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Hi Migli, just purchased your plugin. I built a custom theme and the plugin is not seeing the bootstrap css in the admin section. I chose the ‘custom’ option in the dropdown list and put the path to my css file with bootstrap css and some custom css but still nothing.

Hi Bernardtltd,

Thanks for purchase.

Could you please send me your wp login ? I’ll solve this for you.


Hello, i try your plugin today but nothing work, i see button of the plugin on my wiziwig but work bad (see pictures on the end)

the wordpress is on 4.6.1, i use Advabced custom field

could you plz help me?

What i do : -upgrade tinymce - install tiny mce bootstrap by upload tinymce-bootstrap-plugin.zip, activate it, configure option.


(you have screenshot on pictures here) http://www.noelshack.com/2016-49-1481021314-screenshot-06-12-2016-11-46-24.jpg http://www.noelshack.com/2016-49-1481021314-screenshot-06-12-2016-11-46-40.jpg


It seems Bootstrap css is not present in your admin.

If you want me to have a look, please send me your wp login & pass here : my contact form

I answered you by email


omazon Purchased

Hi, newly just of buy the plugin of bootstrap for tinymce, but to the install it I get this: https://s27.postimg.org/uyyryydtf/Captura.jpg I would like to me help to solve this problem. Thank you

That’s ok, I accepted your refund request. Sorry if my plugin can’t be used with your theme.

Have a nice day


omazon Purchased

Hi migli, during all these days I was doing multiple tests and analyzing of the because of the conflict of your plugin and at the end I managed to find out the problem. Is that not was the DIVI but the plugin’s security (All-in-one-security) in the section of firewall had an option that protects against attacks XSS. https://s28.postimg.org/xrp1ugy0t/Captura.jpg

Making tests I noticed that that option blocking the request GET of your plugin and by such reason not showed the result, it disabled and now all works correctly.

Hi Omazon,

Thanks for information – unfortunately I didn’t tried to disable this plugin.

So you’ll have to buy license again because I accepted your refund (you should get refund in the incoming days).

Thanks again,;


HI, can you add the feature that user can upload images directly from local with your plguin? Thank you very much.


This is a big stuff, and I’ll not work on this since there already other good solutions for this.

Most users upload their images from wp media, but if you want to upload from tinyMce :

  1. upload this excellent filemanager
  2. see this tuto to add your filemanager to tinyMce

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



bamaro Purchased

Hi, i’m getting an error when installing the plugin:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_selected() (previously declared in /nas/content/live/templateportal/wp-content/themes/kleo/kleo-framework/lib/function-core.php:159) in /nas/content/live/templateportal/wp-content/plugins/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin.php on line 97

I’m using Themeforest Kleo theme. Is there any way to resolve this?

Hi Bamaro,

Thanks for purchase.

It seems your theme uses the same function name as the plugin. No luck.

But it can easily be solved : just replace ‘get_selected’ with another custom name, for example ‘tbp_get_selected’. Make this with all occurences in tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin.php, and it should work fine.

This change will be present in next update, so you don’t have to worry about the future releases.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



bamaro Purchased

Thanks, It worked!

Great !

So have a nice day,

Hello, What is the proper way to delete elements in the editor. In the demo for example, when I click on a button element and hit “backspace” it only deletes the text.

Also, how do I edit the existing template. When I click the template button it only adds a new template from scratch.


Hello WhitecapCreative, (nice logo)

Thanks for purchase.

There’s no specific way to delete Bootstrap elements : just hit backspace until the element disapears (you can see path at the bottom of tinyMce’s container). But it’s a good idea, I could add this feature using ctrl+del for example. I’ll add this on my TODO list, but it may take some time until I have time to work on this (sorry, I’m really too busy).

Templates are not editable (that’s mentioned on Codecanyon item description). You can of course edit using code editor.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hello I just bye the plugin but it does not works.

  • In the settings page i cant show anay icon (near each checkbox)
  • When I write a post, i see the “B” icon (violet colour) but when i’am clicking nothing works.

