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Installation worked fine. But when I change to TinyMCE with Bootstrap the editor is only white, it is not loading.

Hello Christian,

Thanks for purchase. If your Joomla admin is not in English, please check

in /index.html (documentation file).

You have to duplicate the 2 language files, and translate to your own language.

If it doesn’t solve your issue, could you please send me your Joomla acces via my profile ?


Hi Migli, I have the same problem (when I change to TinyMCE with Bootstrap the editor is only white, it is not loading) and do not know were to find these languages files…

Hi Richardgo,

Sorry if my explainations weren’t sufficiently clear.

Open index.html inside package and go to translation to find instructions to add your language. First, install plugin using Joomla installer.

Then you have 2 files to duplicate, rename and translate to your language. these files are :

If you have any trouble please contact me via my profile, send me your ftp and I’ll help you.


Hi Migli,

Thank you for your answer, now it works. I have two more questions:

1. I have ordered and paid for the pro version but did not received any link 2. The only thing I want to use it for is creating buttons with a linkto, is there any informations about your tool or documentation?

Many thanks so far!



Hi Richardgo,

1. Do you mean you purchased an extended license ? Can you send me your purchase code ? You may contact directly Envato team if there’s a problem with this.

2. To create link button, just open the Button tool, select the ‘a’ tag and set your href, that’s all. Documentation is index.html file in your package, as usual with Codecanyon.

If you need anything else you’re welcome.


Hello, would your plugin also work for JCE Editor (it is based on TinyMCE)?


Answer is no, you have to use tinyMce, it’ll not work with JCE.

If you need anything else you’re welcome


Our company few days ago bought tinyMCE editor with bootstrap. Right now we facing a small problem that frustrates our developers and most important will be problem for our clients with lack of exerience. We got problems with adding code after layout , accordion or other snipset (screnshot in atachment). We are trying to use combination alt+enter and etc but we cant force change selected element in example go to parent node. Our question is about possible configuration or creating custom plugin to select parent selector by some combination. If it is where we can find some documentation or example how solve the problem.



I know this, and haven’t found until now the ideal solution.

Easy answer is to tell you to create an empty paragraph, then go back to previous position and add element.

But I’ll try to find a better way.

Give you news as soon as I succeed.



I just released the update, you should receive an email when Codecanyon accepts it.

You’ll have to press alt+enter to add an empty paragraph after any Bootstrap element. ctrl + enter will add a line break (

Demo here : http://tinymce-bootstrap-plugin.creation-site.org/index.html

Don’t forget to empty your browser cache.


I have just bought TinyMce Bootstrap plugin for Joomla – it does not work !! I only get a white editor window and JavaScript errors !! I use J! 3.6 – please fix ASAP !!

Hi 13radminen,

Thanks for purchase.

First, if you use other language than English, please make sure this is not a language issue : see /index.html#!/i18n inside package for instructions.

If it doesn’t solve your problem, can you please contact me via my profile and send me your url, login and pass + ftp ?

I’ll solve this as soon as I get your message.


Joomla version lags behind standalone version?

Hi Brian,

No, all versions are up to date. They just don’t have same evolution.


I just bought and installed the tinymce bootstrap plugin and chose it as my default editor. When I try to edit an article the following error appears:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /home/**/public_html/c/plugins/editors/tinymcebootstrap/tinymcebootstrap.php on line 159

Hello Pandalan,

Thanks for purchase, and sorry for this.

It’s a specific problem with php 5.3. I thought this was already corrected, but it seems it’s not the case.

Please :

- Open /plugins/editors/tinymcebootstrap/tinymcebootstrap.php

- Replace line 159 ($bootstrap_elements = [];) with following code :

$bootstrap_elements = array();

Then all should work fine.

I’ll publish the update on Codecanyon.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Thanks a lot, this fixed the issue. After that I had a blank editor, which I solved based on the feedback you gave other people regarding the language settings. All is good now and the extended editor looks really neat, totally worth the purchase.

Thanks to you Pandalan, I just submitted the update to codecanyon.

