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Nice and unique plugin. GLWS!


Great plugin, bookmakred!

Is it possible to edit a formula?

Now, you can insert a formula once and cannot edit it, we will support it later.

Neat & Clean Plugin. Wanted Font Color. I Will buy plugin. Have you any plan for Geometry/Graph plugin for Tinymce in near future.

For eg. ( This is just Sample )

Thanks. Sorry, I have no plan for Tinymce Geometry/Graph plugin lately.

hi i get “Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension..” error when run index.html !

You cannot open the index.html directly on browser. Please check the documentation on doc/index.html to install the plugin.

thank u for reply i install it on tinymce in this link and all font path is correct but error still exist

Pre-Sale Question :

In Feature List point No.5 : “Pure Front-End,no Sever support.” but I Wanted to integrate this script with WordPress. So does it is possible.from demo it is not clear. Will you support in this case ?

If the wordpress use tinymce editor, this plugin is good for you.

Hi, I have made a formula plugin for wordpress :

hi – i want set tinymce content with saved formul for users can edit it but tinymce show me base64 image data .please help me.

Good morning,

We are an editorial project and we are creating the mathematic material for the secondary schools.

As I understood from FAQs, we need the Extended License. But I have some doubts. Our publications would be for more than 52 editions books. Is this still the right license?

In your mathematical platform we will need some other functions that you don’t offer. I don’t know if it is because you don’t have them, or could you offer them in the future? The functions that we miss are, for example: polynomial operations (like division between two polynomials), Ruffini’s method.

this link is not working

Hello, check demo in chrome browser, it’s broken. How i can fix it?

when the editor is started in Chrome “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘mapping’ of null”, in Firefox – ok, How i can fix it?

Please re download it. It’s has been fixed.

Thanks, it works. How can i add a new formula template in the built-in section?

Sorry, it has no way to add a new formula template in the built-in section


I’ve inserted in formula editor, and as a result I’ve got incorrect rendering in tinymce and in formula editor.

Could you tell me what could solve this problem?


Hi.. I have a question. Suppose I created some equation and submit the form for saving it to database. What about those equation… will it be saved as image if so where. Please explain

Well now icon come but when I click on the icon.. popup opening and I am getting this error tinymce/plugins/leaui_formula/index.php was not found on this server.

index.php file is not there in your zip file. Please help us to setup it properly. Thanks

I got it… it works.. let me test it and let u know. Thanks

Great plugin… but i used tinymce version 3 :( .

Hey LeaUI,

just purchased your plugin for tinymce.

Uploaded files to plugins folder and created a folder named leaui_code_editor containing the files.

initialized tinymce with your code from the docs but button doesn’t appear.

Any idea to get it work?


I would like to know if this supports Angular 1.X?

Thanks, Dallas

Hi Dear

I am facing the same problem

Uploaded files to plugins folder and created a folder named leaui_code_editor containing the files.

initialized tinymce with your code from the docs but button doesn’t appear.

My initialization Code :

tinymce.init({ selector: ’.tiny_textarea_1’, height: 500, theme: ‘modern’, relative_urls: false, convert_urls: false, remove_script_host : false, plugins: [ ‘leaui_code_editor’, ‘advlist autolink lists link image charmap print preview hr anchor pagebreak’, ‘searchreplace wordcount visualblocks visualchars code fullscreen’, ‘insertdatetime media nonbreaking save table contextmenu directionality’, ‘emoticons template paste textcolor colorpicker textpattern imagetools’, ‘bootstrap’ ], paste_data_images: true, toolbar1: ‘insertfile undo redo | styleselect | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | link image’, toolbar2: ‘leaui_formula | print preview media | forecolor backcolor emoticons’, toolbar3:”bootstrap”, image_advtab: true, bootstrapConfig: { ‘imagesPath’: ‘http://localhost/sas/images_all/' },


How can i make it work . Thanks

change folder name to leaui_formula .also change plugin to ‘leaui_formula’ .

Dear Author,

We purchased a copy of the tinyMice formula editor. The formula list appears to be incomplete compared to what are available in the Word formula editor. In particular, we are looking for Matrix entry feature. Is this something that you can provide in the new edition or some setting in the code that turns on this feature?

Your response is critical to our future adoption of your formula editor.,

Thanks and regards,

Fong Mak Managing Director MAKTEAM Software 814-504-1283

Hi, we are trying to integrate your plugin with TinyMCE 4, however, it say, plugin not found if i go with instructions mentioned in your documentation. please suggest how to use that as formula folder name is different from what you mentioned in documentation.

Hi, please upload the files to the tinymce plugins’ folder.

Hi, please upload the files to the tinymce plugins’ folder.

hello I buy “ TinyMCE4 Formula Editor “ but I cant install it please help me. I really need your hellp. I cant Programming . what dose “Upload the files to the tinymce plugins’ folder.” mean?

I haven’t this folder (tinymce) in my filemanger (in cpanel) is tinymce a editor plugin

i found editor folder but i cant set number “2.Update your tinymce configuration to add `leaui_formula` plugin, eg:” i send email for you to access my host or website.

Sorry, install this plugin, you must has some experience on software developing

jakesh harumzadeh

Hi, today i purchased the formula editor, i installed it but it doesn’t work; the pop up window opens but the plugin is just loading, I only see the spin, the cancel and insert formula buttons. I bought this plug in because i need a formula editor quickly. regards.

iit works now, but when i try using iis7 it doesn’t load.

where is the support?

Hi , how can i preview the editor math img in html ? its display empty base64


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