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New version is awaiting approval. When bought sent me a mail ( on my contact page ) and I will sent you the new version. (small bug fixes and added button insert and close)

And approved. So get the new version in the download page

Hi, I bought the code. Can I localize in another language?


Hi, It seems not working anymore. Maybe Flickr has changed something?

It doesn’t show any content searching and I get the following errors:

[Error] TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘data.photos.total’) (funzione anonima) (flickr.js, line 66) c (jquery.min.js, line 4) fireWith (jquery.min.js, line 4) k (jquery.min.js, line 6) onreadystatechange (jquery.min.js, line 6)

[Error] TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘data.user.id’) (funzione anonima) (flickr.js, line 46) c (jquery.min.js, line 4) fireWith (jquery.min.js, line 4) k (jquery.min.js, line 6) onreadystatechange (jquery.min.js, line 6)

Demo is working fine. Look at the Support tab how to get help. Live url ect. You are trying a userID ? Send me that name. On the demo you can test with username Envato

Or try a new fresh install. Perhaps you have made a misstake with the localisation (and empty your cache)

Which version of lightbox works with this plugin? Could you please explain how to set it up? or where can I edit the code so that the 2 plugins can work with each other?

just set

var lightbox = true; var relname = ‘lightbox’ (change to any name you need)

then the output will be <a href="" rel="lightbox"></a>

As simple as that. Then install for yourself any lightbox on your website which uses a rel tag

Is there a way to change the output to say: data-lightbox or some other handle instead of rel = ?

Just look into the source (js) and change it for yourself

I’m still trying to trouble shoot why lightbox doesn’t work, but for starters It seems the code for lightbox that your plugin outputs is different than the code that the lightbox plugin accepts. That might not be the only problem, but off the top of my head, thats what I noticed.

If you still haven’t figured it out

Open js/flickr.js and go to line 132 Here you find

var imgrel = ' rel="'+relname+'"';

Suppose you want to use data-lightbox then change it to

var imgrel = ' data-lightbox="'+relname+'"';

It’s not working. I downloaded the last version and changed the Flickr API Key, and nothing appears. I know it’s working on your demo :( It’s necessary any special Flickr configuration API?

check your console in chrome or firefox for any js errors

Can this plugin works with WordPress tinyMCE?

Sure. But you have to convert it into a plugin

Ty, I will try that!

Hey Ceasar, your YouTube insert function is still going good. My suggestion now would be for a Google image search plugin, not to search my Google account, but to do google image search by color, copyright, size , etc.. A plugin with this in it http://www.google.co.uk/advanced_image_search?hl=en and with thumbnail view as well, similar to the Flickr plugin.

Perhaps. The Api is depreciated so this will not be easy :-)

Ok, understood. Google also deprecated their chart api as well and caused me some trouble. If you can make a plugin from image search then great. In the meantime I will explore the current Flickr plugin. Also another idea for you is a tinymce plugin based on soundcloud.

And bing image search has been closed and sued ? But the soundcloud idea is nice. I will look into it

any plans on making it a wp plugin like the youtube one?

Perhaps :-) The problem is that you need a key. for some users that is to difficult

i agree with piglabs, this would be one bad @$$ plugin for wp

You mean I should make it as an plugin for WP or a bad idea ?

Hi Cesar. This one doesn’t seem to be working on your demo. I bought it anyway as it’s a cool concept; setup the Flickr API but doesn’t work for me either. Any suggestions? Thanks, Graham

Works fine the demo for me. I search for jazz and click search it find all the images

You’re quite right, it is working on your demo site. My bad. Couldn’t get the code in the download to work, so in the end I used the flickr.js from your demo site and changed the API to mine, and it’s working fine now.

Great :-)

Very nice job

Hi! Your plugin will be very useful for my project. But before I get it I would like to know if there is a way to change the image size before insert into tinymce because there are established sizes that I would like to change and make my own.

Besides, my original file size is 850px width, so that’s why I want to do these changes.

Thank you!

These are the available sizes


You can easily change flickr.html to your needs