demo has been updated – sorry about that :)

Resolving uk.v6node.uk… failed: Name or service not known. wget: unable to resolve host address `uk.v6node.uk’

This is no longer available – I will follow up in an email. :-)

hi.. this does look promising.. can you please tell me on the demo.. how can i set the port.. can it monitor on port 8082.. as my application runs on that port.. also could you confirm how can we check the disk space usage etc.. from the console for all other servers??

Answers below… :-)

1 – You can host this on a shared server – you can also monitor shared servers too. The only thing that might not work is the reporting of disk space/memory usage, as shared servers restrict these type of readngs or they will report the full (non-shared) amount.

2 – Hardware as in what type of hardware? This is limited to disk space/memory and load.

3 – You will need a PHP file on the end servers to read the memory/disk space and load, if you cannot do this, you can still ping the servers and get the response times back from them.

Hope this helps!

this does help.. thanks.. :) one last thing.. does it work on all types of OS? is there anything specific i need at the end server which i want to monitor (where the PHP file will reside and collect info)

It will that support nginx/apache and PHP, and the end server will have to be the same with a webserver and PHP. :-)


AttaCK Purchased


Online dokuments says about 1.2.1 version but my version looks like 1.1.0

How can we get newest version?

Thank you; good job by the way :)

Feel free to email me from my profile page and I can send you the 1.2.1 changes if needed though!


AttaCK Purchased

Mail sent. Cannot make it work even ping side btw :)

Have you uploaded the TinyMTR.php file to the address you are pinging?

Also what version of PHP are you using? Could you resend the email to alex[at]picotory.com please. :-)