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A new version of tinyCampaign will be released in a couple of weeks.

I downloaded today and tried to install, but something’s really messed up here. It is trying to redirect me to a ‘login’ directory after installation, but there is no such thing. I always get Error 404. I manually searched for the file and the only time I see such a thing is when I go into tinyPHP>Application>Views>login which says I cannot go into the directory. It almost looks like there was supposed to be some kind of file movement via the installer and it didn’t work. How can I fix this?

Also, a heads up for you, there was a missing variable on line 213 of Installer.php where it loops database creation and gives errors if there are any. You have something like htmlentities(mysqli_error()) and it should be htmlentities(mysqli_error($link))

Just installed it and i get a 404 when i try to install. Please fix this, or refund me

Hello, I am interested in purchasing your product. I have a question before it do. I am trying to send out daily emails to customers. Is there a possibility to setup a campaign to send out an email everyday to new subscribers automatically? For example, an email is added to a group via mysql, they are automatically sent an email when being added to the group. Please let me know if this is possible with your program. Thank you.

Hi! i have installed to my server and dont working… if you click the login link… give me this message

404 Error It appears that the page you are looking for is no longer available. Use the navigation bar above to navigate to a different page.

i have rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess

... this script is on subfolder with name mailing… is correctly this url to login?

what is problem?

Check out the most recent version.

Very easy to hack!!!!!!! IP blacklisted 2 x Even with a complicated password. Watch out!

Check out the most recent version.


I just send you an email about the new version. Please advise!

Regards Johannes

Sent you an email. Would be happy to help!

I’ve sent you a couple of emails. Please check your inbox or spam box to see if you received them.

their support ticket system does not work and they do not respond to the contact form. I have emailed them couple of times and no reply.

i am not able to install the app

Thank you for your patience and for alerting me of the issues with the support site. The support site is back up now.

Looking at the recent release, I see that the migrations are not correct. I will be working on that this weekend and should have an update by Monday.

Do you need ftp access to the site, so you can check and make it work?

Has 2.1.0 been released yet ?

No, not yet.

Do you have an ETA on when it might be released ?