I’am using EBPS shortcut plugin (I cant desactivate)

Thank you for your help

all ok

Résolu en ajoutant dans le functions.php :

remove_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘include_bootstrap_css_in_frontend’ );



guicps Purchased

Hello, I sent you an email with my problem through the site … my email is guiih_s@hotmail.com I bought the wrong plugin, I need it for wordpress

Hi Guilherme,

I just answered you by email



jredev Purchased

When using the WordPress editor with this plugin installed, after added columns, how do I get outside of the row to add a new set of columns? I tried using the option + return (on Mac), no luck.

Hi Jredev,

Thanks for purchase.

On PC it works with alt+enter, should correspond to option+enter. It should move cursor outside template. You can add a new template, but not a new row inside template as they’re not editable.

I’m sorry I cannot test as I’ve got no mac, but it should work this way.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi, I am using Newspaper theme from themeforest and the theme is compatible with tinymce editor. Currently I have installed tinymce editor from wordpress. Wil your plugin work if i buy ?. I am not sure what is that bootstrap thing, is it required to be installed ?. Can you tell me what else is required. I am ready to buy the plugin.

You don’t have to install Bootstrap. It’s included with plugin. You can add Bootstrap to your theme & admin in plugin settings.

How do i add bootstrap to the theme ?. And I see this plugin hasn’t been updated since long time. Does it has a good future ?.

Hi TechPaced,

Plugin hasn’t been updated recently only because all seems to work fine for users, and I hadn’t special requests since a few time.

You can add Bootstrap to your theme using plugin settings in WP admin panel.

Feel free to send me WP access if you need more help,


Hello, it appears you have version 2.4 released according to your changelog on this site, but when I download the plugin here the version stated in WordPress says only 2.3.5. How do I get version 2.4? Thanks!

Hi Wpreingold,

This is just a wrong version number in plugin main file. The published version is really 2.4 (you can see it in /wp-content/plugins/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/assets/plugin.js), but it seems I forgot to update version in main file.

It’ll be done in future releases. That said, are you satisfied with plugin ? can I do something else for you ?


Does it support Bootstrap 4?


It doesn’t. I’m waiting for the 1st stable release of BS4, then I’ll update plugin and it will be compatible with both versions (3 & 4).

Currently, some features may work, but others will not and I’ll not work on this before BS4 release.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Actually BS release naming is very cautious. The current alpha is probably more reliable than other frameworks beta or even stable versions, but I understand your position.

Indeed, Bootstrap’s team had a very strange way to manage this version. Anyway I’ll probably loose my time if I work on this alpha. Sorry again.

Hi, how can I use Bootstrap accordions with this Plugin?


You’ll find Bootstrap accordion in snippet tool (star icon) http://tinymce-bootstrap-plugin.creation-site.org/index.html
what’s the cause of this error? Failed to load content css: http://xxxxxxxxx.ch/wp/wp-content/plugins/tinymce-bootstrap-plugin/assets/css/iconpicker/css/ I guess I installed everyhing correctly. Using WP 4.7


I never saw this before. Could you please send me wp access ?

Hi migli; this plugin looks great! Do you know if it works in custom post types and together with the acf (advanced custom fields) – plugin (affects the wysiwyg-editor in acf)? thanks in advance, Alex

Hi Alex,

I think it should.

If you buy and have any issue with ACF or custom post types:

- I’ll try to make it work

- if I don’t succeed you can ask for a refund and I’ll accept.



funworks Purchased

Hi Migli,

I just bought your plugin, and have a little CSS problem in the admin section. I am building a custom theme with bootstrap bundled in it (migrating a webdesign from Django to WP), and configured your plugin with “none – bootstrap is already included in my Theme css”, but an error is shown when I edit a page or post :

Hi Funworks,

Thanks for purchase.

I just tested on my localhost and didn’t find any issue.

Could you please contact me and send me your login & pass?