TinyFinder Web File Manager, File Browser for CKEditor

TinyFinder Web File Manager, File Browser for CKEditor

TinyFinder Web File Manager, File Browser for CKEditor

What is TinyFinder?

File (multimedia, document or what you need) upload-search tool, and 100% integrated with CKEditor.
Manage easily all of files, and use them for your form elements.
Project documentation:

Main Features

  • 100% MVC architectural pattern, Ajax requests, Json responses
  • Multiple file uploads with progress bars
  • Upload files using drag and drop from local device
  • Get remote images using drag and drop from any website
  • Easy to integrate and configure in your web application
  • Resizing options for image uploads
  • Configurable thumbnail resolution
  • Multi-language support
  • Templatable system

New Features in v 1.6-RC2

Added: Alternative themes

Added: New languages (de,el,es,fr,it,ja,ru)

Fixed: File list tooltip problems

Requirements & Compatibility

  • TinyFinder is tested on Apache2 http server.
  • PHP 5.3 or better is required.
  • Apache module mod_rewrite is required.
  • Php extensions must be enabled:
    - pdo (sqlite or mysql)
    - gd (for image manipulations)


Version 1.6-RC2
- Added alternative themes
- Added new languages (de,el,es,fr,it,ja,ru)
- File list tooltip problems fixed

Version 1.6-RC1
- Added remote image drag-drop property
- ImageEdit upload options fix-improved
- Lang files(en and tr) fix-improved

Version 1.5
- Total and item progress bar improved
- General bug fixes
- Fixed: documentation

Version 1.4
- Added multi upload support
- Some technical improvements
- Some optical improvements

Version 1.4-RC1
- General bug fixes
- Fixed: Documentation

Version 1.3
- ImageEdit -> Added cropping property
- Cropping screen bug fixes

Version 1.3-RC1
- Added tbl prefix property for multiple usages
- General bug fixes
- Fixed: documentation

Version 1.3-B1
- v1.3 Beta
- Upload options bugs fixed
- Added: Add to zip property after uploading 

Version 1.2
- Added: project documentation
- Added: video options for CKEditor
- Fixed: minor bug-fixes

Version 1.1
- Added: file upload options screen
- Added: audio preview - file information
- Added: video preview - file information

Version 1.0
- Added: WYSIWYG editor integrations
- Added: image upload options screen
- Added: image preview - file information