Hope you’ll have fun with plugin,


Hi there! It’s a nice and clearly arranged editor, but I have some problems using it. Installation and translation worked fine, but as Joomla 3.6 still uses Bootstrap 2, and bootstrap 2 uses span instead of col, the responsive part (full width, half-half etc.) doesn’t work. Bootstrap 3, and the editor seems to be based on 3, uses only col (for example col-sm-12). Is there a solution for it or am I wrong with my guess? Thanks!

Hi Pilazius13,

Thanks for purchase.

You have to use Bootstrap 3.0+ template (that’s in plugin’s main page requirements)

I hope this will not be a big problem for you, because I cannot propose any workaround (sorry, really no way)

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hi Gilles! Ok… Thank you for your prompt reply!

You’re welcome. I hope it’s ok for you with Bootstrap 3 template.


Raystek Purchased

I have 2 issues:

1. The page-width of the article generated with the Editor does not match the width defined in the template.

2. Could not get Image to work. It shows nothing when I browse for images. I checked the path in the Editor plugin settings.

Hi Raystek,

Thanks for purchase.

1. Editor’s width is set to 100% of the container by Joomla itself. Corresponding width in your template is specific to template, you probably have to set an additional with somewhere, but I can’t help more without access.

2. Does you browser throw any error/message in developer tools ?

If you want me to quickly solve this, please send me your Joomla url & access via my contact form. It’s late in France now, but I’ll solve your issues as soon as I wake up on tomorrow.



onthera Purchased

Hello, plugin works fine. But when the path to the directory with images is wrong, doesn’t display any error. Would be great to add to jqueryFileTree.php, if file not exists some echo with warning message. :-)

Hello Onthera,

Thanks for reporting (& for buying).

Error message was ok in standalone version, but not Joomla’s.

I just made correction, it’ll be available in next release.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


Hello, I would like to ask you. If is possible to add list style elements in your plugin.


Bootstrap has no specific list style, but you can add your own snippets. Just paste your code, then use plugin on any page to add your list.

Snippet will always add exactly the same list (same number of items, same classes, ...

If you want to use several different lists the only way will be to create several snippets.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,


The plugin does not work with Joomla 3.6.5 – I get only a “white” window without editor displayed

This does not bring any improvement. PHP version 7.0 is enabled

Found the problem. It was the language, since we have a purely German-speaking side. Automatic Language Selection deactivated and already ran it

The language ! I should have thought about this.

Great. If you need anything else you’re welcome.



cn2803 Purchased

Warning: is_file(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/customers/9/4/4XXX/httpd.wwwtemplates/nivo/images/project1.jpg) is not within the allowed path(s): (/customers/9/4/4/XXX/httpd.www:/customers/9/4/4/XXX/httpd.private:/customers/9/4/4/XXX/tmp:/var/www/diagnostics:/usr/share/php) in /customers/9/4/4/XXX/httpd.www/kunde/media/editors/tinymce/plugins/bootstrap/bootstrap-image.php on line 43

Hi Cn2803,

Thanks for purchase.

You’ve got to setup openbasedir directive in your php.ini.

Your project files has to be allowed.

You can either : – change setting to allow your project root – comment openbasedir line to disable it (add a ”;” at the beginning of line).

Then restart apache and it’ll be ok.

If you need anything else you’re welcome,



gohanova Purchased


This Boostrap-TinyMCE Plugin does work on my Joomla (3.6.5) installation:

I activated the Plugin as the Preview Video on Codecanyon described. When i try to oben an article, to edit it, the editor and the edit page don’t open – i see a white, blank Browser window. Any suggestions?


Thanks for purchase.

Could you please send me your Joomla access using my contact form ?

I’ll see what happens & make it work.



gohanova Purchased

thanks for resolving my problem – i guess this problem has to do with the out of date PHP version, my clients server is using – but migli solved my problem within a view hours!!

Thanks for your help! I will be using this plugin in many future Projects :-)

Thanks to you Gohanova !