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Hi, I have some problems with this plugin. I use the 4.3.8 TinyMCE Standalone version.

- The search function doesn’t work. I’ve to write the full URL - A new Preview (iframe) created can’t be resized or re-edited. I’ve to delete it and create a new preview - A saved preview blocks the opening of tinymce into Chrome because of a security problem. Here the console log answer :

Uncaught SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin ”#URL#” from accessing a frame with origin “https://www.youtube.com”. The frame requesting access has a protocol of “http”, the frame being accessed has a protocol of “https”. Protocols must match.

Can you help me to solve my problems ? Thanks ! Best regards Igor

Then you have some js errors on your page. Also check if your key is okay. The other error can be ignored

I had not informed the API key, now that works perfectly. Very good job !

Works perfectly fine, nice plugin!

Thanks :-)


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I read how to add a language (customize section on your website), I tried but not effect with new language files.

I want have the following language (en,de,it,fr). So ‘en,de’ are already present in the plugin and I want add the ‘it,fr’.

For information the TinyMce translation works fine with the 4 languages.

To summary what I made with the plugin :

- install it (works fine, no error) - create new language files in folder ‘tinymce/plugins/youtube/langs/’ (example it.js) - I copy/past content of English language (provide with the plugin) - change the language tag (first line like this using by TinyMce) and modify the content (translation)

On this step only few words are translated (modal plugin). And if I delete the file it.js just created before, same result. So for me the new language files (plugin) are not applied and the few words translated provide from the TinyMce language file.

Then for the test : - I have tested to modify the (en.js/de.js) include with the plugin and the modification works fine. So the en.js/de.js of plugin is applied correctly.

For information, clear browser cache and use ctrl+F5 during tests.

Can you help me with this please ? Thanks in advance, regards

As descibed no support for this item. tinymce.addI18n(‘it’,{ should work but you should escape the special characters like the de.js

And tested it it just works

tinymce.addI18n('it',{ 'Choose YouTube Video' : 'Cerca YouTube Video', 'Insert Youtube video' : 'Inserisci video di Youtube', 'width' : 'Larghezza', 'height' : 'Altezza', 'skin' : 'Pelle', 'dark' : 'buio', 'light' : 'leggero', 'Search' : 'Ricerca', 'Youtube URL' : 'URL di Youtube', 'Title' : 'Titolo', 'Insert and Close' : 'Inserire e chiudere', 'Insert' : 'Inserire', 'Load More' : 'Carica pi\U00F9', 'cancel' : 'Annulla' });

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Thank you for your reply.

So during my tests, I had no used special chars to be sure. I have tested your code and same problem.

But I found that the language filename must be define in your plugin file to be loaded correctly. (line 12 of /tinymce/plugins/youtube/plugin.min.js) In any case with this way all languages work well.

And for information the translation ‘skin’ need to be ‘Skin’ to be translate (into language file).